and Every guy loves me, and every girl is a hater. I'm 5'3, hazel eyes, brunette. breasts and ass to die for. So sexy isn't it?
well one friday night fingering my anus and thinking of hard cock, just the usual,I got a sudden text from a girlfriend. i was pretty goddamn bored, and i wanted to do something. anything. my friend said she had bought a new drug which was AMAZING and if i wanted to buy a hit-
'well of course girlfriend' I said. "I'm bored as fuck and you know me, that is when im at my horniest and im a skank bitch anyway'
I realised it was time to take the drug and pleasure myself before going out to the clubs. payday was yesterday god damn it- im going to buy all the drugs and booze i can get my hands on and have a fuckin good night!

Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaah this is the time girl! I told myself. You got it now work it shake dat ass and pop that pussy!

Yeaaahhhhhhhhh! i was screaming, a little bit like lil john.

After collecting the drug off my friend i went home and took the pill- i didnt know what it was but i mean who cares? it was friday night bitch!
After about half an hour i began to feel the drug coursing through my veins. This was some pretty weird shit i have to say, probably the weirdst shit i have ever taken. objects inside my room began moving and colours were changing in front of my very eyes.
'Whaat...the fuckkkk' I murmured out loud. this was some kinky shit, iwas still horny mind you, and my oil heater grew a penis right in front of my eyes. now i know my heater doesnt have a cock, and by god, not a cock of this size. if oil heaters did in fact have cocks i would never have believed they would be of a size of this nature. this was a monster cock. it flopped around like an overweight eel and i started to feel hot. damn it made me hot and i knew then that this would be a very good night indeed....

The oil heater began to dance infront of me, its enormous penis beginning to twitch and leap, and fly into the air, then fall again, then fly up wards so high i had to crane my neck which hurt. the penis was hitting the roof! i was getting very wet by now but it was just beginning. a chair beside me began to sprout cocks and as i watched on my chest of drawers bristled with cocks of every shape and size. i was aroused like something else- no, like nothing else i had ever experienced. my vision was completely flooded with cocks cocks cocks, there were dark indian cocks and little asian ones, enourmous elephant cocks and then one of such great density and sheer size it must be alien. as i stepped backwards I realised it aactually WAS AN ALIEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'Oh my god' , i said. 'are you here to take me away'?
The alien replied that yes in fact he would love to take me away to the furtherest reaches of ecstacy undreamed of in this day and age. Yes he was from the future, or so i assumed, because there was a strange metallic device attached to his enormous phallus. I asked him what it was and he replied smoothly,
"This is my penis morpher, and coincidentally, a time machine...'
but i wasnt listening. i couldnt get the throb of my heart out of my ears and the flame inside my vagina was growing hotter and hotter just looking at this green mans package. i didnt stop to think what a penis morpher could even be- i just began sucking it like a lunatic, suck suck suck suck over and over, i was on fire, and i knew the green man loved it. he was making weird sounds, much like my own frenzied slurping over his juicy cock
'Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh...ooooohhh... yeah like that baby' he said.
'flow your humaniod mouth over my alien dick'
'yeeeeaaaaaaaaah baby... juicy................juicy.'

yeah he loved it, i knew it all too well and i replied
'mmmmmmmmmmmm yeah alien man? you like that? my mouth over your dick? feeels gooooooooooood doesnt it little green man?' the cock was almost popping out of my mouth it was so big.

He was horny and ready to go.
'Gooooooooooooooooooooo!' he said, drawing out the word excitedly, and he lunged forward with his cock upright, heading straight for my exposed cunt which i was excitedly leaving exposed. this was the moment i had been waiting for all night, such a large cock was flying through the air at me, this was unbelievable and so hot at the same time.

His vein covered engorged elephant penis rocketed into my cunt and pumped in and out, making me climax each and every time he thrusted.
'OOOhh! OOOhh!! OOOOhh!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOHH!!' I screamed, each yell a seperate orgasm becoming more and more intense.
OH GOD this was unbelievable i kept telling myself, this is out of this world, the little green man was giving me the multipule orgasm experience of my lifetime, and i knew that i never wanted it to stop.
The green man gave one final thrust and then i knew he was going to come, and out it came like a luminious green (yes green) rope, thick and rippling. it quivered and arced through the air like poetry, and landed on my thigh. as i began whispering to my thigh ' i will never wash you to remind me of this amazing night' i looked up and the alien had vanished as quickly as he arrived.
i will never know to this day if i was truly visited by another species or if it was the drug which i had ingested, but let me tell you, it was a night to truely tell the grandchildren about.
but not in a literal sense, (of course)

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