Most of the experiences my husband and I had were very hot. We’ve done; one on one, MFM, FMF, two couples, and only one bad encounter. All of them will not be enjoyable.

When hubby was still here, we played together, never apart, even going to TSC, which is The Social Club, a sex club in Nashville, TN. Of course those of you that are my friends know I will soon to be divorced. I for one don’t intend to give up swinging.

One couple, who we had a positive experience with, is still my closest friends. We have as much fun out of bed and in. Since they live an hour from me, I visit them quiet often. The following is about Friday’s BBQ, which was hotter in more ways than one.

Mitch, the husband of the couple, came to get me around five pm. He stands six-three, has a tall, muscular, tanned body. He’s eye candy with his salt-n-pepper hair, strong chin, and green-eyes. He also knows how to treat me like a lady out of bed, and a naughty slut when in bed. He usually wears shorts and t-shirt, but what most people don't know is he never wears underwear.

Sandy his wife is taller than me, I’m five-foot-three, and she is five-eleven. Her blonde hair cascaded in ringlets across her tanned shoulders. Her smile and piercing blue eye could melt ice cubes. She is also bisexual, and can’t always play like she wanted too, due to a botch back surgery. However, she allowed her husband to go out and fuck other women because she can’t.

Their house is located out in the country; it’s an ‘A’ frame cabin, tucked away from the road, with an Olympic size pool in the back. The nearest neighbor was a mile away. They have been swingers for years, and had many house parties. We’ve been to a few, but for now. However this time, it was just the three of us…two women and one man…..the fun was just beginning.
The three of us email, chat, and talk via the phone, about everything from cooking to sex positions. Lately they have been trying to help me deal with a dead-beat husband, a divorce, and moving on with my life. They are ‘true blue’ friends as well as hot playmates.

We were communicating on one of the IM messengers;

"You know Amanda you shouldn’t let that asshole bother you."

"I know, at least I quit crying over him, as he is not worth my tears. Since he took the only vehicle we had, I am going stir crazy, god I want to get out, and have fun. I need to get fucked!"

"Why don’t you come up here today, we are having a BBQ and would love to have you join us. Just the three of us, and I want you for desert."

I pondered the thought and said, "Why not, to hell with soon to be ex. I think I’ll have you both as part of my desert, with whipped cream and a cherry."

"Sandy hasn’t been feeling good today, but hey you know she doesn’t mind if we play. God I want to fuck you! It’s been too long since I have done you."

"Come and get me than big guy, I’m more than ready."

"Okay sweety; be there in about an hour."

I turned off the computer, and went into the bedroom to pack my small bag. I made sure I included my sun-block; after all I did not want these big beauties to get sunburned. I was so aroused I wanted to strip and masturbate right then and there, but decided to save my energy, after all, I might get fucked, all evening and late into the night.

I set the bag, and my purse near the door, and went to freshen up and change. I picked up a blue short outfit that had a matching top which required no bra. Combed my hair, applied some waterproof mascara, moisturizing sun-block, and lip gloss, as I didn’t want the suns rays to burn my face.

I looked out the front window and saw Mitch’s truck coming up the street. My whole body screamed, ‘Oh fuck, just what the doctor ordered for my broken heart.’

It didn’t take him long to park and walk up to the door. I opened it, and greeted him with usual hello. Like always when we meet, he pulled me into his arms, and kissed me deep.

I smiled, and quivered to my toes, wow can this man kiss! "Keep that up and we'll never make it to your place."

He turned around made sure my front door was locked and confessed, "I was planning on fucking you here Amanda, and at our place too."

"Mmmm, you must be reading my mind again baby!"

He stripped right there in the living room. I grabbed his cock and his hand, and led him to my bedroom.

Once there, I stripped while he turned down the bed. I walked into his awaiting arms, with my hard nipples brushing his. The passion between us rose like steam. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me so hard, it curled my toes, and made my whole body scream with delight.

He laid me down, and helped me scoot my ass to the edge of the bed, then knelt between my legs. He started teasing, and licking my dripping always drools when I see him, because I know he will fuck me good.

I arched my back, moaned softly, and pinched, rolled, and sucked my hardened nipples. It didn’t take me long to experience my first earth shattering climax.

With his face shiny with my juices, he rose up, and kissed me hard. Yum, I love the taste of my juices on a man’s lips and tongue. Following that, he spread my legs wide and asked if it hurting. Mainly because at times, I have some physical limitations, which involved my hips, I want too, and they yell hell-no.

When I told him no, he slid his cock all the way into me, with one hard thrust. His cock is the average size, but wow, does he know how to use it.

We both gasped, as my cunt surrounded his throbbing pole, and began milking it hard.

"FUCK ME HARD," I screamed.

With long hard strokes he fucked me, as his index finger toyed with my clit. He rammed his hardened member it all the way in, then pulled it almost all the way out, and shoved it in again, repeatedly.

He looked into my emerald-green eyes, and growled. "Cum hard my sexy red-head, as I fuck you deep and hard!"

I closed my eyes, trembled with anticipation, and clutched the sheet so hard my knuckles turned white. I rocked with the rhythm of his cock as I shoved my hips up to meet his thrust. He rubbed my clit harder, and began panting, and I could tell he was about to cum.

Out of the blue, he pinched my clit, which caused me to squeal and cum hard. He followed, filling me with so much it dripped off my ass on to the bed.

He then took his fingers, placed them inside my hot-box, and started feeding out cum mixture to me. In addition, telling me not to swallow, it all because he wanted to share it with me. Oh my Gawd, that turned me on more.

My clit throbbed hard, and I shrieked, "Eat me lover, make me cum again," I did too, all over his face.

We got cleaned up, dressed, put my things in the trunk, and drove toward his house.

When we arrived, he told me to go ahead into the house; he’d get my things from the trunk.

When I went into the house, his wife greeted me with a kiss, on the lips. We play sexually too, when she feels like it. "Welcome Amanda, why don't you put your bag in the spare room, while I get you a rum and Coke. By the way, put on the terry robe that is lying on the bed, there will be no suits worn today, its skinny dipping time. I won't be able to play today honey, my pain is too much. However I am dying to watch Mitch play, tease, eat, and fuck you."

I loved going to their home as we hardly ever wear suits. They live out in the boonies, and there nearest neighbor is a mile away.

Sandy sat naked on the edge of the pool watching us. Mitch and I swam, and teased each others naked bodies. The he helped me into a floating chair, were he proceeded to eat me again. After a bit he shoved 4 fingers inside me, sucked my nipple, bit it, and told me to cum like hell.

He shoved as much of his fist into me as he could, and I came like a freight train out of control.

I then slid in the water, went under, and sucked his hardening cock. I then rose up, held on to him as he once again slid his hard shaft into me. We fucked in the water and he came like hell.

Sandy must not have been hurting too bad, because she aroused, and rubbing her clit. I swam over too her, and when our eyes met, she purred, "Come over her honey, and lay on the side of the pool. I want to l get it, move between those lovely thighs, and have second helping. She did too, eating me so hard I became light headed.

She then moved to the steps of the pool, and sat with her pussy on the edge within reach of my lips. Her clit was hard and protruding, it’s really big. I went back into the water moved between her leg, and started finger-fucking her hard and ate her to climax.

After that we sat around relaxing, without putting anything on, over strawberry Margarita. Mitch fired up the grill and commenced with the BBQ.

I teasingly spoke, "Don’t burn that dick there hun, I might have to take care of it again."

"Believe me doll; you will take care of it, and I don’t plan on scorching one hair."

After eating and relaxing a bit more, Sandy spoke up. "I need to go into the house, the damn bugs are about to eat me alive. How’s about the three of us go inside, to bed.

"Why not, I would prefer one of you to eating me, not these damn mosquitoes."

One on the bed, they both decided to do me. God I swear Mitch must be a carbon copy of the energizer bunny; he fucked me again, while she licked my clit. Her pussy lay within reach of my fingers, and I begin toying with her hot-box. We all came simultaneously, and then collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily.

After a few minutes, I looked over at the clock. "I hate to break up this party, but I need to get back home, I have something important to do tomorrow, and it cannot be rescheduled."

Needless to say, when I got home around 2 am, I fell right to sleep, sleeping like a baby. Would I do this again............hell yes!

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