It honestly couldn’t have been more than a few days but it had always been dark down here, impossible to tell day from night. I know I’m not alone here, I hear others breathing around me, occasional squirming to try and get out of the restraints we’d been placed in. We, or at least I, had woken up to find myself in this dark room on my knees, a cold metal bar over the backs of my ankles and calves so I wasn’t able to stand; though not for lack of trying. My hands are flat to the surface beneath me. A floor? A table? Who knows? With cuffs around both wrists, more metal bars there to stop me from moving my hands. I’m also naked, the cold air of the room invading every part of me, chilling and yet warming. We dare not speak for fear of what might be in the room with us. This couldn’t be a good situation; to just wake up in the middle of a dark room strapped down.

I’m Alicia, just barely twenty-three, no partner, no children, just me. I’d been drinking out at my usual bar, stepped outside to smoke a cigarette and that’s all I remember before I woke up here. No memory of anyone approaching me or anything of the sort. I just woke up here. I lift my head slightly as if to look around at the others around me, knowing I wouldn’t be able to see them. I desperately wish to know who they are, what they’re doing here and why there’s more than one of us. Surely one of the girls here would know? But still I said nothing. I shift a little, trying to take some of the pressure off my hands and knees, to no avail. I sigh and drop my head again. There are two bowls before me; one with water, the other with something that resembles porridge. I eat from the second bowl until I finish it, knowing more will come in the next hour or two and take a drink from the water.

Almost as soon as I finish doing this, a little light filters into the room, maybe from a door. A shadow passes through the light before it vanishes again, leaving the room in complete blackness. I hear faint footsteps around the room and a soft sigh every few seconds from a different female mouth. I puzzle over this as I hear it, until I feel something rub over the lips of my bare, exposed pussy. I gasp at the sudden intrusion and understand what had happened. This had happened to the other girls as well. Whatever had touched me, possibly a gloved hand, moved away and seconds later, light flares in the room; strong and powerful. I snap my eyes closed at the sudden brightness and slowly open them again, giving me time to adjust.

The room is completely white, nothing but the large round table we’re strapped to is any different. Even the cuffs and bars had been painted white. I look around to see five other girls around me, all of us positioned in a circle, all in the same position as I am. A few of the girls had large, swollen stomachs; others were flat, like me. There was nothing else in the room but the table other than a few strange-looking machines dotted around randomly. I frowned, not understanding yet, though I would in time. No two of us were alike, all different shapes, sized, eye and hair colours, large or small breasts, old and young. The youngest of us must have been about eighteen or nineteen, the eldest looking around her early forties. She was one who had a swollen stomach, as was the youngest and a girl that looked to be about my age, possibly a bit older was the other. Again, there were size differences in their stomachs.

"Good morning, girls." Came a deep voice, obviously the one who had turned on the lights and touched us when he first came in. He stepped around so that I could see him. Short, dark hair and piercing green eyes that seemed to see right through me. Tall and muscular without being bulky, dressed only in a pair of black jeans and leather gloves. This confirmed my suspicions from when I’d been touched. "It’s wonderful to see that you’re all eating and drinking well, especially my three favourite beauties." I watched as he moved to rub the stomach of the three I’d noticed before. "My children are growing well, I see. Not long now for you, Harriet." He stayed with the eldest woman a little longer than the others, stroking her stomach fondly. "You’ll be giving birth within the next few weeks, it will be wonderful." He let go of her and moved around behind me.

"What of you, Alicia? Would you like to be pregnant as well? Have my children until I decide I do not wish for you to do so anymore?" I bit my lip, not wanting to say anything to this man. Have his children? I didn’t even know the guy. I’m not a virgin, don’t get me wrong, but there no way I would want that. It seemed I took too long to answer him and felt a harsh slap on my backside. I hissed with the pain of it. "Answer me." Came his voice, a lot more forceful than before. I hung my head.

"No. I would not like that." I felt my cheeks burn red as I said it, knowing that he wouldn’t be happy with this. He surprised me by giving a short chuckle.

"Oh, but they all say that in the beginning, Alicia. Quite soon you will be begging me to get you pregnant, to fuck you like the bitch you’re going to be, to fill you with my seed. And when I do, I will take your pregnancy test myself, rub oil on your stomach, kiss your pregnant pussy and make you quiver with excitement and beg me to fill your pregnant pussy with my hard cock." Alicia gasped at the vivid description, not having expected such a thing. To her horror, she found herself growing wet. His hand pressed against her again, stroking her slowly. "Oh yes, you’ll love it. You’ll love being my pregnant bitch. Seems to me that you’re already wanting me inside of you, filling you almost to breaking point."

I bite my lip a little harder than I had been, keeping myself quiet. He sure knew how to get a girl excited. See, this was something I’d never even thought about. Being only twenty-three, I’d not had the time to think of children, pregnancy and the like. I’d been at College and then University, hadn’t had the time for a serious relationship and now here I was, strapped down with my ass in the air, a guy talking to me about making me pregnant over and over. I blush, tensing a little at his touch, knowing I was almost shamefully aroused by then. He seemed pleased at my body’s reaction to his words and stroked a finger over my clit, making me gasp.

"You like the idea of me doing that to you, Alicia? To be just like Harriet, Jenna and Sophie?" He flicked a hand in the general direction of the three pregnant women. I shook my head, causing the hand he was touching me with to be removed and brought down on my ass again, making me whimper softly. "Oh yes, Alicia. Whimper for me." He shifted to press his jean-covered length against me, shifting his hips to create a delicious friction against me. I let out a soft groan, fingers balling into fists. It was torture, pure torture. All too soon, he was gone. "But you’re not ready yet. You won’t be ovulating for another few days. I only fuck my girls when they’re ovulating." He slipped back around so I could see him, placing himself behind the girl directly in front of me.

He dropped his hand to stroke through her hair, tugging lightly at the blonde curls. "Emily here begins her ovulation today. We’re hoping to get pregnant this month, aren’t we sweetheart?" The girl called Emily nodded quickly and I could see her breathing had increased by the way her breasts shifted in their hanging position.

"Yes, Master." She whispered, her voice a mixture of heated arousal and fear. She dropped her head back down and lifted her backside up, if possible, further. My mouth almost fell open in shock; she was opening herself to the man! He slid the zipper of his jeans down and popped open the button, then allowing his jeans to fall down to around his ankles. His cock was beautiful, around the average six inches, completely hairless. My mouth watered at the sight of it. I’m one of natures cock-worshippers, you see.

He stroked over his length a few times, making sure he was hard enough to take Emily and pressed himself slowly into her. My own body reacted to seeing this and tightened, a slick of liquid leaking from my dripping sex. Emily moaned softly as he entered her, making my arousal more prominent. He took no time to begin quickly fucking her. The sounds of his thighs slapping against her ass made me wetter and practically desperate to be touched. I clenched my innermost muscles, trying my best to get some kind of pleasure from it. My eyes were fixed on the way she jerked as he thrust into her, knowing she was loving the feeling and was quickly drawing towards climax. She yelled out after a few moments, finding her climax as he continued to press into her, his thrusts growing harder and faster as he drew close to his own. My thighs were slick with my own liquids watching them and I was beginning to pant. When it seemed he was going to continue all day, he slammed into her, grunting as he climaxed deep inside her.

He pulled himself out of her and pulled his jeans back up, tucking his cock back into the jeans. "She’s always such a good girl for her Master." He leaned down to press a kiss to her back before moving back to me. I swallowed thickly, breathing coming hard and fast as he drew close. "You will call me the same, Alicia. I will be your Master from now until I decide you have had enough." He slapped his hand to my backside again, ensuring that it turned a delicate pink in colour. "So beautiful." He whispered, fingers drawing to my sex again, stroking gently over my clit before pinching it. I squeal, panting as he plays with me. "What do you want, Alicia? You want my cock? Want me to pleasure you?" I nod and he draws his hand away. "Then ask me properly, Alicia."

I pale, realising I will get nothing until I do as he says and submit to him. "Please make me climax Master." My cheeks burned with embarrassment, knowing the others could hear me. I kept my head firmly down so I didn’t have to look at them. A foolish, childish way of thinking. If I can’t see them, then they can’t see me. However, my new Master seemed to approve of my answer, at least for now, and slid his fingers inside me, hitting the most delicious places when he moved them. The feeling of him finger fucking me in a room with three girls who were pregnant with his children, one who he’d just fucked and one he’d not even looked at only increased my arousal and I was soon squirming beneath his touch, my climax fast approaching. He worked me like this until I tensed, body finally exploding into a world of colour and motion as my climax took hold of me, leaving me gasping and panting.

Master pulled his hand back from me and licked my fluids from his fingers, sighing in what I hope was a good way. Without another word, someone came over and refilled our food bowls as he left; leaving orders for the lights to be switched off once the bowls had been filled.

A few hours after the lights had been switched off, boredom began to set in. No one had said a word or moved since then and I looked around, hoping to see something. Though we’d always been in the dark, I still hoped. "Uhm… hi girls." I whispered, hoping for a reply, though not really expecting one.

"H-hello." Emily spoke up quietly, as if afraid of being heard.

I began to reply and ask how she was when Harriet spoke in a hurried, hushed voice. "You know the punishment if we’re caught talking, Emily." I heard Emily whimper and knew she wouldn’t speak again. Meanwhile, Harriet continued. "Master will spank us until we can’t move without it hurting, we will not have our buckets changed and we will have nothing but water for three days. Please do not make him angry."

I sure as hell shut up after that warning, but I was curious. Buckets? What buckets? I dropped my head to see if I could see a bucket around and found nothing. This puzzled me for a while until I heard dripping, like water being poured into a jug, and then it dawned on me. No one had been moved or allowed to use a bathroom. The buckets were… I paled, suddenly feeling sick. What kind of a man was this? A sigh came from Emily as she finished relieving herself and settled again. How long would we be like this until he came back? We didn’t have to wait too long. Perhaps a few hours…

The door opened and the lights flickered on once again, my eyes automatically shut due to their ferociousness. When I opened them, Master was already behind Emily, cock in hand, stroking himself slowly, watching us. I cringed, cheeks flushing as I realised I’d been here all day and needed to use the bathroom. I bit my lip, watching him. Could I really do this with him here? I looked down to Emily and saw she was asleep, knowing not of what was about to happen to her.

He didn’t bother with getting her ready this time and just lined himself up at her entrance and thrust into her. She awoke with a yell, which thinned to a groan as he fucked her mercilessly, grunting as his length kissed her cervix. The sight of this made me whimper, growing hot for the second time that day. I couldn’t hold it anymore and felt my cheeks burn with shame as I released the contents of my bladder into the bucket beneath me. I glanced up to see him smirking down at me. "Such a good girl." He whispered and I knew he meant me. Soon after, he stiffened against her, spilling into her. "You’re an amazing fuck, Emily." He cooed, pulling his jeans back up and zipping them shut.

Master then left us again and all we could do was wait for him to return; silent other than the occasional tinkling of one of us girls having to relieve ourselves. I ate slowly from the bowl in front of me. It was cold this time and I wrinkled my nose, but this was all I was going to get so I ate it without complaint, going through the same routine that I’d been in for the last few days. Eat, drink, pee, sleep. I sighed, looking around the room to try and find something of interest to me, or at least something I could focus on to lessen the boredom.

"Wake up, girls!" Called a voice from the door and I slowly blinked myself awake. I’d been asleep? How? I hadn’t even felt tired. I looked to the door to see Master standing there, smiling like all his birthdays had come at once. When we were all looking at him, he moved, followed by five other men. Each of them, including Master, pulled one of the machines from the walls and placed them behind each of us, tinkering about with them for a moment before stepping back. "Good morning to you all." He said almost proudly and pushed the machine a little closer to me, I could feel something resting against the entrance of my sex. "Each of you will have one of these inside of you for the next few hours. But before we plug you all in…" He trailed off, moving to stand behind Emily, his jeans quickly around his ankles. "Josh, come here." A blonde-haired male about my age kneeled before Master, keeping his eyes on the ground. Master raised an eyebrow and lifted his cock with a single hand.

Josh quickly leaned up, taking Master’s cock into his own hand, tongue flicking out to tease against the tip, caressing it lovingly one moment, giving light flicks the next. Master gave out a groan that liquefied my sex. Emily squirmed, not able to see what was going on, but she obviously knew what was happening. By now, Josh had taken Master’s cock into his mouth and was sucking him gently, hand shifting upwards to rub Master’s balls. Master allowed this for a few moments, before dismissing Josh. He scampered away quickly to regain his place behind the girl whose name I didn’t know.

Master pressed himself quickly into Emily, thrusting harshly into her. It was obvious he wasn’t doing this for her pleasure, but for his own. I whimpered, hearing an echoed sound from either side of me. The room smelled of sex then, making me even hotter. Master continued fucking Emily until he stiffened again, pouring his climax deep into the woman, determined to make her pregnant. He pulled up his jeans, blue this time I noticed, and pushed the machine up against her. It was then that I realised what he was doing to us. These were machines designed to fuck us. A large toy had been placed on the end of each and pressed against all of us.

The signal came with a single flick of a hand from Master and the machines flared into life, fucking us slowly at first, allowing us time to get used to them, before he ordered they be turned up high. In that single second it took for the machines to be turned all the way up, I came. I couldn’t have stopped it if I’d wanted to. The waves of pleasure washed through me, making me freeze for just a second, a low groan coming from my lips. Master looked pleased at my reaction and smirked, stroking his fingers gently over Emily’s back. She was obviously his favourite for the moment. She was ovulating, of course she was.

Master moved away from us and to the door, signalling for the others to leave before he did. "You will all remain like this until tomorrow. Except my precious little Emily, of course. She will get special treatment." He flipped off the light without another word and closed the door, plunging us into total darkness as the machines worked us continuously. Every now and again, one of us would let out a moan or a whimper as climax took us. I was especially enjoying this, a change from earlier. I’d not been touched sexually in months; I had been snowed under with work and this… this felt amazing, even if it was from a machine. I quickly relaxed into the sensations washing over me, actually beginning to tilt my hips this way and that to get different sensations from the makeshift cock filling me at top speed.

We were forced to suffer the prolonged fucking all day. The machines were left constantly running, even while we were being fed or had to relieve ourselves. The idea of the situation I had been put in was actually beginning to arouse me. Tied up with five other girls, all of us being fucked, three pregnant and possibly a fourth now. I whimpered, pressing back against the machine fucking me, trying my best to reach another orgasm. I vaguely wondered how I was able to sleep like this but after a few hours I got used to it and closed my eyes, allowing my body and mind to relax as best I could.

I woke to the sound of groaning. Master is here and he’s fucking Emily again. "Good morning, Alicia." He grinned over at me. Again?

"It’s not morning." I reply, knowing full well that it had to be the same day.

He treated me to a chuckle and shook his head. "You have just woken up. Does it really matter what time of day it is" He was having a conversation with me while fucking one of the other girls. This was madness. He gave a low groan and thrust into her once more, filling her with his orgasm. I noticed then that she did the same.

"I suppose not." I replied, leaning forwards a little to take a drink of water from my bowl. Master pulled himself from Emily and moved around behind me. I then noticed that the machines had gone. How long exactly had I been asleep?

Master cracked his hand against my ass, making me whimper. "You’re next, Alicia. As of tomorrow you will be ovulating and will take Emily’s place. Such a wonderful fortune to know that your cycles are so close together. You’ll be able to chat about pregnancy with her! Isn’t it exciting for you both?" I heard the zipper of his jeans being done and sighed. Maybe he wouldn’t do it after all. I didn’t hold out much hope either way. I’d seen what he’d done to Emily and the others, so I simply nodded. He seemed satisfied with this and left.

It’s been three months since Master said that both Emily and I would be pregnant together. Harriet gave birth a week or so after he’d said this and he’d removed her from our little circle, saying she was now too old for him to want her anymore. Cruel yes, but he was only interested in younger women that could give him children for years. As she was leaving, she informed us that she’d been there for the better part of five years and given him four children in that time. She’s now been replaced with a girl just a touch younger than me. Jenna gave birth last month. A beautiful little girl. She’s back in the circle already; obviously he’s not done with her yet. Sophie is about to give birth. She’s been having contractions all morning. Except this time, he’s not aware of it. We’ve tried yelling for him, but the room must be soundproof. So we’ve been helping her as best we can.

Master’s wish came true. Emily and I are both pregnant. When he told me I was pregnant, it was strange. He stood behind me and ordered me to release the contents of my bladder. He never came that early so we knew what it must have meant. I did as asked and, five minutes later, he confirmed it. A rush of emotion passed through me; fear, worry and, strangely enough, joy. I was going to have a baby! I cried for some time after that, even when he moaned and slipped himself inside of me, making love to me rather than his usual fucking. Turns out, he really does care for us girls after all. Since then, he’s been rubbing oil on our stomachs to reduce the stretch marks he knew we’d get, kissing over almost every inch of our skin. He’s not all that bad after all.

Sophie is screaming with pain when he finally enters the room. He keeps the light on for us now and allows us to chat; it’s quite nice except for the restraints which haven’t been taken off at all during my time here. He moves instantly to Sophie and releases her, only to scoop her into his arms and take her from the room, pressing his lips to her temple to, I assume, calm her. The door shuts behind him and I know that he won’t return until a few hours after the baby is born. A shame really, I’m in desperate need of him. He’s not touched me in the last few days and, no matter how much I beg him, he won’t enter me or even stimulate me. My stomach has just the tiniest hint of pregnancy. With me being slim anyway it wouldn’t have taken long, but my bump was finally starting to grow. He loves stroking his fingers over it, kissing it and rubbing in oils, lotions and potions. He says a woman is at her most beautiful when pregnant; says we glow. I have to say I agree. I’ve never felt so good in my life. To know that a child is growing inside of me, stretching my stomach… amazing.

Master doesn’t return until the next day and when he does, he moves straight to Amy. Amy is the girl whose name I never knew from the moment I got here. She’s one of his favourites at the moment. She’s ovulating and we all know what that means. Master wants us all to be pregnant together, all at different stages. I whimper as he slips himself inside of her, wanting it to be me that he does this to. She loves this, loves Master fucking her. Her face lights up and she presses back on him the way Emily had; a way that I now understand. He groans, stroking his hands over her back, one slipping around her shoulder to press a finger into her mouth. "Suck it." He orders and she complies, sucking his finger with all the vigour she would use if it were his cock. He moaned again, his thrusts increasing in speed and strength until he finally climaxed into Amy. As always, he pulled himself out of her and zipped up his jeans. I was jealous; I could feel it burning deep within me. I knew he wouldn’t be fucking me for the next few days.

I long to rub my hand over my pregnant stomach, get the feel of my body as it changes but I know that he won’t let me. He never let any of the other girls, so why would he let me? I’ve grown a little bigger over the last few weeks, not too much but just enough for it to be noticeable that I’m pregnant. He’s already talking of more children from me and I know I’m going to be here for a long time…

To be continued….

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