Its been boring for a long, long time and there are no signs it will ever improve. We're both overweight, lazy and boring married people. For the longest time, though, I've wanted to experience sex with more people, more partners and I finally found a way to do it without cheating. I couldn't cheat, the guilt would be too much and I love my wife too deeply for that. I'd been looking for a way and that's when I found out about lucid dreams.
Lucid dreams are when you're dreaming and you realise your dreaming. With that realisation you can then control the dream and do anything you want. Its no longer like a normal dream, it becomes reality, but a reality you can bend to whatever you desire. When I read about lucid dreams, I was pretty sure I had found my answer. I bought books on the subject and I practiced, at first with tame things like flying and walking down exotic beaches, until I knew I was ready.
I went to bed early, to raised eyebrows from my wife, but she didn't follow me. I knew she'd be too into her soaps for a few hours, should anything go awry. I put on pyjamas, that wasn't normal for me, but I hoped I would need them. Finally, I settled down to sleep, getting myself into the lucid dream mindset. I let my mind drift and I slept.
My dream started in my office. I knew where I wanted it to go, though and I changed the scene. I changed it to a night ten years before. A night when my wife's friend, Justine and her husband Kevin had been staying with us. We had all gone out to the pub and Justine and Kevin had gotten wasted. I was sitting in the living room, exactly where I had been and I waited for what I knew was going to happen.
Justine was sitting beside Kevin on the other sofa. She was giggling uncontrollably. Justine was an incredibly hot blonde woman, in her late twenties, with freckles over her face and an incredible set of DD breasts. She had an hourglass figure that had all the guys drooling. Justine picked up her bottle of beer and drained it.
«I want to see a porno,» Justine said. «Claire said you have pornos, Shaun.»
I blushed slightly, «I do. What kind of porno would you like to see, Justine?»
«I don't know, something sexy.»
I nodded and went upstairs to our bedroom. I fished in the back of my closest and found the most hardcore porno I owned. It was just straight and lesbian sex, but Claire wouldn't have let me have anything more than that. It was still pretty raw, with close-ups of penetration and women orgasming in what seemed to me to be a pretty real way. I went downstairs and put the DVD in the player. The screen lit up with the menu for the porno and I selected a straight sex scene. The two people on the screen didn't take long getting naked and down to business. I sat back on the sofa and watched Justine's reaction.
Claire pulled a face and got up to go into the kitchen on some errand. I knew she wasn't too comfortable with porn, but she let me have a few DVDs anyway. Justine laughed from the other sofa, tossing her golden hair back.
«That guy is hung like know,» She held up her little finger to demonstrate.
«He is a porn star,» I said. «They're pretty well hung.»
«Check this out,» Justine said.
She reached down into Kevin's lap and unzipped his jeans, then pulled them down roughly until his boxers and jeans were around his thighs. Kevin was hard as a rock and hung like a proverbial donkey. He had a good eight inches of cock jutting out from his lap. I noticed Claire had leaned in through the kitchen door to have a look, but she disappeared when I caught her looking. Justine giggled and slapped Kevin's cock lightly. Kevin seemed pretty drunk and increasingly horny. Justine stood and walked over to my sofa. She sat down next to me, squeezing in between my thigh and the arm of the sofa.
«What about you, Shaun?» Justine asked.
She put her hand on my crotch and looked into my eyes.
«Hey! You're not even hard,» She said, surprised.
Before I could stop her, Justine unzipped my jeans and pulled them down like Kevin's until they were around my knees. Sure enough, I wasn't hard. I had always had a thing where I only get hard when I'm going to have sex or masturbate. My cock seems more closely controlled than most guys are. So when she pulled down my jeans, I knew my wife was in the next room and nothing was going to happen.
«If you kiss me or touch it, it will get hard,» I said.
«Really?» Justine said, wide-eyed.
I saw that Claire had come to stand in the doorway again, looking in.
«Can I kiss him?» Justine asked Claire.
«Okay,» Claire said.
«Can I kiss him?» Justine asked Kevin.
«Sure,» Kevin said.
«Okay,» Justine said.
She leaned in to me, but she was leaning too far and I thought she was going to pass out from alcohol. But she wasn't passing out. She leaned down, took my cock in her hand and put it in her mouth.
Her warm tongue flicked across my dick and I was hard in an instant. Justine had her thumb and forefinger wrapped around my cock and she peeled back my foreskin until her hot mouth was rhythmically slidding up and down the head of my dick. I moaned, completely out of control and slid my hand down Justine's back and under her jeans and knickers, to the top of her ass.
At this point, my wife had shouted at Justine in reality. This time, I controlled her reaction. Instead of shouting, Claire walked into the room and sat down next to Kevin. The two of them watched Justine blowing me. Kevin seemed a bit shell-shocked, as if he had never expecting this from his wife. Claire was looking at him, though and Kevin turned to meet her gaze. Claire leaned in and kissed Kevin on the lips, her hand going to his massive member. It was an incredible turn-on to see Claire with another man, but I had other things in mind.
«Hey,» I said to Justine. «I wanted a kiss.»
Justine sat up and looked at me, her hand wiping a little precum from her lips. I took the back of her neck in my hand and leaned in to kiss her. Her mouth tasted of my precum, slightly sweet and of beer, but her tongue was incredible on mine. I french kissed her for a little while, then broke off and ran my tongue along her neck, just by her artery, where I knew women liked it. I took her earlobe in my mouth and then ran my tongue around the outside shell of her ear. Justine groaned in pleasure. I could hear moans coming from the other sofa and knew things had to be going well there too.
Justine was in a loose jumper and I peeled it off her. She raised her arms to help and as it passed over her head her hair dropped in a beautiful golden cascade. I was almost ready to pop just by looking at her. Her hand went to my cock, but I gently took her wrist and moved her hand away. I was going to make this last.
I moved in close and ran my fingertips up her back, stopping at her bra-strap. Fumbling for a moment, I undid it and kissed her again as it slipped from her breasts and down her arms, until she tossed it aside on the floor. I leaned back a little and looked at her. Her boobs were incredible. Freckles dusted her shoulders and down to the top of her chest. She was incredible. Her belly protruded slightly in a few little rolls above the top of her jeans, nearly flat, but not quite.
I leaned in again and went back to her neck, kissing my way down to the top of her chest. Then, with the tip of my tongue I licked down around her right breast, under it and around the outside. Then, in slow, narrowing circles, I kissed and licked until I reached her nipple. I took Justine's nipple in my mouth. I was hot and wrinkled, the tip sticking up at me. I sucked slightly and was rewarded my a little sweet breast milk shooting into my mouth. I swallowed in surprise. I had forgotten that Justine still had breast milk. She had only given birth to her youngest son a year before that and had not stopped breast feeding him yet. The milk was sugary and tasted good.
I moved on to her left breast and repeated my movements until again I sucked some breast milk from her nipple. I was getting hornier with every moment and I could hear Justine's breathing becoming fast. I ran my fingers over her belly until I met the belt of her jeans.
«Stand up,» I said.
Justine quickly complied, kicking off her shoes as she stood. I pulled her belt loose and undid it. Then undid and unzipped her jeans. Pulling them down, I noticed a large wet spot growing in Justine's white nickers. I pushed her jeans down to her ankles and she stepped out of them. I couldn't wait, I didn't want to. I hooked my fingers into either side of her panties and pulled them down. They reached her knees and fell to the floor, but my eyes weren't on them.
Justine's pussy was dark brown. She obviously dyed her hair, Claire had said as much. But her pussy was shaved down to short hairs, each only a centimetre long and all in a neat triangle meeting at the lips of her pussy. Small drops of moisture were on the short pubic hairs and her out labia was open slightly revealing delicious pink inside.
«Lie down on the sofa,» I instructed.
Justine lay down wordlessly on the sofa and I shifted to one end to give her room. Her head was up towards the other sofa and I looked beyond to where Claire and Kevin were. Claire had her legs spread wide, one on top of the sofa, her other foot on the ground. Kevin had his lips planted firmly on my wife's pussy. That seemed like a good idea to me.
I stood and rid myself of my clothes, hurriedly throwing them into a pile on the floor until I was naked. My raging hard-on didn't quite compare to Kevin's, but it was trying its best, a small trickle of precum hanging from the tip. I sat back on the sofa and positioned Justine's legs into the same position as Claire's, then leaned down and kissed her knee. I ran my tongue up inside Justine's thigh, but stopped before I reached her pussy. I then switched legs and ran my tongue from her knee to her thigh again, stopping before I reached her pussy. I moved closer in, until I was sitting between Justine's thighs and kissed her stomach, working my way slowly down until I was kissing among her pubes. Justine was tilting her hips slightly, and I could see in her eyes she was willing me downwards, so I kissed the top of her pussy lips and she shuddered. I took one hand and stroked it up her thigh until I reached her pussy, then spread her lips wide.
Justine was incredibly wet. As I watched a small droplet of her fluid rolled down over the mound of her buttock and onto the sofa. I couldn't wait any longer, I had to taste her. I took my tongue and ran it up from her vagina, gently along her inner labia to her clit.
«Ohhhh,» Justine moaned.
I licked carefully around Justine's clit, flicking it with my tongue and making small circles, then pushed in and kissed her clit, sucking it in between my lips. I put my free hand up on her butt and placed my finger just outside her vagina, between it and her butt. I felt a contraction as I sucked again at her clit. Letting her clit go, I began licking slowly and carefully around her pussy and then back to her clit. As I felt the contractions of her pussy get harder, I slipped a forefinger inside her vagina. She was incredibly hot in there and wet enough I knew another finger would fit. I slipped my middle finger inside to join its partner and felt for the front of her vaginal wall, to the spot that had taken years of practice with Claire to find. I found it and began massaging it with my finger tips in time with my licks on her clitoris.
Justine began to pant and I could feel her squeezing my fingers inside her. I pulled with my fingers against the top of her vagina and licked as fast as I could manage until with a small scream Justine came. I was hit in the face with something and leaned away until I realised Justine was actually cumming. Her cum was spurting around my fingers. Not as much as a guy would, but still enough. Curious and very horny I licked a little. It tasted not unlike my own cum.
«Oh,» Justine said, looking down at me. «I'm sorry.»
«Don't apologise,» I said. «Its incredibly sexy.»
«Come here,» Justine said, beckoning me up to her.
I knelt on the sofa and lay on top of Justine and she licked my chin. I was confused again until I realised she was licking her own cum from me. I couldn't wait, I had to have her. I reached down with my hand and lined myself up with her, then plunged my penis into her.
«Ohhhh,» Justine moaned.
I thrust a few times, but I could feel myself getting close to cumming. I looked beyond Justine's head to Kevin now thrusting on top of my wife and felt the start of my orgasm. I plunged myself hard into Justine, feeling her cervix on the top of my cock as I orgasmed hard. Harder than I had in years. I pushed my lips onto Justine's and kissed her long and hard as my orgasm raged, until my erection started to subside and I had to stop.
Just as I pulled out I heard a squeal from Kevin and I realised he was cumming as well. I sat back on the sofa, between Justine's legs and watched over her as Kevin bucked wildly against Claire. I could hear Claire moaning softly and knew she had enjoyed herself as well. Justine swang her legs down off the sofa.
«I'd better get cleaned up,» She whispered to me. «Maybe you should too.»

I awoke to feel a wet patch on my crotch. It was dark outside and the clock said ten. I went to the bathroom and cleaned up. I returned to bed wondering just how many lucid dreams I could manage in one night.

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