(or that is the name I have been called on this site)

You know me My husband has put on this site two stories of when I let my two brothers have sex with me.

He found he enjoys writing about these old incidents because it helps him relive the times. He has told me that he is planning on writing the stories about the other times I have had sex with other men in front of him.

He has asked me to write a story and I think it is only fair that I also get to tell MY side of the incidents.

I need to have one thing up front. I am a housewife a long time out of college. When in college I was not an English major. I am not a writer. If you look through this tale looking for grammar mistakes, spelling and punctuation errors you will find them. This is not written for an English grade. It is written to explain our sexual exploits, and to give you a hard on.

Hopefully it will aid you in getting your significant other to enter the swinging life style. If they have the right mindset they will enjoy it. I know I have. You CAN NOT be jealous when you see another cock in her however.

If you are reading this for any other reason you are going to be disappointed. You may even be disappointed in getting a hard on, but truth can never be as exciting as fantasy.

When Hubby first brought up the idea of me having sex with other people I was flabbergasted., upset and pissed I was perfectly content with him in bed and had no desire to have anyone else. I was also upset that he would even think of having me fuck someone else. Even if I wanted to do it I was not sure I could do it with him watching.

Over time, and talking about it often he told me that he was proud of me and wanted to show me off. About he knew how good I was in bed and he wanted others to know it also, and at the same time knowing I was his and his only.

He said for him sex was just fun. In other cultures the host was obligated to offer to share his wife with a visitor. If I was willingly having sex with someone else it meant nothing more than having fun.

If some man had lunch with us, eating a meal I fixed no one would think about it. Why should me fucking someone else be any different.

He would love and respect me no matter what.

These discussions of sharing me slowly changed my mind and I agreed to try it under certain conditions.

Those conditions were:

  1. I had to approve the person first
  2. If I said no it meant no.
  3. The person had to understand I would only do him with husband present.
  4. The person had to understand that it was a sex only relationship.
  5. Discretion as mandatory. Any hint of it ever getting out and I would never do it again.
  6. No pain (no matter how slight) was ever involved.

After I agreed to have sex with someone else I found that I was checking out nearly every male I had contact with thinking about how it would be for him to fuck me.

Thinking about some of these men made me wet between the legs. But even then I was not sure I could have sex with hubby watching.

One night we had a couple over that we had grown to know very well. They were in the same financial and social area we were. (meaning they had no money and couldn't go out much either)

We often got together to play cards and other games to entertain ourselves.

The male member of the couple was a little heaver than hubby with broad shoulders and longer dark hair.

We had played strip poker a few times so I knew he was longer than hubby. Maybe not as wide, but definitely longer.

She was a lite haired blond, shorter than me and just a little on the heavy side. Not fat but more round. I have to admit her tits were bigger than mine.

She was also just a little bit pregnant. She wasn't showing yet so if you did not know it you would not suspect.

We were playing strip poker again that night and as we all were nude the conversational subject naturally turned to sex.

The guys were discussing how fast to to have an organism we girls were. And which one of us was the fastest. Each husand maintaining his wife could cum faster than the other wife.

It was decided that the best way to determine which of us reached a climax first was to have a race. Each of the guys would try to make his wife cum and we would see who got off first.

Neither L. or I were asked if we wanted to race. The guys had made the decision so that was the way it was going to be.

So the "race" began.

Hubby's hand tweaked a nipple on my breast while his other hand buried itself between my legs.

I lay back on the carpet. (we had been all playing on the floor, there was more room on the carpet when we were playing poker) spread my legs to give hubby room at my pussy.

Taking advantage of my position he immediately put two fingers in my cunt and caressed my clit with his thumb.

As hubby played with my clitoris waves of pleasure went through my body radiating from my center.

My body also responded to his fingering by sending streams of liquid into my pussy making me dripping wet and slick.

The fact that there was another couple doing the same thing just a few feet from me may have added to the excitement.

Hubby lowered his head and started sucking my tits. His teeth took little nips at my hard nipples.

Again waves of pleasure raced through me.

I felt my pussy closing down and squeezing hubby's fingers as he continued to finger fuck me.

His cock was hard, against my leg but this was for me I was the one to cum.

The way my pussy felt it would not be long.

I could not help but make little mewing sounds.

My hips were moving on their own accord, rocking up, trying to get hubbies fingers deeper into me.

My pussy was making wet sounds as his fingers worked inside.

The storm of my orgasm was beginning to rise. I was on the edge when I heard L. beginning to moan and saying "I'm cumming!!" Her ass was beating a tattoo on the floor.

L. did not have quiet orgasms. She was loud and expressive. The whole block probably knew she was cumming as she announced it to the world.

When hubby heard her he stopped fingering me leaving me on the brink
My pussy was hungry. It wanted something in it and I wanted to cum BAD.

However we sat around talking about what had happened. I sat with an itch that need scratching.

The opinion was I may be fast to cum but L. was faster.

I joined in the conversation but my pussy was aching to get off. I had been left on the edge and my pussy needed to finish.

The conversation turned to the guys and who could last longer.

Again a race was proposed. Which one of the guys could last longer before cumming.

We girls had to promise not to hold back, but do our best to make our husbands cum. We could not suck cock however which I thought was handicapping us unnecessarily.

At the beginning I grasped hubbies cock in my right hand and began to slowly stroke his prick. My left hand played with his balls.

I could tell his balls were full and needed to empty.

I was so hot from the prior fingering I wanted to put him in me and finish both of us off.

I knew I could not do that and follow the "rules" of the game.

When he started breathing heavily I knew a way to get him off quickly.

I was not going to leave him on the brink like he did me.

I put a finger in my pussy getting it nice and slick with my cunt juices. I rubbed it around hubby’s butt hole. He gave a gasp as I slid my finger deep in his ass.

His balls lifted and he sent ropes of cum into the air.

It covered his stomach and pubic hair as he continued to shoot in the air.

"I win!" said L when hubby came. "I lasted longer."

I got up and got a towel for hubby to clean the cum from his body

While I was gone it was decided that because L. and hubby each had had an orgasm and B. and I had not, it would only be fair if he and I had one. And we should give one to each other.

Again no one asked me if I wanted to have an orgasm by B. or not.

I wanted them to leave so I could get fucked.

My husband was really horny after we played strip poker, and I usually got a super fuck after they left.

Having two naked women around him always got hubby randy.

I wanted to take advantage of that randiness this time. I wanted his cock bad.

I hoped L. would say something against her husband making me cum, or me doing him but she didn't say a word.

I did want to cum. I was so in need of having an orgasm, but wasn't sure about having B. give it to me, or me giving him one with hubby present.

They did say no oral was allowed. I was grateful for that as I was not sure I could suck a cock with him watching

When it was time hubby and L. moved to the couch where they had a good view of B. and I on the floor.

I lay on my back, but this time I kept my legs closed.

B. lay down next to me and started sucking my boobs.

I felt his hard dick pressing against my leg.

Thinking I might as well get it over with I reached down and wrapped my fingers around his throbbing cock and started slowly jacking him off.

He was circumcised so there was no need to skin it back to start giving friction to the sensitive spot under his cock head.

He increased the suction on my breasts and his hand went between my legs and he started stroking my clitoris.

God I was hot. I couldn't help but open my legs giving him access to my slit.

His hand went between my legs and his fingers entered me.

My cunt was wet and slippery from being fingered before.

His fingers plunged in and out of my wet snatch. Each plunge sent the desire for something bigger going through me.

His cock had reached maximum size, and was throbbing hard as I stroked him.

He moved to his hands and knees next to my body. He finger fucked me rapidly

My legs were fully spread, my knees drawn up to my ears leaving my pussy fully open and assessable.

With him on his hands and knees his cock was very close to my mouth. I nearly broke the rule about no oral.

I contented my self with just milking his cock. I did let my fingers slide around to his ass and finger his hole.

He moaned when my finger probed his bottom.

I gently squeezed his hanging ball sack and continued to jack his rock hard dick.

The next thing I knew he had moved between my legs and his cock was deep into my pussy and he was rapidly fucking me.

I was being fucked by someone other than my husband for the first time since collage.

It felt so good I did not care what he was doing. There was no way I was going to try to make him stop. It felt to good.

I plead temporary insanity because hubby had got me so hot and had not made me cum before.

I concentrated on the feeling of getting fucked.

I could feel his dick going in and out. He was hitting my G spot and it felt damn good.

My hips rose to meet him. I was hunching him as fast and hard as he was fucking me.

He was fucking me with quick deep strokes.

I locked my legs around his waist and pulled him deep into me as I felt his cock let loose its first spurt of cum.

As he continued to pump me full of sperm. My orgasm over took me and I blacked out for a few seconds.

When I again became aware of what was going on around me he had collapsed with his cock deep in my body. My legs were wrapped around him, my heels on his ass.

I looked over where hubby and L. were sitting on the couch to see what their reactions were.

What I saw surprised me. L was on her back and my husband had his cock deep in her pussy and was fucking her with deep strokes.

She was grunting each time he hit bottom.

The way she was holding on to him and meeting him thrust for thrust I could tell she did not object to his penetration.

B. lifted his head from my chest and watched his wife getting fucked.

While we were looking we saw my husband unload his sperm deep in L.'s pussy. He collapsed on her chest.

B.'s softening cock slid from my wet hole as he watched . He did not appear to be angry.

As planed I got off and got B. off. I don't think it went down like they thought it would though.

I have asked hubby many times and he denies he and B. planed on it ending like this. He promised they had not thought the whole idea up just to get to fuck the other wife.

When we all recovered we discussed what had happened.

We all agreed we had enjoyed what had happened, that we all had fucked the others spouse. So we were even.

B. said he wasn't worried about L. getting pregnant by my husband as she was already pregnant so no problem there. No problem with me getting pregnant either so we did not have to worry about pulling out and the guys could cum at will.

We agreed that swapping was fun and that we would be doing more of it in the future.

After this incident my husband and I had a better, freer sex life.

I knew he was not going to flip out if I had sex with someone else. (if he was there)

I discovered I liked someone other than my husband having sex with me. It wasn't better just different.

Over time I had grown accustomed to what hubby was going to do with me. I knew how he felt in me, what turned him on (or off). Having another cock doing me felt different, felt good. I wasn't sure what was going to happen next.

We swapped with several other couples after that but it still took a while before we brought another man (not a couple) into our sex life.

I think hubby wants to write about those incidents so I will let him

Hubby is right about one thing. Thinking about these old times does bring back good memories and it has also gotten me wet between my legs.

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