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Release Downloads Notes
[1995] Ravager / Alien Rampage Ravager.1995-x0r_jmp.rar
[1998, 1999] Duke Nukem Forever (Asset CD) DNF.1998.1999.Asset.CD-x0r_jmp.rar
[1996] Blood (Source, July 22) Blood.Source.1996.07.22-x0r_jmp.rar
[2011] Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded (r1514) Duke.Nukem.3D.Reloaded.r1514-x0r_jmp.rar
[1996] Duke Nukem Forever Duke.Nukem.Forever.1996-x0r_jmp.rar Merry Christmas
[2002] Duke Nukem: Endangered Species Duke.Nukem.Endangered.Species-x0r_jmp.rar
[2001] Duke Nukem Forever Duke.Nukem.Forever.2001-x0r_jmp.rar, DNF.PressKit.rar

The releases below are provided as-is and have not received fixes or modifications.

Description Downloads Notes
[2008] Duke Nukem (Mark Skelton Sculpt) duke107.max, duke107.fbx Textures not included. FBX is a conversion
[2013] Hotline Miami 2 (E3) HotlineMiami2_E3_2013.rar Possibly modified
[2010] Duke Nukem Film Bible DNTXTFIRST.pdf


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