After I sucked his cock he squirted a little of his load in my hair and on my bra, he then deposited the rest of his cum into my panties. We entered the restaurant and got seated. Throughout the meal, he got remote happy. Afterward, and we returned to the car, he kissed me deeply and said "baby, I want to hear you cum" as he turns the remote to full blast.

When we got home, he blindfolded me and got behind me. "Are you going to be a good girl for daddy" as he removes my skirt leaving the remote clit stimulator. I was slow to respond so he repeats himself, with more intense to his voice, are you going to be a good girl for daddy? And he takes off my blouse. He forces my head down to his cock and tells me to suck it. He says that’s my girl. He grabs my hair and forces my mouth to go deeper and says suck me baby, suck me good. I wanna shoot my load onto your tits. He shot his load onto my tits and I felt him smear his warm cum all over them, and it felt so good. He asked me again, "are you going to be a good girl for daddy" and I finally responded as he worked on my tits, I wanna be a good girl for daddy. He continued to ask me, "are you gonna obey your daddy?" I nodded. He did not like my nod, so repeated the question again," are you gonna obey daddy?" In a small quiet voice, I said "yes, daddy." He said, "I can't hear you, say it where I can hear you, darling." I replied, "Yes, daddy, I wanna be a good girl and obey daddy." He replied, "That's my girl" as he pressed the clit stimulator and sucked on my tits.

He left me standing naked in the middle of the room and I heard camera clicks. Then he said, get on your knees and come get your treat, but keep that blindfold on. That's my hot sexy girl, come to your daddy and please him. You are daddy's excellent cock sucker.

Daddy wants to cum on my tits again and on your tummy and wants to hear you cum with that clit stimulator before daddy's tongue fucks your hot little cunt. MMMM, you are daddy's bitch, aren't you? Yes daddy. Daddy wants to be pleased by my sweet little bitch, ready to obey and please your daddy? Yes daddy. That’s my girl. Your daddy loves you, right, right, I replied as he forces me to the bed. He kisses me, but does not touch me. Someone else starts to touch and kiss me. It felt so good. I heard daddy, that’s my girl. Soon I had one cock in my mouth and another in my pussy.

For the past several months, I became very submissive to him. His wife only knew that he has lady friends but was not aware that he was sexual with any of them. However, he was very crafty and invited me to a camping trip. I was supposed to be a present to his wife. He thought it would be hot for me to explore my bi-curiousness and his wife. It took a couple of nights to launch the connection. By night fall, he sneaks into my tent for a midnight snack. As he unzipped my sleeping bag, he kissed me and said to come with him. I was wearing a spaghetti strap purple teddy, but nothing underneath which is hot. I followed him to a secluded area close by. Once there, he deep throated me and slipped off the teddy and laid me down on the picnic table and devoured every each of my body which got me so hot and bothered. As I watched him going down to my tits, he took one of my nipples and sucked it as he played with my other nipple with his fingers and made it erect. He repeated the process with the erect nipple. He came up for a kiss and reached down for my pussy and said to me that I was hot with my purple teddy. After kissing me, he continued his kisses down to my neck, shoulder, tits, and tummy and down to my pussy. He realized that I was more wet than usual. I heard, "mmmmmmmmmmm, baby you are very wet, daddy love his baby girl wet." I replied, "I love getting all wet for daddy."

He sticks his fingers into my pussy and also spreads my pussy lips to expose my clit to suck and nibble as his fingers go deeper into my pussy; soon I nestled back hard on his fingers to cum. He says, "cum on baby, cum for daddy." Either a moan, a groan, or a slight scream came out of my mouth as I was cumming, he said, "atta girl, let it out, two more times before I tongue fuck you and eat you out." By the second time, I felt my pussy wide open. He said, "good girl, what does my little want," as I was cumming for the second time, I replied, "I want to suck daddy’s cock as you tongue fuck and eat my pussy, daddy." He answered, "that my hot little girl." He positioned himself onto me where I could perform a blow job to his cock. I tasted his pre-cum which was very tasty. We came at the same time, his cum spilled on my neck and he swallowed my cum. We got dressed and walked back to camp. As we were walking, he said, I want you to change to your teddy when we have a campfire tonight. As you change into your teddy, I will tell my wife of our plan.

By morning, we acted like nothing happened. He kissed his wife good morning as she prepared breakfast. He left for the restroom and I was alone with the wife. His wife had asked me some sexual questions, she asked me if I was doing her husband and I replied "yes". She did not seem to mind but thought it was hot and would not mind watching him perform on me. She also asked me just what was her husband planning for tonight. I responded that I was her surprise present where he wants me to wear a teddy in front you. He had gotten back from the restroom and we had already finished our conversation. He noticed that we had just become friends which he felt at ease. By the afternoon, he went fishing alone and left us women alone.

His wife and I took a walk together. In the middle of our walk we starting kissing one another and undressing one another. We felt each other’s tits, pussy and ass. We wanted to explore each other before he found out. She was very dominate and demanded to suck and lick every inch of my body before I could do the same to her. She wanted to sample me, but did not want to ruin her husband treat. Her husband came back from fishing and we heard him calling us. We got dressed and he met us half way. He asked us what we were doing and we replied we were just walking. So we all walked back to camp but not much was said.

He had caught and cleaned some fish for dinner, and he even cooked them. As he was cooking dinner, they spent some alone time while I took a nap, but he woke me up for dinner. While at dinner, he was between us. Her hand was on his cock while his hand was on my pussy. He placed my leg over his knee while his wife wrapped her leg around her husband's leg.

Dinner was now finished and I had cum from his fingering my pussy and he let out a loud moan while he was cumming, both of us, (his wife and I) were so hot and bothered that we both kissed him. He was totally surprised then when we undressed him and I started sucking on his nipples as she sucked on his cock. After we made him cum again, she undressed me, sucked my tits and fingered my pussy, which surprised him. After she was done with me, I undressed her and sucked on her tits and fingered her pussy as he stroked his cock. He became so hot and bothered that he wanted to join in, but the wife did not allow it until I had cum on her fingers. After I had cum, she sat back and played with her pussy while watching him eat my pussy, then later she sucked on my tits as he and I fingered her pussy. When she was about to cum, she squatted down on my mouth so I could lick her off, then I watched them fuck as I played with my pussy. Just as I was cumming, she licked me off. This was too hot for him, but he enjoyed watching his two favorite women together and he was surprised and shocked. Afterwards, we both sucked and licked his cock and his nuts. He fingered our pussies and gently patted our butts saying that we were naughty girls.

The end.

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