Originally i went for just a manicure but it soon became a full MOT jobbie comprising facial, eyelash tinting and pedicure with massage. I oly asked for Sophie as she got to know me well and always looked immaculate in her starched white uniform and hair tied back. She would fluff up the towels, play soothing music and encourage me to chill out.

Anyway, last time i enjoyed the foot massage so much that Sophie convinced me to have a full massage afterwards. As it happened i was the last client so she stepped out of the cubicle to tell Karen, the owner, that she would lock up. "ill be with you in a minute," she called "You'll need to take your skirt and top off, just keep your underwear on." I piled up my clothes and lay back down on the beauty therapy couch, looking forward to a lovely massage.

"Just dimming the lights," Sophie said, "To help make you relax." By the time she came back in i was totally relaxed. "Now then, all i want you to do is to turn over and take off your bra so i can rub your back." I did as i was told. her hands were warm and soft on my skin and followed the contours of my back. "Breath in and out deeply," She chanted. "Imagine you're far, far away." Her voice and movemants were hypnotic. Her hands fluttered over my back. I could smell the fragrent oils and balms.

"Is it okay if i pull down your knickers just a little, to massage the base of your spine?" She enquired politly. "yes, thats fine." i answered after some tought, i was pretty self concious about my butt, had been ever since i was little when a girl at school had called me flubber bum.
"Relax sweetie, you have a lovely bum." Sophie told me as she kneeded my flesh, as if reading my mind.

Her hands were now lubricating the top of my legs. Warm airwaves whooshed over my body, making me tingle from head to toe. "Can you open your legs a little?" I obeyed as her hands greased my upper thighs, a coupple of times a finger knocked against my pussy, sending sparks through me, but i still hadnt twigged.

Then it was time to turn over, but before i could put my bra back on she was cupping my breasts. "What are you doing?" I asked, sitting bolt upright. "Exactly what you want me to do." She said, looking me straight in the eye. "Theres no point pretending any more. Don't be afraid, you're in very good hands." I was too stunned to move so she just pushed me gently back. "Just lie back and i'll look after you."

Staring ahead i let her massage my breasts, now realising i was actually being tempted by a woman. Despite myself i started breathing heavily as she played with my nipple, gently rolling it between her fingers. I sensed all the muscles in my pussy respond. It was so down and durty, letting a woman caress my flesh. With her other hand she wormed her way southwards and slid a coupple of fingeres into my knickers. I gasped. "It's okay darling," she whispered. "You're going to love this."

Little by little i was being seduced by her touch. her fingers stroked my rapidly swelling clit, roung and round. My whole body was swaying on the couch. My cunt was starting to get wet now, like it was melting. She just concentrated on touching it, every so often slipping a finger inside and then putting it in my mouth, so i could taste my sweet jucies. She ten put two fingers into my snatch, i nearly screamed as she forced her way into the tight hole.

"Tht's a good girl, now i want you to open your legs really wide." She could have done anything to me at this point. She wedged her head in between my legs and i felt i would die in ecstasy, i wanted her to do disgusting things. She gently flicked my clit with her tounge, then licked my snatch. Back up to my clit for another teasing flick and then down again, to taste my readily flowing juices.

A delicious ache was building up in my pussy, and as she forced her tounge inside me the orgasm hit me like a wave smashing into a cliff. Sophie had to hold me down, otherwise i would have fallen off the couch.

She hissed excitedly and prised my legs further apart. In the struggle her hair had come free and the top buttons of her unifor had come un-popped. I grabbed at her tnder tits, which were starting to topple out and squeezed them. I was out of my mind with pleasure now, and felt like a dirty little slut in need of a good and hard fuck, and Sophie knew it. Suddenly she stuck three of her fingers inside my dripping cunt, more that ive ever had before, even when i've masturbated. By now i felt wide enough and wet enough to take her whole arm up to the elbow!!

She fucked me, thats the only way i could describe it. It was like she was a man fucking me. I could sense her getting turned on. If watching me gave her a thrill then i was going to reciprocate. Within scods we swopped places, her dress was hoiked up as she lay spread eagled and her fringed pussy was in my mouth, before i even had time to think what i was doing.

"Sweetie, oh sweetie." Her moans egged me on. i swirled my tounge around her clit, her legs were thrashing around and i felt an almost superhuman strength in holding her down "Drink me." I slobbered away, completly intixicated by her mysterious aroma.

Suddenly there was a slap on my buttocks. "What is going on?" Hands on her hips Karen stood in the open doorway with nothing on but a pair of high-heeled shoes. "You're such naughty girls, i knew i had to keep an eye on you." She smacked my bottom again and then rubbed herself over me, squashing her ample bosom on my back and riding her hairy wet cunt on my smarting buttocks. She then pinched my rear so hard that i moved to one side, enabling her to getto Sophie. Practically sitting on her victims face, she parted her own cunt lips, revaling a well streached hole

"Do it like i showed you before." she orderd, tering away at her own breasts untill Sophies tounge darted hastily in and out of her crotch. Panting loudly Kren stroked herself all over, smearing lipstick over her face, she lokked like a real whore. She then clamoured very slowly over Sophie so that the licking went uninterupted and pulled my fece towards hers. I tasted her lipstick as we kissed passinatly in the knowledge that the greedy bitch had both orifaces gratified.

Now that my tounge had become waylayed i slipped a finger into Sophies pink cunt, teasing her clit and fucking her the way she had done me, whipping her up into a frenzy. Wanting to treat me to a fully comprehensive therapy, Krens long nailed fingers were soon bobbing in and out of my snatch. We were so out of control, our three raveged cunts throbbing away as we mixed and matched each others bodies and consideratly shared an equal portion of hot wet pussy.

My friends are very impressed that i'm now such a regular at the beautician's . Somehow i don't think they get the same sort of treatment though!!

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