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At some point during the early morning hours, I felt Danny slid in behind me on the bed. I slowly turned around in his arms and faced him. Poor baby, he looked so tired. "Morning love." I whispered as I kissed his chin.

"Goodnight, hmm morning.." He mumbled as he softly rubbed my back, pulling me closer into him.

"You wen't on patrol didn't you?" I asked rubbing his neck softly.

"Yes and I just got back." He whispered kissing my forehead, leaning up to look at the clock, it read 7am.

"Well I'm up now, Love you baby, get some sleep."

"Stay close to the house, the rogues are still around baby."

"I will." I said getting up as he rolled over and was sound asleep before I finished getting dressed.

Shaking my head, I walked out of my room and quietly closed my door. I made my way to the kitchen to find something to eat. Upon walking in to the kitchen, the first thing I noticed was, one: Chris was out of his room, moving around and two: so was my father.

I smiled as I walked over to my father and gave him a hug. "Morning daddy." I said as I kissed his cheek, totally ignoring the look I was getting from Chris.

"Morning baby girl." He said against my forehead, "Sit, eat. You slept the whole night away and from what your young man told me, you slept all the way here too." I smiled up at him, as I took a seat at the table, far from Chris.

"What can I say, I like to sleep." I said slowly eating the food he sat in front of me, still ignoring Chris, who was still looking at me.

"Leave, everyone." He said in his Alpha voice, I watched as my father took one look at him but walked out of the kitchen behind everyone else that was in there. I slowly got up and turned to walk out but felt him grab my arm.

Looking down at his hand, I looked up at him frowning. "I thought I told you everything I needed to last night Chris, I have.." I didn't get to finish because he pulled me against him and kissed me speechless. I could feel myself melt into him, even tho I knew it was wrong. I shouldn't have been responding to him but after all he was my true mate.

I felt him rub his hands up my back to curled in my hair and tighten in it as he pulled my head back, exposing my neck, while he kissed down the side of my neck. The sound I made snapped me out of the daze I was in and I pushed him away from me with a slap to the face.

"How dare you," I growled at him, I could feel my skin crawl, I knew my wolf wanted to come out. I was shaking so bad. 'You know we can't change Ann.' I growled to her in my head. 'I know, I'm sorry.' She whimpered back as I moved away from him.

Trying to calm myself down, I put as much distance between me and him by moving around to the other side of the table. He was watching me, his eyes pure black as he rubbed his face where I slapped him.
"What the hell posessed you to do that?" I growled at him agian.

"I have all the right in the world Niki, after all I am your mate."

"No Chris, no your not." I said to him as he walked towards me, as I moved around the table, keeping it between us.

"Yes I am,"

"No, I reject you Chris," I growled at him and watched as he winced slightly. "I rejected you the day I left and I would do it again in a heart beat. You are so lucky he is sleeping because if he wasn't you would be good as dead." I yelled at him, as I pushed myself towards the kitchen door again, this time opening it before he could stop me.

I looked up at my father, who was looking at Chris with pure rage. "No daddy, don't even bother." I said to him as I turned to face Chris again.

"If you so much as dare come near me again, I will tell Danny. I grantee, you won't like it." I said walking out the door and slamming it.

My father gathered me in his arms as I let the tears pour from my eyes. "Shhh, baby girl. I won't leave you alone with him ever again, as long as you are here." I heard him whisper, as I looked up at Mel, and Marcus. From the looks on their faces, they knew what had just happen but they wouldn't say anything to Danny about it, that much I believed.

Smiling at them, I moved away form my father. I walked over to Marcus. "Walk with me, I want to go for a walk." I said slipping my arm threw his. "Yes Luna." Was his only reply as we walked arm and arm from the house and towards the path behind the pack house.

*Chris's POV*

'Fuck, I sure just fucked that up.' I thought to myself as I opened the kitchen door and watched as she walked out of the house with this Marcus guy. I faced her father and growled at him. "Don't even think about it, I don't need you to say anything." I said as I turned around and walked back in to the kitchen. Sighing, I looked up as Megan walked in, groaning in side my head I watched her as she sat down in front of me.

"Why? I can smell her all over you." I just stared at her, actually I was frowning at her. "It don't concern you." I told her as I stood up, walked over to the sink, placing my cup in it. I walked over to the sliding glass door and looked out. I watched as Niki an that guy walked into the woods behind the house.

"Yes it dose Chris, I am your wife and your mate. It sure as hell concerns me." I heard her growl at me.
Causing me to flip around and looked at her, I growled lowly. "I told you when I married you, I didn't want you and the woman I want is out there, PREGNANT," I growled the word out, "With another mans child. I never wanted you, I want her. Now I think it would be best if you leave my sight." I yelled at her as I opened the glass door and stepped out on to the porch.

"We will see about that.." I heard her say as she stormed off out of the kitchen, shaking my head. I looked out over the back yard, I knew I just fucked up. One, Niki would never be alone again and two, I just pissed my wife off, that may have been a mistake.

Shaking my head, I walked off the steps and followed Niki an that guy threw the path. Keeping distance between me and them, till I seen them stop. I knew I was far enough away that they couldn't hear me and with the wind blowing the way it was, I knew they couldn't smell me. So I picked a spot behind a tree and watched them closely.

*Megan's POV*

'The nerve of that man, he makes me sooooo mad.' I thought to myself as I stormed off past Jackson and Jason, making my way to Chris's office. I was going to put a stop to this before I went to far, I was calling my father.

After a few rings he picked up, I cringed because I really didn't want to call him but to protect myself, I had too.

"There has been a set back daddy." I said in to the receiver, I knew no one could hear me with the door closed, that's how Chris had the room redone, to make it sound proof.

"What do you mean?" I cringed again at his tone, I hated my father but I loved him to. I just didn't like what he was making me do.

"She is back and I've caught them kissing." I softly said as I sat down at the desk, rubbing my forehead. "It's bad enough I can't get him to touch me again, an I lost the baby from the first mating. How am I going to get him to ever touch me again while she is here father." I asked softly, while trying not to cry.

"You can do this," He growled at me, making me shudder in fear. "I will call later and talk to Jason and Chris, if they know what is good for them, they will have her leave."

"What about the rogue attacks?"

"Don't worry about them, I will call them off, you know I only wanted to make them hurt. Especially him for what he continues to do to you. By the end of the night he will be in your bed again, I will grantee that."
Sighing, I told him ok and hung up. I knew my father was behind the rogue attacks but I knew to never speak of it because of what he would do to me, so I never thought about it around anyone. I got up slowly and walked out of the office and made my way up to my room and laid down, time for me to take a nap.

*Niki's POV*

Sitting down on the ground, I looked up at the sky. I felt Marcus sit down a few feet from me, he was all was the watchful man.

"I wish to be alone Marcus." I whispered as I continued to look up at the sky.

"Sorry Luna, Danny would skin my fur if I left you alone after what happened back there."

Smiling, I turned to look at him. "Don't make me command you Marcus, I just want to be alone for awhile. I am not going anywhere but right here, I wont stay out here more then 20 minutes. Please leave willingly." I said smiling at him, as he sighed and stood up. "20 minutes, I am only going to the beginning of the path, I will be able to hear you if you yell."

"Thank you." I replied as I relaxed back on my arms, letting my head fall back and enjoying the sun on my face.

"I thought you wouldn't ever be alone again after the incident in the kitchen." Chris said behind me, I looked up at him as he came over towards me and sat down next to me. Not even bothering to touch me, he must be a smart man or one with a death wish.

"I thought I told you to stay away from me." I said more of a statement then a question.

"I wanted to apologise Nic." I frowned looking at him, he still hadn't faced me.

"I shouldn't have done that in the kitchen, I get that now." He said looking at me, frowning at me.

"Yes you shouldn't have Chris, you disrespected me and Danny by doing that." I said softly to him, still looking at him. "I would never have done that to you or Megan." I sighed as he looked away from me.
"Don't worry about her, she dosn't matter."

"Yes Chris she dose, SHE," I hissed, "Is your wife and your mate. I would never put myself between you 2, even IF and that's a big if, I never found Danny and mated with him. I just wouldn't have done that no matter what. You may have been my true mate Chris but lets face it." I said turning to face him fully.

"You wouldn't have chose me, you wouldn't have disobeyed your father.." I said as he turned back to face me, he opened his mouth but I stopped him by laying my fingers on his mouth.

"I know that and you can't deny it" I said removing my hand from his mouth but he grabbed my hand in his, looking at it as he rubbed my knuckles softly.

"I know, your right but I still wish things could have been different. I wish I could have been here when they attacked you years ago." He softly said as he kissed the back of my hand, I wanted to pull away but I couldn't find it in myself to do so. "I wish I knew you before the attack," He whispered looking up at me, he was near tears and it only made me want to cry to but I didn't.

"Don't Chris, it's in the past." I sighed as he kissed my wrist, I didn't want him to continue but I didn't want him to stop either. I knew it was wrong, I knew I shouldn't be letting him do this but I couldn't fight it either.

I tried coming to my sense as he kissed up my arm and then up to my neck but I just couldn't clear my head. I sighed as he kissed the side of my neck that didn't have Danny's mark on it. "Chris.." I sighed as he nipped my earlobe, leaning in to me. I placed my other hand on his shoulder and gripped his shirt tightly in my fist.
"Just let me have this one moment please." I heard him whisper in my ear as he licked my neck below it, I shivered.

Moaning softly, I tilted my head back, giving him more room to my neck. I leaned all the way back on the ground with him laying over me, his face still buried in my neck. He keep all his weight off me by holding his self up by his arm, which in turn pushed his lower body between my legs. I shivered and moaned as he rubbed against me threw his jeans and my skirt.

"I will all was love you," I heard him whisper in my ear as he slid his hand down my side and run it up the in side of my leg, all the way up to my bare pussy. I moaned softly, as I used both my hands to rip the buttons off his shirt, I ran my hands over his chest.

Looking up at him, I smiled, grabbing his hair in my hands I brought his mouth down to mine to kiss him. I kissed him with all the passion, I felt when I first saw him and all the anger, from when I left.

"Nic," He moaned against my lips, but I wouldn't let up, I keep him firmly in place with my hands. I moaned as his hand left me, "Shh I'm not going anywhere baby." He whispered in to the kiss as I felt him unbutton his pants and push them down far enough, so that his hard member pushed at my entrance.

"Chris," I moaned as he pushed fully inside me, I let go of his hair, to only grab his lower back and dig my nails in to his skin.

Once again, he buried his head in my neck and kissed, nipped and licked it as he keep his slow pace moving in and out of me.

It didn't take long before I was crying against his lips as my orgasm hit me and a few more thrusts later, he was coming, groaning against my neck.

We lay there for a few seconds, before he slowly moved. I could feel the tears coming to my eyes as he moved away from me but I blinked them away. I would not cry in front of him, not now.

I smiled as he pulled my skirt back down over my legs and help me sit up. I reached out and buttoned his shirt, as he fixed his pants. I sighed once I was done and just looked at him.

"I.." I tried but me shook his head and it made me stop.

"This stay's between us, it will never happen again. I lost control Nic and for that I am sorry."

"You weren't the only that lost control Chris." I told him as he helped me stand up.

"Go back to the house, you know the way to get to the guest room with out anyone seeing you."

"Chris," I tried again but he kissed me and shook his head again.

"Don't worry about the guy who is waiting on you. I still smell like you from earlier, so he won't question it. I'll distract him long enough for you to go take a shower and get my smell off of you."

He turned me around and held me there for a second, I didn't bother saying anything. It was pointless, I felt so guilty for letting it go so far but there wasn't anything I could do right now.

"You don't have to say anything to him about this, It can stay between us but that Is entirely up to you. I won't say anything to anyone." He said turning to walk the path back the way I came from.

Shaking my head, I took off back to the house. I knew I needed to shower, I smelt like sex and Chris. Which wasn't a good thing, I knew I needed to tell Danny but what I didn't know was how.

Once in side the guest room, I striped out of my cloth, threw them in the laundry bin and climbed in the shower. I scrubbed my body till it was raw, the whole time I cried.

'How could I do that to Danny.' Thought to myself as I turned the water off and got out, wrapping the towel around my body.

Walking out in to the room, I walked to the closet and pulled it open, at the back I pulled out a duffel bag, it was full of my cloths. I kept it there after every run because this is the room I all was came to, to change and shower in, instead of walking naked in front of the whole pack.

Shaking my head, I pulled out a shirt, that was my fathers, so it was huge on me and a pair of shorts, they where tight on me but with the long shirt I could keep them on my hips and not have my belly being pulled in by the band on them.

'I have to tell him, but how?' I thought as I sat on the bed, looking down at my belly, I lifted up my shirt and rubbed my round belly. 'I am so sorry baby, I never should have let that happen. Now I fear your father will hate me.' I said as I felt him or her start to kick in side me.

Sighing I started to get up, only to inhale sharply as a sharp pain tore threw my stomach. 'Dang that hurt' I thought as I placed my hand on my side, taking a deep breath. All of a sudden, I felt a gush of liquid run down my legs. ''Shit, I'm going into labor." I said out loud as another pain hit me.

'MEL, down stairs, behind them, is a guest room, I'm in there and my water broke, I think I'm going in labor.' I said to her threw out mind link.

'On my way.' She replied to me as I slowly slipped my shorts off and sat down on the bed.

I looked up as she busted threw the door, followed by my mother close behind her. I groaned as another pain hit me, my mother grabbed my hand as Mel closed the door behind her, so no one can look in.

Seconds later, Danny came running in to the room, I seen Chris, he had a pained expression on his face and Marcus, who didn't look happy before the closed the door behind him.

At that moment in time, I didn't want to even think about what had happen, not even 40 minuets before.
"I'm here baby,"

"Niki, it's time, give me a big push."

I looked between my mother and Danny and screamed as I pushed with all my might.

After a few pushes, I cringed from hearing my mom shout as I pushed my baby in to this world.

"That's it sweetheart, baby you did it..." Was all I heard before darkness claimed me.

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