But here, in her bed, with Mason at work for the day, she couldn't help but think about her lustful night with Aria.

She had worried that she wouldn't like it, or wouldn't be good at it when it finally happened. But now she knew, she was good and she loved it. The thought of that night proved too much for her and before long she felt a familiar wetness building in her panties. But what to do about it, Mason was at work. And Aria, the subject of her lustful thoughts hadn't been over since that night.

How many nights had it been? She knew only four days had passed since she and Aria licked each other to incredible orgasms, but it felt like so much longer. "Oh..." she moaned at the thought of Aria's tongue licking at her pussy. Her pussy ached for the luscious lips that had made her feel so good just days ago. It felt soo wrong, but she knew she wanted to play with her pussy while she reflected on that night. The wrongness only wet her sexual appetite and left her with no choice but to slide one hand inside her panties.

Stephanie's chest rose high with each breath as her middle finger slid up and down her slit, circling her clit each time it reached the top of her moist pussy. Her free hand slid up under her shirt and began massaging her breasts, rubbing and gently squeezing her nipples. Her moans got louder with each move of her hands, but she didn't care. It didn't matter if someone walked by the house and heard her, not then, not with Aria on her mind.

Stephanie was no stranger to masturbating, her and Mason often texted each other dirty messages to get each other going when they were separated for whatever reason. These texts would often lead to Stephanie needing a release, and ver time she had grown quite comfortable bringing herself to that release. But something was different today, her usual motions didn't seem to work as well. They made her feel good, but still she longed for more. How had Aria done it when she was there? Stephanie thought back to that night trying to figure out how she made it feel so good.

Trying to find the pleasure Aria had brought to her, she slid her finger past her pussy lips and into her warm opening. With her finger curving up to touch the spot Aria had so masterfully teased, Stephanie brought her other hand to her face and licked one of her fingers trying to get it wet like Aria's tongue had been that night. Just as her finger connected with the spongey tissue inside her pussy, Stephanie moaned and slid her free hand down her body. She took her wet finger and started rubbing her pussy lips and clit trying to match the moves of Aria's tongue.

Her back arched from the pleasure, and her moans grew loud enough to wake the neighbors, but still she couldn't seem to find the pleasure she had with Aria. Dying to reach the release that had expertly evaded her, Stephanie got an idea. She reached into the dresser and pulled out one of the toys Mason had bought her for the nights he wasn't home. The toy, pink in color and about seven inches in length, had become her favorite out of the couple that Mason had bought. Not too big, and definitely not too small, she loved the way it felt when she slid it into her warm pussy. Today was no different from any other, and once she turned it on she removed her finger and slid the toy deep inside of her in its place.

"Oh yea.." she moaned as the vibrations shot through her pussy. Stephanie liked the toy inside her for a bit, but always preferred rubbing it ver her clit while it vibrated intensely. A couple thrusts inside of her and she had to obey her bodies command, sliding the toy out and up her opening, never allowing it to leave her body as she brought it up to her stiff clit.

Lying on the bed, rubbing her clit with her favorite toy, Stephanie licked her lips and suddenly couldn't help but imagine Aria sitting on her face while she fucked herself with her toy. Her breathing picked up pace, leaving her lightheaded as she lost the ability to take in the right amount of oxygen. She moaned as loud as she could and continued licking her lips and extending her tongue as though Aria's pussy hovered just above her mouth. The pleasure finally got to be too much and Stephanie felt the release she so desperately sought building within. Her muscles spammed as her pussy finally gave in to her desires, and allowed her cum to slip out lubricating her slit even more than it already was.

"Wow." she said to herself as her back lowered onto the mattress. "I have to have her again." she said with a devilish grin. A few minutes passed and she rolled over to gab her cell phone. She typed in Mason's number and sat for a minute while she thought of what to say. She didn't want to seem to desperate, but she knew she had to have Aria's tongue in her pussy again. And she suddenly had an urge to slide one of her toys into Aria's love canal while she licked at her wanting clit.

"Hey babe, if I asked you, would you be willing to let me bring Aria over again?" there, she thought, that sounded good. Not too desperate, and it fed into the desire she knew he had to see more of what transpired over the weekend.

"Absolutely." he texted back almost instantly, not hiding his desire at all. "Why don't you text her and see if she wants to this weekend." he followed his first text with a few seconds later.

This weekend! Stephanie wasn't sure she could wait so long. Her mind hadn't stopped thinking about that night all week, too much longer and she might just explode. But it would have to do. It was fine, she would get her satisfaction from Mason throughout the week, and hopefully have Aria over again on the weekend. But text her, that she wasn't so sure about. Mason had pretty much set up the whole first encounter, playing the middleman to help with her nerves. She thought to herself that it was more wrong that she had done what she did with Aria, without really discussing it with her. They didn't even know each other incredibly well, and they had made each other cum. She shook off the thought as her panties again began to dampen, "No no, enough of that already." she said aloud as she typed Aria's number into her phone.

What to say? She thought for a minute about how you greet a woman who you last seen with your cum in her mouth, and hers in yours. Hows did my pussy taste just didn't seem right. And can I lick your clit and fuck you with a thick purple vibrator didn't seem appropriate either. After a couple minutes of debating, Stephanie almost gave up and refused to text her at all, but her body wouldn't allow it. She wanted to taste Aria again, and she wanted Aria to taste her to. "H...e...y" she said as she typed the message. "Send." she added as she pressed the touchscreen and sent her message through the airwaves.

Stephanie felt a tingling sensation rush through her body when her text notification went off on her phone. Looking at her phone the tingle went straight to her pussy at the sight of Aria's picture on her screen. "Hey Steph... Thats funny, I was just thinking about you lol". Reading her message got Stephanie's breath to become erratic again. Stephanie, who had never been confident in herself, was pleased to know she had left a lasting impression.

"That's funny, I was just..umm...thinking of you too ;)". Stephanie thought to herself that her message might have been a little to forward. "Did I really just send her a winking smiley?" she questioned aloud.

A few seconds passed before another text came from her lesbian love. "So what did you think of the other night?"

How to answer such a question. What did she think of it? She thought it was amazing. She thought it felt better than she ever expected. She thought it was something she would do and maybe try again somewhere down the line, but now just four days later she was aching to taste pussy again, and to have hers played with by the gentle touch of a female tongue. "I liked it...... A lot......" she typed out and then stared at her phone. Her thumb hovered over the touchscreen, just a few millimeters from the point of no return.

Should she say more, should she say she wants to do it again? Would that be too much? One deep breath and a slight tap of her thumb later, and her heart started racing. How would Aria respond. Aria, who had experience with women. Would she feel the same way, lusting for a second encounter between them. Or was she satisfied with a one time thing? It didn't take long for her phone to play the noise that signaled the arrival of Aria's response. Stephanie took a deep breath and closed her eyes as she picked up her phone. Exhaling only because her lungs forced her to, Stephanie's eyes opened and found the answer to her questions. "So you wanna do it again sometime?"

She wouldn't ask that if she didn't like it, right? She wouldn't ask that if she wasn't wanting to do it again. No way would she suggest it if it wasn't on her mind to. Stephanie's fingers took on a life of their own as they dashed across the screen to send her response. "Definitely!...... Mason suggested maybe doing it this Saturday. Is that doable?"

Aria's answer came in almost instantly. Knowing that she already showed interest, Stephanie needed not take a deep breath to look at the screen this time. "Definitely, see you then beautiful.", the message brought an immediate smile to her face, knowing not only that Aria too was excited to be together again, but that she found her beautiful as well.

Stephanie dialed Mason's number again and typed in just one word before hitting the send key. "Saturday"


"No way! He ain't get me!" Mason shouted not realizing how loud his voice got when he played his Xbox with the surround sound head phones he always used.

Stephanie smiled as she watched him simply refocus after his outburst and find the online competitor that had bested him mere moments ago, picking him off with a head shot before celebrating his victory right there in the living room. This was Mason at his most basic form, a fun loving but very competitive gamer. He had played video games as long as she had known him, and she had often enjoyed just watching him drift into the magical and war torn worlds of the games he played. But today was different. Outside of the one outburst, she had forgotten he was even there. And as she saw him slip further into the world of Call of Duty, Stephanie turned her gaze back to her notebook.

Stephanie often used these times to make out grocery lists, or organize the bills to find what she needed from each check. But again, today was different. Today, as she sat in the recliner tapping her pen on the notebook that sat atop her lap, her mind thought not of groceries and bills. No, today her mind rested on Saturday night. Both the one that had just passed and the one yet to come, just two days away.

Never one to take charge sexually, Stephanie had always had trouble talking about her sex life. She knew she wanted to do more with Aria, but couldn't bring herself to say something to her in the texts they had shared. What had happened was good already, and she was comfortable knowing that they could just repeat the previous encounter and it would be more than pleasurable. But still she couldn't help but want more.

She and Mason had been involved sexually for more than a decade but much of that time had been rather conservative. Both of them wanted to try more than the norm, but neither wanted to tell the other, not wanting to risk coming off as too freaky to their significant other. Only a handful of years had passed since Mason finally acted on his desire to take her anally. Since they had first done it, she found it was something that if she was in the proper mood, and the positioning was right, she could enjoy. And it took even longer for him to tell her about his fantasy of seeing her use a toy on herself. A fantasy that had provided much pleasure for both of them since they finally acted on it.

Now she found her fantasies turning to Aria. Her dreams filled with images of Aria's naked body. Dream after dream she watched as she and Aria engaged in countless lesbian acts. Their lips pressed against one another's while their hands explored each others bodies. Their tongues traced the outlines of their aureolas before their lips closed around each others swollen nipples. Stephanie adjusted herself in the chair as she felt her panties begin to grow damp at the thought.

But now this was a whole new person, and unlike her dreams, she lacked the confidence to just come out and tell Aria what she wanted to do to her, or what she wanted done in return. She pictured herself licking at Aria's wet pussy and sliding one of her toys in and out of her at the same time, but how could she tell her. Did she even have to? Was it something she should just try? Mason hadn't told her about his infatuation with her ass, and then one day he ran his tongue over it and it set her on fire. At first she wanted to stop him, but the feeling was just to good. Maybe it was the wrongness, but she knew she liked it. And from that they branched out until she let him take her anal cherry. He hadn't told her he wanted to do it, just decided to give it a shot, maybe that was how to handle the toy situation in her fantasies of Aria.

"What's up babe?" Mason asked snapping her back to reality.

"Huh." she said as she turned to face him. His game was off, and his controller and headset put back in their place, how did she not realize any of this had happened? Was she so caught up in her fantasy that she literally drifted away from this place. So caught up in her thoughts of pleasing and being pleased by Aria that she allowed her mind to take her away from reality.

"I know you. I know that look. What's going on Steph?" he asked kneeling down beside her. Stephanie tried to hide her notebook, but from the look on his face she knew she wasn't quite quick enough. His eyes widened a bit and he bit his bottom lip while try I to hide a devilish grin. "Use toys with Aria? Is that what's wrong? You want to use them, or have her use them on you, and can't figure out if she'd be okay with it?". Stephanie's pale white cheeks turned a bright red as her embarrassment grew, but knowing she had been caught, she nodded her head up and down. "Don't be embarrassed babe. If you want to try something with her, just tell her. Remember that she has done this before, so talk to her about whatever you want to try. Worse thing that can happen is she says no." he said as he rubbed his fingers over her cheek.

"I know. You're right." she said as she pulled out her phone. She scrolled down contacts of contacts and selected Aria's name. The empty text box popped up with a onscreen keyboard and she started typing away. "Hey, was wondering if you lik..." no, not right. After deleting the message, Stephanie wrote it out again and again, never seeming satisfied with the words she came up with. She thought to herself that it couldn't be that hard. Just a question. One simple question. "Do you like toys?". That simple. She thought about it for a minute, and then typed in exactly that, immediately hitting the send key so she couldn't chicken out.

"What? Like Legos and barbies?" the response said. Stephanie laughed at the answer and felt somewhat comforted by the obvious attempt at humor.

With a smile on her face she texted her reply. "No, I was thinking more of the adult kind of toys."

"Lol. I know. Just messin with ya. There isn't much I haven't tried sexually, and of the stuff I haven't, there is even less that I'm not willing to give a shot. If you want to use toys on each other, then I'm down but I don't have any."

Stephanie's pussy moistened as she read the text and her smile grew so large it hurt her face. "Don't worry, I've got that covered." she texted back still grinning at the thought that she would be able to fulfill more of her fantasy.

"C u Saturday then. Kisses*" Aria texted in response.


Stephanie pushed the bathroom door closed and leaned her body against it as she finally got a moment of peace. The first of the day for her, completely free of the needs of children and able to focus on herself. Leaning against the door, cradling her towel and clothes to her chest, Stephanie breathed a sigh of relief as she embraced her momentary freedom.

With her towel and clothes stacked on the sink, Stephanie reached in the shower and turned on the faucet. She held her hand under the faucet to feel the water as she adjusted it to just the right temperature. Once satisfied with the water, she turned the knob to force the water through the removable shower head and started to undress. As she stood in front of the tub pulling her shirt over her head, Stephanie couldn't help but turn her gaze charge wire that led into the drawer under the sink. She knew what was charging in that drawer. She knew what she could do with it.

Just a couple days ago Mason had made an impromptu stop at the adult toy store they had used for all of her toys. He wanted something special for her, something that would make her feel a pleasure far beyond what normal toys could offer. He had gotten her a couple vibrators in the past, ranging from a little smaller than him, to near double his thickness and two inches longer. But she still much preferred the real thing, not that he had a problem with that, but he wanted her to have a toy to take care of herself when he wasn't home, so he felt it had to live up to everything he could do.

Then he found the WeVibe2. The WeVibe2 was a strange toy if he had ever seen one. It bent in half and looked kind of like a persons making a U shape with their thumb and forefinger, and the size was similar to a person fingers as well. One of its two "fingers" was a bit smaller than the other, and was to be inserted into a girl, while the other sat atop and both of them vibrated at different settings to stimulate her clit and gspot simultaneously. They both were skeptical about the toy at first, but after using it a couple times were convinced that this was the toy for them. A toy that made her shake at its first touch and was designed to be used during sex to stimulate both parties.

As she slipped off her panties, Stephanie walked to the sink and grabbed her new favorite toy and then climbed into the shower. She hung the toy beside her washcloth and grabbed her pink loofa and body wash. With the loofa all soaped up, she began swirling it over her body trying to cover everywhere she could reach with the fruit scented body wash. As she brushed over her slit, she was stabbed by the tiny hairs that had started to come back in. What to do, she thought to herself. With Aria's visit only a little more than twenty four hours away she felt it best to shave now, knowing Aria preferred her to be smooth.

All lathered up from her body wash, her razor easily glided over the sensitive skin, taking with it the tiny little stabbing hairs. Once finished, Stephanie rubbed her hand over her thighs and calves, making sure that her legs too didn't need to be shaved while she was in the shower. As her hand moved up her thigh she found their smoothness only matched by that of her freshly shaved pussy.

With her hand cupping her smooth mound, Stephanie allowed her mind to drift away, imagining that Aria stood before her in the shower. Seeing Aria's beautiful nakedness, Stephanie inhaled deeply and slid her finger into her quickly moistening pussy, while imagining that it was Aria touching her. Only a minute passed before Stephanie felt the need to reach for her toy. Already wet from her fingers and her fantasy of Aria, her toy easily slid into her warm pussy. Once she pushed the tiny button on its tip the vibrations came on stronger than a hurricane and shook through her body forcing her to lean against the wet shower wall for stability.

Holding her middle finger over the part of the toy that stimulated her clit, Stephanie rocked it back and forth and used her free hand to massage her nipples while she moaned with no restraint knowing the sound of the shower would silence her screams. Her legs started to shake and give out as the vibrations tore through her pussy. Through labored breath she moaned Aria's name as she came hard on the tiny toy.

When she finished, Stephanie once again scrubbed her body with the loofa and rinsed with the removable head, allowing the water to run over her still shaking pussy just for the added pleasure. As she climbed out the shower and dried herself off, she knew that she needed to get Aria over immediately, before her fantasies became too much for her to bare.


Finally, Stephanie thought to herself. Finally Saturday night had come and soon she would have her face buried between Aria's soft thighs. And Aria's would be buried between hers. They would kiss, touch, lick, and fuck each other until they were both spent and had no energy left to do anything more than pass out beside one another.

Stephanie's mind had raced all day, bombarding her with images from their first encounter as well as visions from the dreams that fed her desire all week. She thought to herself that this time, when Aria walked in the door, she would walk into a kiss. Not one she planned like the last time, used as a test to see if Stephanie truly wanted her. No, this kiss would be initiated by Stephanie. It would symbolize the sexual thoughts that had filled Stephanie's mind since they first slept together. It would be lustful and passionate and would be only the first way that Stephanie would ravage the object of her bisexual desires.

The her phone went off, and for a moment, her dreams were completely crushed. "Can't make it tonight.... Sry beautiful.". What? How could she just cancel their plans? Stephanie felt an emptiness take over her stomach. She had wanted this all week, longed for it, and now it was being ripped away from her.

"What's wrong babe?" Mason asked seeing the despair in her face.

"Aria can't make it." she said with a pouty look, reminiscent of a child who didn't get their way.

"Ask her why, maybe it's something we can help with."

Why hadn't she thought of that? Stephanie's thumbs moved across the touchscreen like they were possessed as she typed out her message. "Is everything ok? Maybe we can help!"

A few minutes passed before Stephanie's phone went off again. Minutes that dragged on like hours as she waited for a response, hoping that it was indeed something that could be rectified easily so she could still fulfill her fantasies. "My ride bailed on me." Aria's message said.

Stephanie's face lit up at the message and she immediately sent a response of "That's alright, Mason and me will come get you ;)!" Only a few seconds passed and a response came carrying just Aria's address and a smiley face. With her phone in hand, Stephanie quickly developed a plan to satisfy her needs and give Mason far more than he had bargained for. She ran to the bathroom and grabbed her toy. Unable to wait any longer, she slipped the toy into her pants and slid it inside her. She didn't turn it on right away, didn't want to give away the surprise. With the toy held in place, she washed her hands and exited the bathroom, telling Mason they had to go get Aria.

When they got to Aria's house, Stephanie spotted her sitting on the porch waiting. Once Mason stopped, Stephanie got out and walked over to Aria, wrapping her arms around and hugging her before walking her back towards the car. Stephanie opened the back door and while Aria climbed in, she slipped her hand into her jeans and pressed the tiny button on her toy. The pleasure hit her instantly and she was barely able to conceal it as she climbed into the car, the angle of the climb causing the pleasure to intensify as she pulled herself into the car.

Mason started to ask why she had climbed in back, but as he looked in the rear view mirror he was immediately made aware of her intentions. No sooner did the door close, Stephanie locked her lips on to Aria's, kissing her passionately and moaning from the pleasure rapidly rising from her toy. Mason carefully drove through the city, peeking into the mirror every chance he got to see what the girls were doing to each other. He watched as Stephanie lifted Aria's shirt up and started rubbing her tits. He stared as Aria returned the favor.

He watched as Aria slid her hand into Stephanie's pants, and watched her face as she realized Stephanie had been using a toy the whole time. "Is that the one you told me about?" she asked before kissing Stephanie's lips. Stephanie shook her head as they kissed, confirming Aria's suspicions. Mason watched as Aria pulled the toy from Stephanie's pussy, licking it clean before sliding it into her pants. Stephanie slid her hand down Aria's body and grabbed the toy, helping her to slip it into position. Aria moaned instantly as the toy vibrated on her most sensitive of spots, and slipped her hand into Stephanie's pants to slide a finger up and down her slit while they kissed each other.

Aria and Stephanie got lost in their own world and failed to even notice that Mason had stopped the car just outside the house. "You girls coming?" he asked as he opened his door.

The two of them broke from their kiss and simultaneously answered "You have no idea how much." before laughing and kissing some more. Aria buttoned her jeans but left the toy in her pussy as they got out the car and made their way to the house. The vibrations made it difficult for her to walk, so she held herself up by kissing and sucking on Stephanie's neck.

Once on the house, Stephanie and Aria waisted no time tearing each others clothes off and sprinting for the bed. Stephanie laid down on her back and Aria climbed on the bed beside her. Aria slid her panties over her hips and down her legs giving Stephanie a clear view of the purple toy that was massaging her clit and gspot. Aria pulled the toy out of her pussy and held it up to Stephanie's lips. Knowing what she wanted, Stephanie opened her mouth and sucked every drop of Aria's juices off the rubber toy. Once she let it slip out of her mouth, Aria ran the wet toy down Stephanie's body and slid it into her soaking wet pussy.

Stephanie's back arched and her head tilted back as the toy sent pulses through her pussy. As her head returned to its normal position, Stephanie watched as Aria stepped over her and lowered her pussy onto Stephanie's waiting mouth. Wanting to taste her again since their first encounter, Stephanie waisted no time sliding her tongue in and out of Aria's pussy, and up and down her slit.

With Stephanie's view blocked by Aria's wet pussy and ass, Aria motioned for Mason to undress. Mason followed the instruction with an insane speed as he immediately realized her plan. Once naked he climbed onto the bed and slid his throbbing hard cock inside Stephanie, adding to the pleasure already running through her body from the toy. With his cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy, while her tongue ran over Aria's warm slit, the three of them all built up their pleasure until it became too much to bare.

Mason watched as Aria massaged one of her tits with her left hand and one of Stephanie's with her right. As she felt herself start to cum, Aria started rubbing her pussy back and forth over Stephanie's tongue. The sight too might for him, Mason leaned down and sucked on Stephanie's nipple and thrust a couple strong times as he deposited his seed into her well stimulated pussy. The feeling of his cum shooting inside her tied in with Aria's pussy cumming hard on her tongue proved to be the final straw for Stephanie. Just as Mason's thrusts stopped, her pussy squeezed down on his cock as she came all over the toy and his shaft.

Mason slid himself out of her and the toy followed suit. Aria fell forward and kissed Stephanie's clit once while rubbing hers against Stephanie's tongue. They moaned into each others pussies and Aria climbed off Stephanie. The three of them laid down beside each other and drifted asleep. Just before her eyes closed, Stephanie looked over the two naked bodies beside her and knew that this would not be the last time they all enjoyed each other.

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