How to launch a payload

Erista (Unpatched):

Step 1.

  • You can either buy a jig off eBay, Amazon, Aliexpress, Wish or make your own with tinfoil.
    • The tinfoil method is not recommended as it could damage the pins in your rail.
    • If you have AutoRCM on then you can skip this step.
  • Power down your console and place the jig inside of the right railing.
  • Hold the (VOL +) button and press the power button.
    • Your Switch display will be black, do not panic, this is normal and
      means that you're booted into RCM.

Step 2.

Make sure to follow the documentation for your desired payload injector.

Step 3.

  • Pick your desired payload with your payload injector of choice and connect your Switch to your PC.
    • If you use a portable payload injector, then you only need to connect your payload injector into your Switch.
  • You should now launch into your desired payload.
Erista (IPatched) / Mariko:

Mariko Users:

Please ensure that the payload supports your device.
Not all payloads support Mariko devices.
If you are unsure on what type of device you may have, click here.

To launch payloads on an IPatched Erista or a Mariko unit, then you must use either:

  • An SX Core/ SX Lite modchip
  • A HWFLY modchip.

Step 1:

  • Download the following files and extract them into the root of your SD card:
    • SX Gear
      • Skip this file if you use one of the following:
        • SX Core / SX lite with Spacecraft-NX
        • HWFLY
        • PicoFly
    • Hekate

Step 2:

  • Rename hekate_ctcaer_x.x.x.bin to payload.bin.
  • Place your desired payload in /bootloader/payloads/.

Step 3:

  • Press the power button and you will launch into Hekate.
  • Once in Hekate, press the payloads option and pick your desired payload.
  • You will now boot into your desired payload.

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