The school time sweethearts, who get married later on in life make the best couples to stay together till death do them apart. The argument on the other side speaks with the actual figures and the numbers which cannot be denied or considered wrong in any condition. The figures tell us that the monogamous boys and girls, who pick one another as their life partners earlier in life, they break up much more easily and the divorce rate in them is alarmingly high than others. The reason told is that men and women both were not made to be or stay monogamous at all. The boys and girls, who get to be sexually active early in life and get married with a thought that they were addicted to each other are the ones to become un-addicted very quickly; perhaps for the reason that a man’s cock and woman’s pussy, never get addicted to any one of a kind. The boys or the girls who had not fucked any other cock or the pussy are more eager and get attracted to any other cock or the pussy much more easily in search of a newer, better taste, skill and the flavor of sex.

The other much stronger number, which says that for the purpose of the comparison, for every ‘one’ such man or the woman who stayed monogamous, for life; if they actually did, there is a figure in millions of those men and the women who went for a great length at the opportunity to take the next cock or the pussy, no matter if the number exceeded to the hundreds, thousands or even higher. The people travel across the counties, provinces, states, countries and the oceans for nothing but fucking a different cock, pussy or the ass and nobody in their stable mind can deny these facts.

When Gabriel and Tina met almost 7 years ago, Gabriel was a freshman at the college and Tina had just started the bank job right after the high school. The bad luck, for which Gabriel had been cursing himself of being unable to pay the dorm charges on time and he had to live out of the dorm facility, although not far away from the campus, became the very good luck for Gabriel. This one bedroom facility was actually at the fringes of the college campus. Being a much larger bedroom and also having the facility of an attached bath and another separate bathroom in the hallway and the kitchen, dining room and the sitting area; the rent was unaffordable if not steep for the alone student Gabriel and with the permission of the landlord, he was allowed to share the bedroom with another boy named Merck, who was an exchange student from Europe.

Gabriel and Merck became very good friends and those who had lived in the dorms or the rented house facilities, sharing a residence know that shared living can provide the best of the best friendships because you discover the truth in your partner and same came true for Gabriel and Merck. One year of the great time, friendship thickening and then suddenly the things took a turn. Gabriel met Tina, who lived by herself almost 8 miles away in a rented facility. The rent was little too much for Tina to bear all alone and Gabriel was unable to pay any amount to help her.

Merck proved to be a real good friend in need to Gabriel and Tina, when they sat one time in a restaurant to seek a solution to this problem. He told them that he would not mind to sleep in the other common room, use the outside bathroom if they agreed for him to use the bedroom when he was getting dressed and ready for his college classes. Gabriel and Tina also showed the courtesy and the final decision was made for Tina to move in and share the bed with Gabriel and Merck to stay in the bedroom as well. Tina did not have much stuff and moving in was completed easily. Gabriel and Tina proved to be very, very nice to Merck and whenever they became horny and needed to fuck, they did it very silently and quietly knowing Merck was on the other bed only few feet away. For both 19 years old sexy, healthy and horny partners, it was always a big test and a real difficult time to fuck without being verbal and also not moan, sigh, yap or growl loud when enjoying their orgasms but Gabriel and Tina were in real love and their friendship with Merck was also extremely important and necessary. It was a bit crammed but everybody seemed to be getting used to it.

Tina always wore a long nightshirt and was very careful that Merck did not see her even partially naked. Gabriel and Tina tried to fuck when Merck was out and away but sleeping together and not obeying the spontaneity of sex was something not possible, plus Merck had never acted in an odd fashion or the manner to give them a chance to complain. The time marched on.

One night after Merck fell asleep, Tina and Gabriel began playing around. She removed her panties and Gabriel pulled her shirt only far enough to get between her legs for fucking. All covered with the sheets they had a quiet sex. They enjoyed the excitement and the thrill of Merck sleeping on the next bed, not far away. This was a quickie for both of them but getting away with full fucking and even the foreplay scene made them both a bit daring and they started to do it more and more and sometimes they did not stay under the covers, producing the very obvious results of course.

While fucking Tina, Gabriel looked in the dim light coming from the street pole, through the window and saw Merck semi sitting in his bed watching them and stroking his cock. Gabriel just kept his peace and did not say anything to him but him watching Gabriel fucking Tina, really got to Gabriel and he shot his load very quickly in Tina. Having no other choice, Gabriel took this watching by Merck and masturbating as a turn on and for the next few times whenever Gabriel had sex, he made sure that Merck was watching.

Not having had at least as routine a sex quickie for well over a month, both Tina and Gabriel were having the painful pangs for the passionate fucking, when Gabriel whispered in her ear to tell about Merck and she only grinned without saying anything back in Gabriel’s ear. He asked her, if she wanted to give him a helping hand and she nodded quickly in positive. Gabriel rolled off her and she pulled her shirt down to cover her naked pussy and Merck also covered himself quickly. Tina got off the bed, as if she was walking to the bathroom but she walked to Merck’s bed and sat on the edge of his bed.

She asked Merck if he was in need of a hand and well before Merck could understand what she was offering and then respond, she pulled his sheet away and took his hard stretched cock in her hand and started stroking it. It did not take Merck much longer and he shot a huge load of cream on his belly and chest and Tina hurriedly came back to Gabriel’s bed and they continued with their own sex play and they also shot there juices much faster after that. Now it was a routine. Tina would stop fucking and jerk Merck’s cock right in the middle of their coupling or soon after. One night after a very decent round of fucking, she went to Merck’s bed and grabbed his cock but instead of jerking him, she did something new. She raised her shirt up and showed herself naked to Merck. Merck also did not hesitate and first held and then began sucking her tits which gave Gabriel an instant and raging hard on and he began masturbating while sitting on his bed while his girlfriend began sucking, licking his friend’s cock and balls. As Merck shot his load in her mouth, Gabriel sprayed his load all over the bed sheets and beyond.

As if nothing undesirable happened, nobody spoke anything but this new routine got adopted and Merck got his cock sucked by Tina every night and he fed her his vitamins and minerals with all other very natural and needed essential nutrients, via his sex juice. Gabriel and Tina talked about it couple of times but nothing provocative or offensive. Couple of months the same routine continued until one evening she asked Gabriel, if he would object to Merck fucking her? He was shocked. She knew, Gabriel had told her many a times and he was all sure to marry her and now she was asking his permission to fuck with his friend. He loved Tina and also cherished the friendship with Merck, so he turned the question to her and asked her if she wanted to have sex with Merck.

"Well", she answered. "His cock is bigger and thicker than yours and also cut, shaped much different and I only wanted to know, how it felt inside me".

Gabriel had no choice, knowing that she wanted to get fucked by his friend’s bigger, thicker and European style cock, he gave his approval.

That night after dinner and shower, she got naked and came to Gabriel. They kissed very passionately for a few minutes and then she got up and went to Merck’s bed, removed his covers, kneeled and began sucking his cock as always but today, after a few minutes, she pulled Merck over her, asking him to fuck her and do a good job. Tina spoke.

Merck looked at her and then a bit scared or concerned, he looked at Gabriel but Tina spoke almost shrieking, "Did you not hear me, fuck me hard and deep". She spread her legs offering her naked cunt to Merck for pounding. Merck did not need to be told again. He climbed over her and immediately pushed his longer, thicker and heftier cock deep into her home. It was not very pleasant but Gabriel was watching his friend, stroking long and deep into his girl with his much thicker cock dilating Tina’s pussy to new limits. As they fucked furiously, Gabriel’s feelings were lifted high with jealousy. Merck plowed her harder, faster and deeper and in a few minutes they both blasted off. Merck filled her pussy more than usual with his Euro cream.

When Merck rolled off her, she went to Gabriel’s bed and offered him sloppy seconds.

Gabriel held her by the arm and pulled her on his bed. His cock was much harder today and it slid in her sloppy, wet pussy far easier. The feeling of another man’s sex fluid inside her cunt was overwhelmingly warm and slick. Tina was stretched and loosened in her pussy size but she still had her strong cunt muscles to use and clamp down on Gabriel’s smaller cock. Not before long, Gabriel added his load to his friend’s load inside her dump and then it became a routine for almost on the daily basis and both Gabriel and Merck fucked her. Tina would undress in front of or in the presence of Merck with no shame or shyness in the broad day light or in the bulb light. It was just normal for her to be nude or partially dressed when she liked. Low and behold! It came the time for the summer break and Merck decided to go back home for a visit. Remembering all the fun they had in the past, when he returned, he came straight to Gabriel and Tina and she invited him to continue living with them and Gabriel also agreed.

During the summer break, Tina had got the consent from Gabriel and purchased a bigger bed. The bedroom was large enough and there was still plenty of room for Merck’s small bed by the side wall. First night after Merck’s return, Tina and Gabriel were already in the bed when Merck got back home from his class and started to undress. Tina watched with a great interest because she had not seen his bigger cock for several months. When Merck moved to go to his bed, she patted a spot on the bigger bed and asked Merck to join them on the larger bed. Merck did not have to be asked twice. He climbed in and within the next few moments, they were both on Tina, cajoling her body. Tina made Gabriel kneel in front of her face and took his cock for sucking. Merck slid down under to lick her pussy and then fuck her. Both Gabriel and Merck had done this for the first time, so it turned them really on to see each other so close with naked private parts of the other.

As Tina had her first orgasm, Gabriel shot his load in her mouth but kept licking her pussy for one more orgasm in his balls while Merck fucked her before resting. Then Merck took her again and fucked her for a long and stretched time to dump his juice in her love canal. He was alone fucking her, so he fucked her hard to make her shout and squirm much louder plunging deeper in her home. She kept crying much louder with his cock going in and out at a rapid pace and range of motion. Within minutes she had another very strong orgasm and he plowed in for maybe less than half a dozen times and dumped his brew in her cunt before collapsing on the bed. By now, Gabriel was ready to take her and pushed her on her back and climbed to top her. Merck must have dumped a ton in her. Gabriel used all the syrup flowing out of her cunt as the lube to impale himself in her wide open love chute. They fucked with different rhythm and pace for a long time. Merck enjoyed the show so much that his big cock was once again hard and ready for his turn to fuck but Gabriel was not yet ready to finish, making Merck, fuck her in the mouth right above him.

Now Gabriel wedged in her pussy vigorously while Merck fucked her throat and skull, filling her up on both ends until they were all exhausted.

Merck returned to his bed while Tina and Gabriel cuddled into each other’s arms for a deep sleep. For the next couple years in college, all 3 of them had intense and lot more sex but this first night back after the summer break was always remembered by all of them as a great night.

Time flew. The graduation was not a very happy time for them. Merck went back home. Tina and Gabriel got married and both got good jobs as well and settled in their new life in the new house they bought in the outskirts of the town. There sex life was also a lot of fun but far more fun when Merck came to visit them for about a week every year even after his wedding.

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