Leanne was obsessed with me and unwilling to accept that I was no longer her boyfriend. I had spent the morning in bed with my new girl enjoying fucking her bare back as she was having her period.

Leanne had found a new apartment to live in and had begged me on the phone to call over and help move some of the heavy furniture.

I rode the short distance to Leanne's place on my shiny new motorbike. My cock was a little crusty in my tight jeans with dried cum and slimy period cum juice.

Leanne and I awkwardly moved a mouldy old couch. She wrinkles her nose picking up on the smell of sex on me.

"You could have showered for fuck sake before you came over here," she chides me.

"Whatever. You want my help or not? Kathy would have my nuts if she knew I was here helping you." Kathy, my new girlfriend, is one jealous bitch.

When the couch is in place we sit awkwardly together on it.

"You know I would let you do whatever you want to me if you promise to still come and visit me? Kathy would never need to know hat we're doing. " Leanne smiled awkwardly at me and twists her hands together nervously.

I look at her hard, thinking things through.

"You really mean anything!?"

"Yeah..." She replies as one hand absently rubs a breast through her thin t-shirt.

"Show me how much ANYTHING you mean." I reply.

I stand up and take my cum-crusty cock out of my jeans and stand in front of her face. A strong smell of recent, dirty sex rises up from my crotch.

"Show me... Clean up my smelly cock and then we'll see where we go from there. "

Wrinkling up her face Leanne takes my soft cock into her warm soft mouth, her tongue swirling around my cockhead. She has to take it out of her mouth as it lengthens and hardens. Spit dribbles out of her mouth and down her chin.

"Is this what you had in mind?" She asks looking up into my eyes.

"It's a start. Shut up and get back to cleaning my dirty cock!"

I jam my meat back into her open mouth. Grabbing the back of her head she gags hard as I rest my balls on her chin. I pull out and spit ropes hang between her lips and my cock. Her eyes are locked onto mine. I can see she really is up for anything.

"Ok, take all your clothes off," I order.

I sit down on the couch to watch as she slowly strip in front of me. First her t-shirt, then her jeans. Her tight bra follows quickly; her large white breasts hang heavy, the nipples sticking out a long way. One of her hands rests in front of her white panty covered pussy.

I reach forward and tear her panties off in a quick twist.


I can see red marks forming where the fabric tore against her soft white skin.

"You're sure you mean anything?" I ask again.

Leanne nods slowly.

I grab a wooden chair from the dining room and place it in the centre of the living room.

"Sit there, slut, and don't move."

She obediently sits on the chair; I go to her bedroom and get a pair of her pantyhose. I rip them in two.

I place her hands behind her and tie them to the back of the wooden chair. I push her legs apart tying her feet to the legs of the chair; I can see that her pussy is already dripping wet. The lips are slightly parted. I pick up her torn white panties and jam them up her hot, wet snatch. "Ow!"

What I have in mind today is submission.

"I want you to sit there and think about what you have promised. If you go ahead with this I will do things to you we have never done before. Things Kathy would NEVER agree to doing."

I smile at her and tie a blindfold over her eyes.

"I need to go out," I tell her. "I have to get a few things to make this morning memorable. First you need to drink a large glass of water"

I take my time walking from her apartment to the store; I want her to stew, to worry about what she has agreed to do. I am also working out in my own head how far I am going to take her humiliation.

Forty minutes later I return to her apartment with my bags of surprises. I check Leanne's bindings to make sure they are still tight; I can see red marks where she has tried to work her way free.

"Naughty girl" I tell her, "I told you to sit here quietly."

"I did!" she replies a little petulantly.

"Porkies", I'd say. "Guess I'm going to have to show you what happens if you don't do as I say."

I open one on the bags. Inside is a pack of wooden pegs.

I know that her large white beasts are super sensitive; I start there. I pinch the soft skin around her left nipple and clip on two of the pegs.

"Ow! What the..." She calls out.

"Did I say you could talk, slut?"


"No, what?"


I clip two pegs onto her right breast.

"Wrong", I tell her. I grab both of her sensitive nipples with my fingers and start to squeeze them hard.

"Sir... Master?"

"Master will do nicely, thank you. What have you just learned?" I ask her.

She unsure how to answer; what to answer. If there is a right answer.

"To tell you the truth... to call you master," she answers quickly hoping she's not too far off the mark, distracted by the stinging pain off her breasts.

I run my hand up the creamy inside of her thigh to test how wet her torn panties have become inside her snatch. I pull her cunt lips apart to look closely. It's wet but is it wet enough?

I take a bottle of sparkling water from the shopping bag, open it and hold it to her lips.

"Still thirsty?" This is a rhetorical question. "Drink!"

She takes three long swallows and stops. I put the bottle down and pick up two more pegs. I clips these on to a cunt lip, one on each side of her clit; her hips buck up in pain.

"Did I tell you to stop drinking?"

In between sobs she says, "No... Master..."

"Ok, let's try it again."

I put the bottle to her lips and slowly make her drink all of the large one liter bottle. When she is finished I pat her cheek gently, "Good girl."

I open the shopping bag again; Leanne is tuned to the sound of the plastic bag rustling not sure what is about to happen next. I take out a studded black dog collar and a leash. Leanne is quivering slightly at the sounds. I undo the buckle on the collar and put it around her soft white/pink neck. Slowly I tighten the collar and fasten the buckle; her Adam's apple bobs up and down just above the tight collar. I clip the leash on and give it a gentle tug. "Are you my bitch now?"

"Yes... Master..."

I reach out and twist her engorged nipples, "Are you going to be my obedient slut?"

Quaking she answers, "Yes! Master!" I squeeze her nipples hard again to reinforce that I am in charge and I will do as I like with her. As a reward for her enthusiasm I take the pegs off her beasts and remove her blindfold. I want her to see what is coming next. Her nipples jut out almost two centimeters from the soft surround of her tits. Deep red marks surround her nipples where the pegs had been. Delicious! I want to suck them hard in my mouth, but not yet.

I pull up another chair facing her and slowly drink down half a litre of sparkling water myself.

"Ahhhhh! You still thirsty?" I ask.

She looks at the half empty bottle of water and fidgets her ass on the wooden seat. It's the answer I was hoping for.

I slowly walk to her and make her drink the rest of the water. That bottle makes almost two liters of water. She looks up at me almost pleading,

"I need to pee..." She pleads.

I'm not surprised she needs to piss after drinking all that water. I wont answer her and sit back in my chair facing her getting comfortable. I can see her clenching her stomach trying to hold on to the piss building up in her bladder. Piss that has to come out. I move my chair forward so our knees are touching.

It started as a small trickle; the white panties jammed up her pussy soaked up some, the colour changing from white to pale yellow. I looked up to her the face; she was looking everywhere in the room except at me. Once she had started pissing she could not stop; as she relaxed her bladder a strong gush arced across and splashed my now rock hard cock.

"Look at what you have done! Did I give you permission to piss!" I said sternly, trying not to smile.

Leanne was hanging her head in shame. She has pissed herself in front of me, making a huge puddle on the linoleum floor and sprayed pee onto me. I pulled back on the dog leash so she looked up at me.

"Clean. Me. Up. Bitch."

I straddle her chair; pulling Leanne's head forward as far as her bound hands would allow and offerel my piss-wet cock up to her. Sensing some reluctance I jerk on her leash until she opens her mouth, and then feed her my pee soaked, stiff cock and dripping balls.

"That's it, clean up all of your stinking piss off me..." I order.

She works her soft tongue down my shaft and over my tight balls, then cleaning the inside of my thighs.

My own bladder is now calling to be emptied; I concentrate hard to release my piss through my erection and finally manage to get it flowing. A yellow stream arcs out of the end of my throbbing penis onto her hair. I pull back on her leash so my piss splashes onto her face and runs in a thick stream between her heaving tits, over her tight stomach, to pool on the wooden seat in front of her dripping, open, panty stuffed cunt.

I slowly withdraw the sodden panties from her pussy and squeeze out the mix of her own pussy juices and piss into her waiting mouth. I could see she didn't know what to do.

"Swallow it all!", I tell her. Gagging on the fragrant liquid and not knowing what else to do she obeys.

"My good little bitch."

When I could see her mouth was empty of piss I jam her panties into mouth, gagging her. I then untie her from the chair and tell her to get on her knees in the puddle of pee on the linoleum floor. I walked up behind her plump white ass pushing her legs further apart and put my foot on the small of her back, forcing her face down and her butt up. I take her hands and tie them again behind her back; she struggles at first to keep her face and hair out of the mess of piss on the floor she is kneeling in.

It is a futile task for her; she finally gives up and lies with her face to the side, her long blonde hair soaking up the piss.

I look back to her ass and her pussy; her cunt lips hang open, ready for my thick shaft, but there will be more before I use her in that way. I let go of my bladder and empty my piss over Leanne's waiting ass and cunt. Her asshole winks at me as I spay right on it.

"Ok, bitch, relax or this is going to sting."

I stroke my cock hard with my hand and using my pee as lube jam it inside her puckered ass until it is half way in. I stop, relax and let the last of my piss flow into her pulsing shit tube. I think I have just about reached the "anything" Leanne had agreed too.

Slowly I pull my cock out, "Hold my piss in there!", I tell her, and pulling on her collar bring her wet face up from the floor and stick my stinky ass ripe cock into her warm mouth. I push forward until my balls again rest on her chin and she starts to gag on my knob-end halfway down her throat.

I am super horny now and start to fuck her face, holding onto her by her dog collar. When I pull out of her throat she gasps for air, and spit runs from her open mouth splashing onto her pumping breasts. I push her face back down onto piss covered floor and smacked her bouncy ass cheek hard leaving a large red hand print; she jumps a little with the smack but knows better than to complain. I quickly thrust my throbbing cock all the way into her slimy pussy, grabbing hold of her bound hands so she couldn't push away from my pounding.

Keeping a constant rhythm in her clenching cunt I feel my cum storm building. The thought of her shit hole filled with my piss sloshing with each thrust adds to my pleasure.

"Like this, bitch?" I ask.

Groaning with her own rising orgasm, "Yes! Sir! Please fuck me hard! But please don't cum in my pussy. I can't get pregnant," she cried.

Her sloppy cunt farted loudly as I quickly pulled my cock out; I don't want to have any babies with this cum-slut. Back when we were dating I had once fucked her big, round ass without any lube when she had turned up unannounced and I didn't have any condoms; it had been tight at first but worked out just fine.

My cock was still slimy from her pussy and her ass was filled with my piss; there should be no problems at all and she had agreed to "anything".

I wanted to enjoy every moment but I was also desperately in need of releasing my jizz. I push in all the way in one slow purposeful movement until my ballsack rests against her pouting cunt lips, pausing only for a second and then I start to fuck her ass like it is the only thing keeping me alive.

The feeling of warm piss surrounding my rock hard cock punching in and out of her shit hole is mind blowing. In a quick rush I pump what feels like gallons of jizz up her ass; my cock stays hard so I keep fucking her butthole until she screams out loud her own orgasm, creaming my cum and piss together to make a white soup. I release her bound hands and pull her to a stand, my cock hard enough to stay up her clenching asshole and frog walk her to an open window that overlooks the street below.

Kissing the back of her sweet neck above her dog collar I reach down and push three fingers deep into her wet pussy. A profound orgasmic shudder passes through her core. She bends slightly at the waist so she can more easily push her ass back against the cock still hard up her shitter. She is naked and exposed from the waist up through the open window, tits bouncing with each pump.

"Say hello to your neighbors", I tell her.

I grab her by the waist, where the ass bump narrows, stopping her from grinding her soggy asshole on my man meat. I ease my cock from her ass holding her butt cheeks wide apart. When my cockhead pops clear I stretch her butt wider so that she gapes wickedly. A wet fart, followed by a trickle of creamy piss runs out of her wide open shithole and over her open pussy lips catching in her sparse blonde pubes.

I know there's more in there; I push my cock back up her stinky back hole and "pop" it out again. A much bigger torrent of piss and cum floods out of hole this time splashing over my cock, jizz sticking to my pubes.

I turn Leanne to face me and kiss her deeply; I can taste both of us on her lips. We are both slick from head to toe with our piss, jizz and cum. I reach around and stick two fingers up her ass, the last of my fluids drip out of her bottom over my hand. I shove those fingers into her warm, soft mouth; she sucks them clean.

"Clean me right up, sweet-bitch!"

I think this arrangement might just work out, so long as my girlfriend doesn't find out.

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