AI Voice Cloning

This repo/rentry aims to serve as both a foolproof guide for setting up AI voice cloning tools for legitimate, local use on Windows/Linux, as well as a stepping stone for anons that genuinely want to play around with TorToiSe.

Similar to my own findings for Stable Diffusion image generation, this rentry may appear a little disheveled as I note my new findings with TorToiSe. Please keep this in mind if the guide seems to shift a bit or sound confusing.

>Ugh... why bother when I can just abuse 11.AI?

You're more than welcome to, but TorToiSe is shaping up to be a very promising tool, especially with finetuning now on the horizon.

This is not endorsed by neonbjb. I do not expect this to run into any ethical issues, as it seems (like me), this is mostly for making funny haha vidya characters say funny lines.


Please consult the wiki for the documentation, including how to install, prepare voices for, and use the software.

Pub: 01 Feb 2023 00:33 UTC
Edit: 17 Feb 2023 19:37 UTC
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