Looking at Gen and Rosalinda Jake was worried, he'd had seen this type of glow before and both times it wasn't exactly connected to a good thing.

"We need to get her back to the house, I want you two to get us there and my truck you remade for me, I have to thank all three of you again for that."

"It was nothing Master," Gen said, "we all felt the deep connection you had to the metal box on wheels, ah! Truck! We felt it would make you happier if it was back."

"Yes, it did but for now let's get to the house, then we can discuss everything else later after we have Rashala looked after." Jake told them.

As soon as they were in, Jake reached for the bottle charm and started to call the doctor, within moments Trylly appeared.
"Hello again Master Jake how..." Trully started 'til she saw Rashala laying on the bed. "How long has she been like this," Trully asked.

"Almost an hour now we called you as soon as we got back." Jake informed her.

Drawing a sigh she felt Rashala's face, "Was she glowing at any time? Seeming to be unstoppable?" Trully asked.

"Yes right before she destroyed an evil Jinn; then when it was over Rashala came to me said a few odd things then collapsed." Jake told her.

Taking a deep breath she sighed it had only been an hour then they had ample time to save her. Looking directly at Jake Trully said, "You told her you loved her? You both started glowing? She reacted with a jerk, then was suddenly well and extremely powerful?"

Jake was nodding his mouth hanging open, "How did you know?" Jake asked.

"Hmph! The council isn't the only ones who have studied the ancient legends; the good thing is she expended over half the power from her body. But the rest I am afraid you are going to have to remove from her. I also have to be here as the doctor won't be available for a short time." Here Trully laughed, Jake could see that her panties were soaking wet from her
thoughts of her recent and future activity.

Damn it! The longer she was here, the more she wanted to throw Master Jake down and impale herself on him. It was going to get worse as she had to stay here while Master Jake drew the energy out the only way he could, sex. Shit! Now she had to tell him without flooding herself out; god she was wet just being near him let alone looking at him that by far was worse. Sighing she might as well get this over with, "I am afraid there is only one way..." she started.

"I have to have sex with her," Jake stated matter of factly. "I thought it might be something like that, it always seems to be with me lately."

Trully stared at Jake in shock, always? By the great Jinn! Did Master Jake's body have that much extra energy?

Waving her hand over Jake she could only shake her head it was true! Master Jake's body had far more energy than she'd ever seen in a human. Hmmm this was going to be interesting indeed she thought, though she didn't notice that her current thoughts were somewhat of a block to the power of the sexuality of Jake. Thinking even harder Trully thought this might actually be why all the wishes he made were so much more powerful than they should be!

"The only problem I can see Master Jake with the plan, is that with Rashala unconscious and her power no longer protecting the house, it could bring forth more of the disembodied ones." Trully said.

"There is one other thing you hadn't thought of," Jake told Trully.

"Something I forgot? What is it Master Jake?" Trully asked afraid that she had missed something critical.

"Rashala is unconscious I am not the perverted type that would take advantage of a woman when she is unconscious." Jake told her a little hurt that she thought he would do something as evil as that.

Trully's face softened Master Jake was an extremely kind soul. Suddenly the feeling in her vagina began to grow turning away from Jake only seemed to make it worse.

Panting she told him, "uh.... Master Jake I am afraid that I may have to uh..."

"Screw my brains out? Yeah I know I am starting to have that effect on almost any female I am near be she human or Jinn." Jake told her.

Now panting Trully couldn't believe how bad the feeling was and how fast it was growing almost painful.

Turning around Jake saw that Trully was panting even harder; roughly she grabbed the edge of her clothes and ripped them free. "I have to have you Master Jake it is growing so fast it hurts," grabbing Jake she ripped everything off him and threw him on the bed, climbing up she slammed her sex all the way down Jake's shaft screaming out in pleasure and pain. Settling into a rapid rhythm Trully pounded herself on Jake finally reaching her release she screamed out her orgasm. Jake thinking she was sated rolled her under him and started to withdraw. Trully was having none of that.

"No! I need to feel you pounding me Master Jake the feeling is growing, I need you to release your seed deep in my body it's the only way I can finally get released from this." Trully panted out.

Jake looked at her amazed all he could see in her eyes was a look of pure lust, and as usual he was the object of that lust.

Jake began to plunge into Trully's pussy harder and harder, going as deep as he could, my god he thought for as old as she is she is tight as can be! The added heat of Trully's pussy; plus the tightness were doing things to Jake that he didn't think were possible. Trully had already had three orgasms and he could feel her fourth starting to surface. Holy shit Jake thought this woman is as hot as Gen and Rosalinda! Finally he felt Trully's fourth orgasm as it started to rip through her body, that was enough as he screamed out and began to pump stream after stream of cum deep into her cervix eliciting another scream from Trully as she started her first ever multi-orgasm, staring up at Jake she held him tight, whispered thank you into his ear, then promptly passed out.

Rashala sat up a moment later, Master Jake?" she started, "are you alright?" Looking first at Trully then at Jake's naked form she said, "ummmmmm I know how she feels Master Jake!"
Looking at Jake's hard member she smiled a sly almost sinister smile, "Oh dear Master! Is all that for me?"

Jake heard Gen and Rosalinda who had been watching the proceedings both chuckle as they also knew. The thing was they hadn't expected their power to be able to effect Jinns as powerful as Trully. Though they were glad that she was finally satisfied after all these years they just hoped it didn't mess anything up for her and the doctor.

Rashala crawled up the bed to a shocked and now even hornier Jake, looking at Rashala he could see almost the same look of lust he'd seen on Trully's face.

"I am sorry Master but I need you so badly it hurts please take me!" Rashala was almost screaming as she rubbed between her legs then like Trully, she ripped the clothes from her body. She also threw Jake back on the bed, leaping above him drove herself full force upon Jake's still hard and throbbing cock. "Oh god Master! She screamed, "I love you! I love you in me! I love the way you love me! AAAAA!!!" Rashala was screaming as her pussy clamped down hard on Jake's cock her juices flowing out flooding her and Jake's cock. Collapsing on his chest, Jake decided it was time he took over rolling them both, he began to drive his member deeper and harder. Rashala's eyes flew wide and her breathing started to come in pants. Jake could feel her second approaching, slowing he didn't want to fill her just yet. Suddenly Rashala began to buck nearly throwing Jake off, screaming that he felt better than anything she'd ever felt.

Jake and Rashala had been at it for almost half an hour Rashala had already had four orgasms and was on her fifth. Jake knew there was no way in hell he could last through another of her hair pulling, screaming, bronc-busting ride again. He felt her start to tighten as her orgasm was hitting unable to hold off Jake finally pushed as deep as he could and began to empty almost a steady stream of cum deep in her body washing over and flooding her cervix. Rashala feeling the added heat of Jake's seed started her multi-orgasm. Shocked a moment after she returned to earth, Rashala held Jake close kissing his neck then she told him she loved hin. A moment later Rashala herself passed out next to Trully who was still asleep from her activity earlier.

Though he thought he should feel exhausted Jake almost felt as if he could go again damn! Was this one of the effects that Gen and Rosalinda had been talking about? Jake didn't know but he had to find out soon at this rate he was going to be sore as hell in no time.

A groaning next to him alerted him that Trully was finally waking up. Trully felt wonderful and so damn full she couldn't remember the last time she'd had sex as ferocious as that. Nor had her pussy been used as hard as she had used the cock she'd rode. Sitting up she smiled when she saw that all the extra energy was gone from Rashala. She'd just gotten dressed when she heard whimpering outside the bedroom door. Jake had heard it too and immediately wished to know about all that were outside the door. To his surprise he felt not one but eight out there and two of them were bad, real bad looking at Gen he was dressed then Rasmir was there.

"Rasmir, There are eight of them out there though I feel two of them are real bad." Jake told him.

Rasmir's mouth dropped open, "Eight? Are you sure Master Jake."

"Oh yes, though I have an idea, agree with me ok?" Jake asked him Rasmir nodded then they stepped out.

"I don't really understand why they are so weak, they can't even speak. I've never seen this before Master... So you have Master Jake! You must tell me about it later." Trully told him.

Jake just nodded, then walked up to the first and nodded the young woman's face lit up and she bowed to Jake and thanked him. He did the same to the next two, an older man and woman. The fourth he stopped in front of taking a deep breath he hoped this worked.

"I know who you are, it is my decision, if you regain your power, I won't remove your power completely that would be … well turn now or I'll leave you two powers. The power to move and create the things you need to live within reason. So those are your choices," looking at the man Jake saw that part of his strength returned.

The man sneered, "Turn? To be a slave to son of a bitching idiots like you, kill me you bastard! Oh I forgot you can't, can you..." Jake barely saw the man's eyes grow large, Jake also didn't see all of the others crawl away as best they could, outside the sky was already black as night, the wind had risen. Lighting far brighter than ever seen before began to flash in the sky, still unafraid the man again sneered at Jake, "Go ahead bastard do it!"

Jake took a deep breath trying to calm and wished the man to remain weak and have the 2 powers he had stated earlier but changed it to every time he used them he'd experience pain.

Sneering the man flashed out screaming as he did, a calming breath later Jake went to the next three and fully restored them all.

Walking up to the last one Jake could see that this one was worse than the last one. "Alright, same deal as before." Jake said as the woman began to move a little freer.

"You are a fool! You think that leaving us alive we are going to be grateful to you?! Ah I see you have powerful protection around you hmph! Three Jinns? What a joke the leader will eat you and your bitch Jinns to feed his power. You are a dead man you're just too stupid to realize it. I feel the magic around you human I won't be fooled by it no human is as kind as I heard you are!" The woman before him spit at him. Jake looked at her and made the same wish as the man, thinking a moment he added that she would never be satisfied 'til she turned and came to him. With a smile Jake heard her scream as she too left.

Turning Jake saw that there were far more people in his house than there were before. Trully had just finished checking the last of the three women and three men that were heading back to the magical realm. They all turned when they noticed that Jake was finished. The older woman that had been before the first of the two bad Jinns walked up to him.

"We all wish to thank you Master Jake, for another chance at life and love. This is my husband, for us this is a gift that can never be repaid. As for the others it will be good to be back in the realm again at least now there are more Jinns thanks to you." The older woman said then kissed his cheek, her husband shook Jake's hand with joyful tears in his eyes. The rest of them did the same them they were gone with Rasmir, from the bedroom they heard Rashala finally stirring, bringing a smile to Jake's face.

"It was as I thought Master Jake, as soon as you both used the energy up that was left over in her, she returned to normal." Leaning closer Trully whispered, "When I have time I will be returning to sample you again. I have never had an experience like that before I would like to uh hum 'explore' it some more."

They both heard giggling behind them as Rashala stumbled out of the bed room. "Master Jake are you alright? I remember trying to slam myself as hard as I could on you. You are not injured are you Master?" Rashala then walked out completely naked and started to check Jake all over including in his pants which caused Rashala to pant a moment then she let go and was better.

"You know Master Jake," Trully started, "if you ever grow tired of human women, I know a lot of Jinn women that would love to try you just once!" Trully winked then waved to the Jinns and was gone.

Christ Jake thought they way they are acting I am some type of super stud! <Oh Master you are far more than a super stud. To me and my sisters you are the only stud Here Gen started to giggle. Rashala and Rosalinda both smiled and nodded yes to Jake. Throwing up his arms Jake decided to give up; hell these Jinn women should be far simpler than human women but as he was finding out they were far MORE complex. Shit Jake thought I'm screwed!

<Not yet Master Jake,> came a single sentence but from three different minds, <but you will be Master, you will be

Jake looked up and three incredibly beautiful women were stalking him naked, he had to smile.

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