I supposed at that moment I couldn't argue that what she was saying was untrue. It was hard to do so with the taste of her sweaty sole still tangy on my tongue. Still, the words cut deep and I felt a tear trickle down my cheek.

I tried to focus on her foot and ignore what she was saying. I set into a rhythmic motion of lapping her sole over and over again. My labouring was mindlessly robotic.

Cinta was relentless though and her cruel words didn't ease up. "Don't you have anything to say?" She taunted me. "Then go on, make yourself useful and clean it up."

I was doing just that; cleaning her foot for her with my tongue. Gradually, the taste had transformed from acrid sweat to the more natural flavour of her skin; a real testament to the efficient job I must have been doing. Perhaps it was foolish to so enthusiastically do as she wished. If I cleaned her foot too well, she might insist on it being another daily chore.

Cinta pushed her heel into my mouth and my lips formed a suction around it. With the tip of my tongue I could feel the rough skin there and I scratched at it with my teeth. Her eyes widened at the new technique her human pedicurist had come up with. Her tongue flicked against her teeth, ready to lash out another insult like a merciless whip. Thankfully, her phone buzzed and interrupted her.

"Hello," she said. "Oh, hey bro. Yeah, not much, you know, just back from the gym. What's up?"

I perked up knowing that Jeff was on the other end of the line. Then I remembered what I was doing right at that moment and I felt a flush of shame run through my body right down to the tips of my fingers and toes. I listened to her with interest as she spoke on the phone with her brother; my boyfriend, whilst lapping at her sole obediently as she had demanded.

I licked over and over again. It was like I was now accepting her view; she was stronger and I was weaker. It was almost appropriate that I should be doing it for her to acknowledge I was a wimp and she wasn't. She got to talk to Jeff on the phone while I got to lick her foot.

"Yes, we're getting along great," she said to my boyfriend. She held her hand over the phone and nudged my cheek with her foot. "Suck on my toes again for a bit," she said. "I like it when you do that." That's all that seemed to matter, what Cinta liked, so I sucked her toes. One by one I moved through them, making sure to massage each delicately with my soft and moist tongue. I looked up at her as I worked, but she barely noticed the effort I put in. She was too busy lost in conversation, laughing along with her brother about something I wasn't party to. I prayed she wouldn't tell him what I was doing right at that moment.

"Oh no, she's not here right now," Cinta said.

I felt relieved that she wasn't going to out me as the pathetic foot-licking wimp I so clearly was now.

"I don't know how to tell you this bro, so I'll just say it. I think she's out with some other guy."

For the first time in months I felt my spine emerge. I shook with rage at the audacity of her. That lying bitch. I cared for Jeff more than anything and I'd never cheat on him with another guy. A moment of clarity took over and I realised what an idiot I'd been. How could I let it come to this? How could I let this young girl treat me in this way?

Cinta was too lost in ruining my relationship with Jeff to realise that the line had been crossed. While she put the knives into my relationship over the phone, I slapped her foot away and rose to my feet. She immediately looked up at me and for the first time ever I saw a moment of hesitancy take over her. Her mouth hung open as if she was thinking of something to say to rectify the situation, but there was nothing that could stem my anger now that she'd involved her brother in this stupid game she was playing with me. Her eyes darted about and I saw her hand cup over the phone. Cinta had now realised she'd fucked up.

I lunged at her intent on teaching the bitch a lesson. I saw her face brace itself and the foot that I had been licking reflexively kicked up in defence. My attack didn't go as planned. Instead of grappling the little cow and ripping her hair from her head, I caught the heel of her foot clean in the face. Due to the way I'd jumped at her, my full body weight compounded the impact. My head kicked back from whiplash and I felt my neck crick. And my face, oh my poor face. My nose was buzzing and numb. I could feel blood pooling on my upper lip. I'd meant to teach Cinta a lesson and instead I lay there on the floor in a daze.

"I'll talk to you later bro," I heard Cinta calmly say from behind me. Her foot pushed on my shoulder and I was rolled onto my back. I looked up at the ceiling and saw the pattern of the paintwork spinning. Cinta stood motionless, her hands on her hips and a look of fury upon her face.

I opened my mouth to beg for mercy but Cinta crammed her foot straight in there before I could speak. I looked up at her from the end of her toes; firmly jammed right in my mouth. My eyes watered as I felt the corners of my mouth stretch. She raised up onto the tip-toes of her standing foot and drove the one in my mouth down just a little bit further, enough to make me squeal in agony. The intensity and determination to make me pay in her eyes was clear. "Did you really think you could get one over me, you idiot?" She said. Her voice almost shook in anger. "Even when you had the drop on me. You still came out of it exactly what you are, an utter failure. And where did you end up after your little tantrum? Exactly where you belong. Flat on your back with my foot down your throat."

My throat could be heard gargling as her toes nestled uncomfortably down there.

"Look at you. You could stop this at any time," she said. "If you had any backbone, that is, wimp. Your hands aren't tied. But look at them, just lying there useless at your side."

She was right. My hands were motionless, frozen against the carpet as if I was paralysed.

Cinta shook her head and rolled her eyes. "There's no end to how much of a wimp you are. You continually surprise me." She pulled her foot free from my mouth and laughed as my saliva dripped from her toes all over my face.

I took a deep intake of breath, relieved to be able to breathe freely. The breathing didn't last long though as Cinta dropped her ass down onto my tummy, winding me in the process. Once settled, she peeled her other sock from her second foot and waved the dirty fabric above my face. "This one is still all fresh for you to enjoy," she said.

She pointed her big toe at my mouth and I knew there was no point in refusing her. I took the offered big toe in my mouth and bobbed back and forth on it. My cheeks reddened and my eyes closed in shame. I wished my ears could close too as I was forced to listen to Cinta mock me as I slobbered all over her toe.

"So pathetic," she said. "Yeah, you suck that toe, you spineless wimp. How's it taste?"

I just looked up at her and continued sucking. After about a minute, she pulled her toe from my mouth.

"Look at me," she said. She leant her face over my own and grasped my chin in her manicured fingers. I was forced me to look straight up into her eyes. "This is where you belong. Got it?"

"Please Cinta," I mumbled through her fingers. I was exhausted and panting for breath. Her domination was endless and I couldn't endure much more. "This is so wrong. I don't even like your feet. This has gone way too far now."

"Listen wimp, it doesn't matter whether you like it or not. I made you lick my feet, Amy. It means something when a girl does that for another. It's like an understanding between us; I'm above you and you've admit it. I'd never, ever lick someone's feet, but you, you do it for me whenever I tell you to now." She leant back slightly and lifted her freshly stinking foot over my face. "Go on, lick it."

I leant up and took a long lap, the length of her sole, from heel to toes. Once finished, I laid my head back on the carpet and looked up at her awaiting further instruction. It didn't even enter my head not to do as she said and prove her wrong.

"See. You're a foot licker now, ever since your tongue touched my sole that first time, and you'll always be one. Nothing can change that." She gave me a huge patronising smile to hammer home the truth.

I sniffled and shuddered at her words. "It's just...I don't want to do this anymore, please. I want to have a normal life." My voice was whiny and desperate.

My pleading got me nowhere with Cinta. "I thought you were getting it, but I'm going to have to put it bluntly for you, aren't I? There is nothing more important in your life than my toes in your mouth!" She roughly squeezed my cheeks together and shook my head violently to exemplify her point. Her fingers then let go and my head dropped back against the carpet. Her foot was over me in a flash and slapped me across the cheek a number of times. "Nothing. Got it?"

"Yes, yes, I get it!" I said. I just wanted the slapping to stop.

"What's the most important thing in your life?" She dug her nails into my cheeks again with enough force to make me wince.

"Your toes in my mouth!"

"Show me!" She held her foot barely an inch from my mouth and wiggled her toes encouragingly. I did what was expected and sucked them worshipfully. "If I say my feet need cleaning, you drop whatever you're doing and get to it. Understood?"

I nodded my head enthusiastically without ever letting her toes leave my mouth.

"You're my wimp," she said. She pulled her toes from my mouth and I thought the abuse was over. Instead, she grabbed my hair firmly and led my tongue up and down her sole. "My wimp. Mine. Don't you ever forget that."

"I won’t, Cinta, I won't," I said breathlessly between licks of her sole. She released my hair but I continued licking anyway.

"That's it. Just give in," she urged me. "You and Jeff are pretty much over now, so don't hold back. Accept you're a wimp and revel in it. If anything, you should be thankful that I've claimed you instead of your fat friend from uni again. It'll be like a weight off your shoulders, trust me. No more keeping up the charade of being a normal girl. What guy is ever going to want to date a girl that licks another girl's feet? We both know what you are anyway. It's just you and me here now, wimp, so knock yourself out."

I looked up at her smiling face in utter humiliation and she jiggled her eyebrows as if to heighten my torment. I went for it. I closed my eyes and sucked and slobbered all over that foot like it was my true purpose in life. All the while, Cinta laughed along and clapped her hands in approval above me, berating and encouraging me to debase myself further for her amusement.

"Where's my foot-licking wimp at?" Cinta yelled out the next day as she returned from the gym. I cringed hoping none of the neighbours could hear her through the thin walls.

Now I'd let her stick her gross feet in my mouth and acknowledged her right to do so, I guess there really was no going back. As I'd predicted, another daily duty had seemingly been added to the quota; this the most disgusting by far.

"God, I can't wait to get these sneaks off," she teased as she took her usual place in the recliner. "I've got them nice and ripe for you today."

I knelt at her feet without a word and pulled her sneakers off. She was right, they were particularly pungent, but when were they ever not?

"I'm still furious about the way you acted yesterday." She lectured me as I removed her socks. Her toes were all clammy and red from overuse. Sock lint was plastered to her feet all over, particularly between her toes. I noted that the black slouch socks she wore were brand new; hence all of the extra lint. She'd probably worn them that day on purpose. "You made me do all of that to you. So, you're going to make it up to me. You better be willing and enthusiastic today."

I tried my best to be what she wanted. I began by kissing her soles affectionately, followed by a soft kiss for each of her individual toes. I thought if I showed her hard-working feet the respect they deserved, it would win me a few points with her. I escalated my worship to a variance of kisses and licks along her soles. The contact of my tongue with her flesh was prolonged, so that I could rub the tip in deeply and massage as I went along. After some attention to her soles, I'd alternate the sensations she was enjoying but sucking delicately on one of her toes. From her sighs my technique appeared to have the desired effect.

"You know," Cinta marvelled, while sneering down at me as I laboured at her feet. "For a girl that isn't supposed to be gay or like feet, you're really getting into this."

I paused and considered her words, my lips still wrapped around her toe. Was I really into it? I didn't think so, but from the effort I was putting in I could see why she'd think that. I was just doing what needed to be done to avoid being publicly humiliated in front of all my friends and family. She had the power to do that. She also had the physical power to cause me pain, which I didn't want to happen either. I withdrew my mouth from her foot and looked up at her pleadingly. "Do I have much of a choice?"

Cinta giggled and slapped my cheek softly with her foot. "I guess not." Then she snapped her fingers and spread her toes, revealing a lot of caked up black lint. "Get in there and eat that up."

I obeyed immediately and ran my tongue between each of her toes, scooping out the jam she'd worked so hard at the gym to build up, just to humiliate me with.

"God, I love this," she laughed. "You don't even resist any more, you just do it straight away. That's exactly what I want, you slobbering all over them like you love them, even though I know you don't. And you're like the best motivation to work extra hard at the gym ever. I won't ever think about skipping a session because I'm gonna love having you do this afterwards. Do you actually enjoy it now? What's it taste like? Maybe you'll become addicted to my toe cheese." She couldn't stop herself from laughing right in my face.

"Of course not. I hate doing this. It tastes disgusting." I went back in for another lick and came away with more foot funk to swallow. The texture was gritty and grimy, and the taste vulgar.

"Well, that's just too bad. I wish I'd known what a pushover you were when I first moved in. I put up with your nagging for way too long. And you know, I've pushed other girls around all my life, even beat a few up in school. I've had the nerds in class doing my homework." She paused, grasped both my wrists in her fists and pulled me upwards. As I came up on my knees, Cinta lifted her legs between my outstretched arms and hung her feet together before my face; her big toes parted from the other, smaller toes and pointed towards my mouth. "But none have ever let me do anything like this to them before," she added.

Her toes hung there an inch or so away from my mouth as she gazed at me expectantly. I looked into Cinta's eyes sheepishly, then opened my mouth and in her toes went. I sucked them like lollipops.

I'd pretty much accepted Cinta's mastery over me in my own home. I did whatever she wanted when it came to her feet and she humiliated me on a daily basis. If her plan from the start was to break me then she had fully succeeded.

However, Jeff threw a spanner in the works. Despite my imaginary betrayal as relayed to him by Cinta, he phoned and texted me constantly asking for an explanation. I largely ignored his calls as I was too ashamed to answer him and tell him the truth. I cared for him deeply. I didn't know whether it was love or not but it was irrelevant now as Cinta had ruined it for me.

He caught me out the one day by phoning from an unrecognised number. I answered thinking it may have been something to do with my job. Once Jeff had me on the line he bombarded me with questions. I didn't want to tell him the truth about everything that had happened with Cinta, as frankly, it was so embarrassing that I'd struggle to get the words out. He asked about the guy I'd been seeing and I couldn't respond to that either as there was no one. The closest thing to making out with anyone was with his little sister's toes, and I couldn't exactly tell that to him.

Eventually Jeff grew frustrated and told me that he'd be driving home the next morning so we could sort things out once and for all. I tried to talk him out of it but he was as stubborn as his sister and was having none of it.

Cinta was spending the night with some guy she'd met at the gym and had her phone turned off. I saw an opportunity to rekindle things with Jeff if she wasn't around. I wouldn't tell him anything that had happened, but I could say that Cinta had made a mistake. Perhaps she'd give up with me if I was back properly with Jeff. My shunning of him was only down to her, so with her out of the house, perhaps it could work.

The next morning, I was ready and waiting. Jeff had texted me that he would be there at around midday. I'd dressed up in my best clothes and spent an age on my makeup, hoping to impress him. I had everything planned out about what I'd say.

Unfortunately, just before midday came around Cinta arrived home. She immediately noticed how much effort I'd put into my appearance and her interest was piqued. "What's going on?" She asked.

With Cinta there, I was already defeated. My confidence had evaporated with her mere appearance. I told her everything. "I'm meeting Jeff for a talk. We're going to sort things out. He's on his way over now."

"No way," Cinta said. She shook her head and waved her finger at me. "That's not happening, not a chance."

"I tried to talk him out of it but he insisted," I whined.

She ignored me, grabbed my hair and dragged me over towards the couch. "Get under there now. Just like before."

I dropped to my knees and crawled under the couch, just like the time Cinta used me as a footrest. My head was left protruding from beneath and I could see nothing but the ceiling. Cinta dashed off up the stairs and moments later returned with a blanket. I had no idea what she was up to, but knew it wasn't good news for me when she quickly kicked off her sneakers and removed her socks.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

Cinta sat on the couch above me and unceremoniously planted one of her feet on my face, the other coming to rest beside it with her toe tickling my ear. The toes on my face wiggled around trying to find a comfortable position, with the big toe eventually forcing itself into my mouth. "Shut up and suck on my toe, wimp. I better not hear a peep from you," she said. She threw the blanket over her legs and I was left in darkness beneath her feet.

Jeff arrived moments later and let himself in. I knew by that point I was already trapped and Cinta had won for good. There was no way I could move from where I was.

"Amy?" I heard Jeff call out.

"I'm in here," Cinta shouted.

I heard Jeff walk into the room. "Hey sis," he said. "Where's Amy? She's supposed to be meeting me here."

"I haven't seen her," Cinta lied.

I felt Cinta's other foot come to rest on my face, a casual demonstration of her dominance over me. Her toe slipped from my mouth and I knew she was challenging me to say something. I really wanted to speak up and tell Jeff I was there as he had asked me to be. I couldn't bear the thought of losing him for good, even after everything that had happened and the way I'd ignored him. But how could I say anything while down there under the blanket with his little sister's feet all over my face? I wouldn't be able to explain and the humiliation would be beyond thinking about.

I kept silent. The seconds were ticking away and I was running out of time to act. I had a choice to make, so I made it. I found Cinta's foot and I placed a kiss submissively upon it. She had won for good, and right at that moment I completely gave up and admitted her victory. After a few seconds the same big toe pushed against my lips. It was aggressive and dominant in its wants, and I let it force its way in my mouth. I closed my eyes and sucked that toe hungrily while I listened to Cinta destroy any hope of rekindling my relationship with her brother. "I think she said she was going out to meet some guy yesterday. She hasn't come home," she said.

Jeff was distraught, and I just had to lay there and listen while he tore himself up over my imaginary betrayal. I squeezed my eyes tightly closed and tried to blot out his voice and focus in on all that mattered right then; sucking on Cinta's toe; it probed and flexed against my tongue in victory.

Cinta attempted to comfort Jeff, but unfortunately, she had to get up. Her toe was pulled from my mouth and I noted she was careful to drop the blanket over my head so I wouldn't be revealed. I thought it was over, but I then had to listen to Cinta console my now ex-boyfriend and tell him what an awful person I was. She made up all kinds of nonsense about other guys and how he could do a lot better than me. She eventually convinced him to call up some of his old friends from school and go for a drink to help him get over me. I cringed as he told her what a great sister she was. They hugged and she kissed him on the cheek before he left.

I was welcomed back into the light as Cinta pulled the blanket from my head. I got to look upon her beaming smile. I hated her more than ever for what she'd done to me. Letting her move in had been the worst decision I'd ever made.

"God, I loved that. That was so awesome and naughty," she said. She clapped her hands in glee. She seemed so wrapped up in her own enjoyment that she failed to comprehend the devastation she'd just forced on my life. It was worse than the last time, because there was finality to it. I was pretty sure Jeff would never speak to me again.

"I know you don't like me, Cinta," I said through tears. "But how could you do that to your own brother?"

She shot me a viscous look; her eyes narrow and annoyed. "I did it for him, idiot!" She corrected me. "He doesn't know it but I just did him a huge favour. Do you think he'd want to stay with you if he knew what a total loser you are?"

I really had no answer to that, because the truth was horrible. He'd be disgusted with the things his sister had made me do.

Cinta hopped up above me on to the couch and looked down at me between her dangling feet. "It's about time he finally saw sense. You know, you're like the lowest of the low in our family's culture. You lick my feet on a daily basis, that's like... so pathetic. There's no way you could ever my brother again after this. How can you even keep a straight face while suggesting it? There's no way you could ever date anyone!"

I slumped to defeat and my face burned in shame. She was right. So right. I sighed. "So, are you done torturing me now? You've got what you wanted."

"I suppose I have put you through a lot." She traced her big toes along my lips. "I'll be honest with you, Amy. I'm not a total bitch you know, I do feel guilty sometimes about the things I do to you.

I imagine myself in your place, if someone was doing this to me, making me suck on their feet? God, I couldn't live with myself."

For once there appeared genuine concern and sympathy in her voice. I felt the hope brimming within me. Finally, I'd be free of her and her disgusting feet. It'd reached the point where I was more familiar with Cinta's feet than I'd ever been with her brother's dick.

"But I don't feel guilty enough to stop," she continued. "If someone tried to do this to me, I'd kick their ass. But you, you're a wimp Amy, so I can do this to you whenever I want and I intend to for a long time. Your tongue just feels too good on my toes after a long workout." She grabbed my chin with her manicured fingers and squeezed just enough to cause me discomfort. I tried to look away but her arm was strong from all of her workouts and kept me in place. She'd been stronger than me from day one, but still, it was absurd the way she manhandled me while sat precariously above on the couch.

"Seriously, what sort of woman let's a younger girl do this to her?" She pushed both of her big toes through my lips and I let them have their way with my mouth. "You know how much fun it is shoving my toes in someone's mouth whenever I want? Especially when they're all icky. It's like the ultimate high to be able to do that to someone; and the fact it's you makes it even better. Come on, tell me, what sort of woman?"

I looked up into Cinta's merciless, yet distinctively Asian eyes. With her toes still lodged in my mouth, and the sound of Jeff's car leaving the driveway; the word came out garbled, but it was clear enough for her to break down laughing.

"A wimp," I said.

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