Zellig AI content instructions

Zellig AI art

  1. Install Stable Diffusion ( or EasyDiffusion,but recommending SD automatic1111 webui, will be using it for the rest of this instruction).
  2. Find a base model, and most improtantly , get Ongezellig girls LORAs. (You can also try using VAE to improve the overall quality)
    -Then drop the base model to stable-diffusion-webui\models\Stable-diffusion ,LORAs go to stable-diffusion-webui\models\Lora
    (We will be using AbyssOrangeMix3 checkpoint as base, and Zellig LORAs can be found in here)
  3. Generate some basic images with prompts. Use danbooru tags.For the example, Coco was '1girl, solo ,white ascot,yellow sweater, white skirt,tall, breasts, long hair, blonde hair, brown eyes,coco_ongezellig',
    adjust the LORA strenth( <lora:name: value>, base value is 1, but suggesting using 0.7 or 0.8). Pick best one.
  4. Open up your image editor (I use ms paint cuz I'm lazy) and make some alterations (such as removing some things in the background, draw a longer sleeves).
  5. Copy your image into img2img tab (inpainting).
  6. Add alter tags to reflect your changes .You can increase/decrease focus on tag with (tag:value), base value is also 1.0.
  7. Cover select areas with impainting brush. CHOOSE ONE FROM BELOW:
    a) cover elements you want changed then select 'Inpaint masked' mask mode
    b) cover elements you want unchanged (like face) and select 'Inpaint not masked'
  8. Start generating images until you happy with current changes or you feel you're stuck with subpar results. Play with Denoising strength (how much of the original image is retained).
  9. Repeat steps 4-8 until you done .You can also copy the image to extras tab and upscale it if you think it looks like shit
  10. Post it on the Internet and make chuddies goon to it or something


Zellig AI song covers

The voice models can be found in here, and we suggesting using Replay to make song covers , instuctions can be found in here

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