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About MMD

MMD (MikuMikuDance) is a 3D animation software. It uses a system of bones and keyframes to create animation. It runs on DirectX 9, and uses Bullet physics.
MME (MikuMikuEffects) is a plugin for MMD. It can load FX files onto models, which add effects to it.
MMM (MikuMikuMoving) is an updated alternative to MMD. It can load MMD's PMX, X, VMD, and other files, excluding PMM files. FX files may not be compatiable with MMM unless they are made for it.

More: [MikuMikuDance Wiki]

Help for translating
Use screenshots, put them in the OCR, copy the text and put it in a translator. Google is your friend.
OCR for Japanese (turn image to text): [newocr]
Chinese alternative, sometimes better than google/bing translator: []

4chan Archives: Use these to search past /mmd/ threads.
(Dead, use [] to browse it.) []
(Dead, use [] to browse it.) []
(Dead, use [] to browse it.) [archive.nyafuu]

/mmd/ is always open to critique, advice, and shitposting.


[Iwara] : New trollvids. Allows uploading videos with few restrictions. Has lots of shitty MMD videos, being some random song/model/motion data slapped together. And some of them, I assume, are good videos.

[Tstorage] : File hosting service mostly used by the western MMD community. Needs account to access the catalogue.

[MMD Archive] : Booru with model downloads. Quality can be either low or high.

[DeviantArt] : Mostly SFW stuff. Lots of faggotry, rules, and the like.

[Neko-Sentai] : Now dead, long-lived English MMD community. Moved to [discord] due to site cost issues. [Neko-Sentai Wayback Archive]


[Nicovideo] : The Japanese version of YouTube. Popular videos and links to DLs. Lots of MMD and Vocaloid stuff started here, no R-18.

[Seiga] : Nicovideo's artist community. Use the tags provided in the thread's OP to search for mmd related content.

[Niconi Solid] : Japanese host that provides a space for 3D modelers to post their models, motions and stages etc.

[Bowlroll] : Japanese host for downloads. You can search for models, motions, effects, stages and PMXEditor plugins etc.

[Bowlroll R18] : Same as above, but it's the R-18 side of bowlroll.

[3D Custom MMD] : Similar to MMD Archive, except there is no preview.

[Misakiru] : Has nicovideo links with model DLs, most of them are good.

[Axfc Network] : File hosting service mostly used by the Japanese users. Password for locked files is 99.9% : mmd

Japanese MMD Community.


[BiliBili] : Is a video-sharing platform that hosts user-generated content for anyone to watch, mainly featuring anime, comics, and game videos.

[Aplaybox] : Chinese equivalent of Niconi Solid. Needs phone number to register an account.

Chinese MMD Community.


Russian MMD Community.
VK or Vkontakte is a Russian online social media and social networking service.
[MMD Home] Forum [board]
[MMD Factory] Forum [board]

Software Downloads

[Vocaloid Promotion Video Project]

MikuMikuEffect : MMD's effect plugin.
[MME 32bit]
[MME 64bit]

PMXEditor JP : Original JP version of PMXE.

PMXEditor EN : Half translated stable PMX Editor by the folks of iwara, expect Japanese text when using. Some plugins might be incompatible with the EN version. There are other English PMX Editors out there, but most of them are infected with miners and/or trojan backdoors.
[Iwara Build Log]

MikuMikuMoving : MMD alternative.

MocuMocuDance (VR) : MMD VR program.
[Mocu VR]

Blender : Free and open source 3D creation suite.
[Blender's Official Site]

Metasequoia : 3DCG modeling software for Windows or macOS.
The license key can be found all over the internet.
[Metasequoia's Official Site]

XISMO : Free 3D Modeling Software.
[XISMO's Official Site]

Model Conversion Tools

Blender Plugins
[MMDTools] : Blender 2.7 ~ 2.9
[MMDTools] : Blender 2.9+ [MMD & Blender Wiki]
[IBP] : Inverse Bone Poser 0.2 [ReadMe]

Other Conversion Tools
[How to use the Unity-MMD Converter]
[Unity-MMD Plugin] (Drag & Drop Version)
[Unity-MMD Plugin] (Unitypackage Version)
[PB2DB Plugin]

[CM3D2 Exporter]
[Koikatsu Plugin]

Additional Downloads

Collections ~100 GB

[R-15 models torrent]
[R-18 models #1 DDL]
[R-18 models #2 torrent]
[MMD General Collection]
[No One's Model Collection]
[Tsumeawase Collection] (Needs account to download)

FX (Effects)

[TheMMEArchive] : The MikuMikuEffect Archive is a documentation website which records every single MMD Effect that exists, or has existed.
[Effects for MME]
[BeamMan's Effects]
[Harigane's Effects]

Motion data

[MMD H Motion]
[Motion Collection]
[No One's Motion Collection]


If you find something MMD related on a paywall site (Patreon, DLsite, Pixiv Fanbox, Booth, Fantia, Gumroad, SubscribeStar etc.) check the scraper first before asking in the thread.

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