My name is Ash and I will be with you for another hour or so. There's more music on the way, so keep it here, you're listening to WXXY, the number one spot for alternative music."

Ash did her signature line and pressed play on the CD machine. As the song powered into a mighty guitar opening, she eased the headphones off her ears and let them rest on her slender neck. As she turned to look at the massive CD collection on the opposite wall, the door to the DJ booth swung open and she looked up to see him grinning at her. The sight of his half smile made her heart melt. He wasn't her conventional guy, but he was certainly good looking.

"Great set, Ash. We got a whole bunch of requests for some songs. But really I'm just thinking guys just want to hear your voice. Apparently you've got the sexiest voice in radio."

Ash chuckled as she put an LP on the turntable as the first song ended. She put the needle down and the second one began. She loved getting compliments from Doug. "Well, glad I can make someone's day brighter. At least now I know there are actually people listening to me. I feel like I'm all alone in here. " She turned to look at him. "Hey man, I'm done in about an hour. What say you and me go grab a coffee or something?"

Doug looked into her brown eyes. He couldn't believe how sexy she was. She was never really the kind of girl he went for. He usually liked them dumb and blonde. But she was different. She had caramel colored skin that looked incredibly soft. Long jet black hair. Ripe full breasts. And an ass that could stop traffic. She was fucking beautiful and he couldn't help but get aroused whenever she was near him. He wanted so badly to touch her, to know what it felt like to be inside of her. He figured that this might be his chance. "Yeah, sure. Coffee sounds great."

"I'm a big fan of coffee, but I gotta say, the Guinness is much better," Ash said, slamming down her glass. "You know, I could never really hold my own when it comes to the al-co-hol."

Doug laughed as he drained his glass. "Hmm, you better be careful, I just might have to take advantage of you." Ash leaned over and softly kissed him on his neck. "Mmmm, I might just let you." Doug nearly choked on his pint. He felt like his whole body was on fire. "I gotta hit up the bathroom," he sputtered. "I'll be right back." Ash smiled seductively. "Don't keep me waiting too long."

Inside the bathroom, Doug splashed his face with water. As drunk as he was, he still was incredibly hard. Jesus, just a kiss from this girl was enough to make him lose his mind. He felt like he was back in high school. "Come on, dude. Calm down. She's just a girl. Who am I kidding, she's fucking beautiful."

A knock on the door jerked Doug out of his thoughts. "Occupied," he said. The door swung open and caught Doug off guard. Ash stood in the doorway. "I decided I couldn't wait," she said, locking the door behind her. She reached out and pulled his shirt, drawing him closer to her. Doug open his mouth in shock, but was unable to say anything as Ash covered her mouth with his. Her full lips tasted like sweet Guinness, which turned him on more. She gave him a long, deep kiss and gently nibbled his bottom lip. He imagined what those lips would feel ike on his dick and he got even more turned on. He grabbed her ass and squeezed as he probed her mouth further with his tongue. He heard her sigh with pleasure. "Mmmm, I've been wanting to do that for the longest time," she breathed as they finally pulled away. She lightly kissed his neck, nibbling on a sensitive spot that sent jolts of pleasure past his hard-on, down all the way to his toes.

She kissed his shoulders, his chest, and got down on her knees. She reached for his pants, unbuckled them, and pulled down the zipper with her teeth. When his pants were down by his ankles, she was free to play with what she really wanted. "Haha, well I see you're not the typical white boy," she said teasingly.

He looked down at her with a devilish look in his eyes. "Yeah, what can I say, I'm blessed. Now go ahead and enjoy your treat." Ash started by planting light butterfly tongue kisses up and down his fully erect 9 inch shaft. When his dick was well-lubricated she slowly took all of him into her warm mouth. Doug groaned softly. "Oh baby, you're fantastic," he said. Ash looked up at him and winked. Forming an "O" with her thumb and forefinger, she moved it up and down his shaft as she continued to lick and suck. With her other free hand she gently massaged his balls, turning them gently between her fingers. Doug was in heaven.

Ash licked slowly on the underside of his cock and moved closer to tongue his balls, eventually taking them both into her mouth. Doug was about to blow his load right there. "Oh fuck," he moaned, running his hands through her hair. She returned back to his cock, just putting the head into her mouth and humming slightly, sending erotic vibrations to every nerve in his body. She gently ran her fingertips up and down his shaft. Doug felt himself building up to an orgasm. Ash continued humming, moving her mouth down the enitre length of his cock, deep throating the entire thing. Doug was past the point and over the edge. "Oh shit, I'm gonna cum!" he said. He felt the orgasm move through his entire body and culminate at the head of his dick. Load after load of creamy cum spurted out of his head, and Ash eagerly swallowed it all. His orgasm lasted for a few seconds more, and she continued to suck and hum until he became too sensitive to do so. She licked all the excess cum off of him and swallowed it greedily, licking her lips. "Mmm, Dougie, you taste so good. She unbuttoned her pants and slid her hand down into her panties. "Giving you head made me so wet. Wanna taste me next?"

Doug grinned. "Oh yeah, baby." He reached out and took her finger into his mouth. What he tasted damn near made him hard again. Oh fuck, she actually tasted like chocolate and caramel! "What say we get out of here and head to my place," he said, tasting another one of her fingers. "Mmm, whatever you say."

Doug was so excited he could barely turn his key into the lock to open the door. As soon as they were inside his apartment, he grabbed her and threw her up against the wall. He grabbed her face in his hands and kissed her lips. He moved down and kissed her neck. "This shirt. Take it off. Now," he demanded. Ash lifted her shirt above her head and tossed it to the floor. Doug stared hungrily at her 40C breasts. He kissed the swells of her breasts, darting his tongue in between them. He saw her erect nipples straining through her sheer black bra. He licked them through the lacy film, nipping them gently. Ash let out a throaty growl of pleasure.

Doug ripped her bra off, releasing her abundant chocolate breasts. He took a step back and admired her. "Take your pants off," he said. She obliged. She was left in nothing but her sheer black boy-short undies that gave him a peek at her ass cheeks. Doug felt his erection come back with a vengeance. There was nothing sexier than a chick in boy-short panties. She started to take them off. "No," he said. "Turn around and pull them down slowly." Ash did as she was told, and bent over slowly so he could get a glance of her glistening cocoa pussy. Doug groaned in pleasure. He grabbed her up and threw her over his shoulder, setting her down on the edge of his kitchen table. "I've been waiting so long to taste you, kitten. Spread those legs for me."

Ash spread her legs wide, revealing her shaved pussy. She moved her hand down to touch her swollen clit, but Doug gently slapped her hand away. "No, I'm doing all the work right now". He kissed her deep on the lips and moved to her breasts, flicking his thumbs softly over her nipples. Ash was moaning sofly now and her cunt was throbbing. Everytime she went to touch her pussy, Doug gently slapped her hand away and continued flicking her nipples and kissing her. She was rocking her body against his, grinding her pussy into his torso, begging him to move down to her aching pussy. Sensing she was going crazy, Doug teased her more, moving down to kiss her stomach, then dropping to his knees to lick her thighs that were wet with her girl juices. He loved her chocolate and caramel taste, and couldn't wait to taste more. He moved closer and closer to his target, sensing the heat from her throbbing cunt.

He kissed the top of her pussy and licked the outside. He heard her growl with impatience. He smiled as he parted her lips with his hands and plunged his tongue deep into her folds. Ash gasped with pleasure. Her juices flowed freely now, and Doug eagerly swallowed them. He gently inserted a finger deep inside of her as his tongue found her pulsating clit. She was bucking and moaning loudly on the table, rubbing and licking her nipples. She sat up and watched him eat her clit and finger her wet pussy. "Ooooh, right there, oh yeah. Tongue my clit. Mmmm, eat that pussy, baby."

Doug was turned on by her moans and cheering. His cock was throbbing between his legs. He wanted to fuck her so badly, but he wanted to savour the moment. When he lightly nibbled her clit, Ash nearly flew off the table. "Jesus!" she screamed as she bucked wildly. Her hands were running through his brown hair, directing his head where to go. "Doug," she pleaded. "I want you inside me. I want you to fuck me NOW." Doug buried his face deeper into her sweet perfumed pussy. His tongue was everywhere: deep inside her pink fuckhole, vibrating on her clit. "Baby, please," she cried, nearly in tears. "Please fuck me. I want to feel your cock in my pussy."

Doug lifted his head from her wet cunt. "Whatever you say." He lifted his shirt over his head to reveal his slightly tanned muscular torso. He took off his pants and guided his erection to the table. He lifted her ass cheeks and brought her closer to him, guiding his cock gently inside of her, allowing her pussy muscles to adjust to his cock. She was so wet, it wasn't long until his balls smacked her cunt, letting him know he was good to go. He pumped in and out of her slowly, making a rhythm. She moaned loudly and gyrated her hips to move in time with him. He felt her pussy muscles tighten and starting to milk his cock. He was ready to cum right there, but he wanted to prolong the moment.

Ash switched up the moment. In one swift move she had Doug on his back on the table. She climbed on top and straddled him, but didn't ease his cock inside of her. Instead, she rubbed his dick against her glistening pussy. She licked a slender finger and stroked her clit. Her legs were wide open, giving him an ample view of her black cunt. She licked and sucked her erect nipples. Doug was going crazy. "God damn, girl. I gotta get some more of that chocolate pussy. Quit playing and fuck me." Ash smiled wickedly. She continued massaging her clit and playing with her nipples. Doug grabbed her ass and spanked her hard. "Climb on this dick and ride it like you know how," he said, giving her another good spank. Ash nearly came right there. She loved it when guys spanked her, it made her so fucking horny.

She did as she was told and eased his large cock inside of her tight pussy. She started off slow, and picked up more when she found her rhythm. She leaned forward to kiss him on the lips, giving him an extra hard nip to repay him for the spanks. "Mmm, Doug I love it when you take control. Spank my ass, baby. Make me cum." Doug rubbed her round brown ass with the inside of his palm. His lifted his hand and brought it down soundly on her ass, making her wiggle on his cock. "Oooh, do it again," she moaned, riding him harder now. He spanked hard, over and over, making her wiggle and grind harder on his cock. He felt himself building up for a powerful orgasm. He felt her pussy muscles tighten and knew she was almost there, too.

Ash was moaning loudly, calling his name. Doug had his hands on her ass, grinding her pussy into his cock. "Come on, kitten," he groaned. "Don't stop, make me cum. I wanna cum inside your tight chocolate pussy."

Ash felt the build-up and she allowed for the release. "Oh, cum with me Doug. I'm there. I'M THERE! Oh, I'm cumming, I'm cumming. Sweet Jesus!" Doug felt her pussy juices flowing and her muscles tightened and milked his cock, pushing him headlong into an intense orgasm. "FUCK!" he screamed and called her name, his hot white cum shooting deep inside her. She was still riding him, still coming off her orgasm wave. He felt her legs quiver and shake and she dropped down and rested her head on his chest. She felt his heartbeat slow down to a resting pace. Ash lifted her head, their bodies slick with sweat and kissed him softly on the lips.

"Mmmm, I haven't been fucked like that since...ever," she purred contentedly. "You wouldn't have possibly planned all this, did you?" She smiled devishly at him.

Doug smiled at her and kissed her forehead. "Baby, there's a whole lot more where that came from. You ready for round two?" Ash giggled as he threw her over his shoulder and carried her to his bedroom.

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