Climate Analysis

I might have been a bit over ambitious with this one
I noticed too late the mountain biome blends a bit into Cold Steppe. gomen.

To those willing to do some reading, I'm using Köppen climate classification as a general guide with some creative liberty and some handwaving. Here is a wiki article where you can read about each zone Link to Wiki article on Köppen Climate Classification

For those unwilling, here's a list of examples of what each area could be like:

Tropical Rainforest


Tropical Savannah

Ivory coast, a lot of africa and some areas of southern americas

Hot Desert


Hot steppes

Northern australia, portions of mexico

Tropical Monsoon

Philippines, western coast of india


Greek, Italy, Northern Africa, Spain, Southern France

Humid Subtropical

China, South-eastern US.

Humid Continental

Northern US, Central and Eastern Europe I used this colour a bit liberally


Northern france, Ireland, the UK

Cold Desert

Gobi Desert

Cold Steppe

Mongolia, Kazakhstan

Subarctic Continental

Alaska, Canada, Northern Europe, Siberia

Polar Tundra

Greenland, Northest reaches of northern europe

Polar Icecaps




Here is a link to the map with some of my comments Climate analysis with comments
Im probably not doing a tectonic analysis

Climate Analysis

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