Non-Stop (You)

Dobie Flight Attendant

Be anon, getting ready to go on an overnight flight to Germany to visit relatives
Walk up to the Lufthansa check-in desk
It's your lucky day, you've been upgraded to business class
Board the plane, and check out your seat; it's pretty fucking sweet, being a bed-seat combo
Buckle up and settle in for the 9-hour flight, turning on the in-flight entertainment for a showing of Sneks on a Plane
A few hours pass, the flight is well into night mode
You're getting kinda hungry, and breakfast isn't for another 3 hours
Press the assistance button to call the stewardess over.
A busty Doberman woman walks over
According to her tag, her name is Helga
"How can I assist you, sir?"
"I know it's not time for breakfast yet, but I'm kinda hungry, and I was wondering if I could have my meal early?"
"I'm sorry, I can't do that."
"Are you sure?"
"It's against airline policy."
"Do you have anything I could drink or eat?"
She thinks for a second, then replies, "Well I have ONE thing."
Helga takes off her jacket, removes her shirt, and undoes her bra, exposing her massive leaking mammaries, and immediately shoves one of them into your mouth
At first you are shocked, but then you begin to suckle her breasts, taking in the warm creamy milk
As the nourishing liquid fills your stomach, she moves closer onto you, and starts rubbing your crotch through your pants
As soon you finish draining her first boob, she moves you onto the other one
Soon, the unorthodox meal is concluded, leaving you in a dazed and horny state
"Would you like some dessert to compliment your meal?"
Helga motions for you to leave your seat and follow her to the bathroom.
Inside, she gets on her knees, and undoes your pants, exposing your raging boner to the world
She then begins to suck your dick
You feel like your soul is leaving you with every slurp
Suddenly, she stands up, and removes her pants and hops on your dick
Your body shudders with every bounce
You can see she is enjoying herself as well, the canine screaming in ecstasy as your cum fills her vagina
Eventually, however, your balls are emptied, and the fun must end
"Well I hope the meal was satisfactory for sir, now I must attend to other matters."
She washes her face off, puts her clothes back on and leaves the bathroom; you stumble back to your seat and fall asleep, missing breakfast entirely
Plane finally lands in Germany
As you disembark, you see Helga near the door, greeting passengers off the plane
She stares out at you with a smirk and says  "Thank you for flying with Lufthansa. We hope your experience was a pleasurable one and we hope you fly with us soon."
You are definitely taking FIRST class on the way back

This greentext was paid for by Lufthansa AG. Lufthansa, Non-Stop You.

By Doberanon

Pub: 23 Jun 2022 03:57 UTC
Edit: 23 Jun 2022 03:59 UTC
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