bodily an adult, transneu and jpn

EXT: we use the collective name yoshimoto. we are an adult but we are under 25. we collectively use he/it prns and ID as transmasc, we use fem + masc terms. alter count is private!

BOUNDARIES: its best to avoid calling us a "collective" or such similar terms. we prefer "parts" over "alters". refer to us singularly. do not ask for parts to front for you. this hurts us and shows disregard to the currently fronting part. we arent there for your entertainment! do not expect us to be open about our triggers if we do not know you beforehand.

BYF: we generally use i/me pronouns when referring to the system, with the exception being this rentry. we tend to suffer from various mental disorders of which we choose to not list publicly for our privacy.

DNI: basic dni, dsmp/okegom etc, mspec lesbian or gay, say the T slur and arent transfeminine, wont interact, endogenics and supporters/neutral, proship/fic, under 15 or over 26. a2f if nonpsychotic singlet.

we ♡ chateau sys 5/14/22


uta 24 he/she+ unlabeled soother + verb. protector, introj of 1 2 3 and 4, crd i heart my bf!

romeo 29 he/cae bigender unlabeled protector, introj of 1 2 3 4 and 5

anne 20 he/she/they lesbian mood booster, introj of 1 2 3 and 4, crd I LOVEE MY BFF IVORY1!!!

dior 29 she/lu gay gatekeeper, introject shoutout to derius

jakurai 30s he/she/they bigender med protector + caregiver, introject of 1 and 2 always fronts with romeo


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