It's been too many long months of teasing one another and canceled rendezvous. This day has been way too long in the making and I couldn't wait to get my hands and my lips on that body. I made my way to baggage claim, then out front to grab a cab to the hotel. You had picked one near the Riverwalk so we could have a nice romantic week together, though I didn't foresee us leaving the room all that much. I was hoping they have room service or we may starve. You had already checked us into the room, so I only needed to stop in at the front desk to get a room key then made my way upstairs to the room. It had been a very long day so far, being cramped up in an airline seat so I decided to lay down and take a quick nap while I waited for you to arrive. I slipped off the jeans and tank top I was wearing, leaving me only in my black lace boyshorts and matching lace bra. I crawled in the big, fluffy, king sized bed and buried myself under the covers. I was asleep in no time flat.

I'm not sure how long I was out, when I was awakened by soft kisses on the back of my shoulder. I began to roll over and you whispered in my ear to just relax for a moment. I wanted so badly to turn over and finally see you in the flesh and kiss you, but I guess I would have to wait a moment. You continued to kiss my back and shoulder, sweeping my long hair out of the way to expose my neck, and then continued to run your lips across it, all the while sending slight shivers thru my body. I could feel your hands slide down and unhook my bra, sliding it over my shoulders, then slowly off each arm and tossing it to the side. At this point you finally let me roll over so I could get my hands on you. So many things I wanted to do to you at that moment, but more than anything I wanted to feel your lips on mine, feel your tongue mingling with mine and finally get a taste of you. I paused for a moment, my hand on your cheek, as I looked into those gorgeous blue eyes. I could get lost in those eyes, they make my heart feel as though it will burst out of my chest. You lower yourself to me and lay your lips on mine, and already I feel the electricity run between us. That's a lie though, I felt it the moment I awoke and your skin was on mine. The kiss slowly became more intense, as I sucked lightly on your bottom lip, then you slid your tongue into mine and I felt like I never wanted to come up for air again. My hands began to wander your body and I realized you were still fully clothed. I guess I'd have to break free for a moment to get your clothes off of you too. I put my hands on your chest and pushed you away just slightly, then began to tug your shirt upwards. You took my hint and stood up, pulling your shirt over your head, meanwhile I began to unbutton and unzip your jeans and push them off. You stepped out of your jeans and were left only in your boxers, standing in front of me as I sat on the edge of the bed. I could see you were already hard and waiting for me, poking out of your boxers just begging to be played with. How could I refuse a good cock that close to my mouth? I decided to yank those boxers off to get them out of my way. I leaned forward, wrapping my right hand around you and licking the tip slightly, looking up to see you groan lowly as your eyes locked on mine. I could already feel my pussy getting wet, anticipating the fun ahead. I ran my tongue around the head, then stopped to flick the tip with my tongue again. You already had pre-cum oozing out, so I had to lick it up. Oh God, you have no idea how long I'd been waiting to do this, to taste your cum and please you. I continued on teasing you ever so slowly, running my tongue down your shaft and then lightly kissing your balls. I began to suck on them and swirl my tongue around the base of your dick, then back up the head. I had one hand at the base of your cock, one hand on your balls, then I took your whole shaft into my mouth. I began to suck on it, going faster and faster, trying to give you the best blow job you've ever had. By this time, you had your hand on the back of my head, fingers bunched in my hair, pulling slightly. I could hear you start to breathe heavier, so I raised my eyes to view you again. You were watching me so intently, eyes so full of want for me. I knew exactly what you were thinking, I'd never wanted anything or anyone so much in my life. I began sucking harder and faster, squeezing and massaging your balls. I could feel your cock begin to swell in my mouth as you were about to cum. I backed off enough, so that I could stroke you off in those last moments. I wanted to feel your cum on my tongue, feel you shoot it in my mouth and hit the back of my throat and that is exactly what I got too. When you were done I licked your dick clean, and swallowed it all. You were so spent, you stepped to my side and collapsed on the bed next to me. I curled up next to you, laid my head on your chest and began lightly running my nails over your chest and arm.

After a few moments of rest, you began to sit up as you rolled me onto my back. Before I knew it you were sitting on the floor at the edge of the bed. You wrapped your hands around my ankles and pulled me towards you so that my ass was right on the edge. Hands on my knees, you pushed my legs as far apart as they'd go and dived right in. As soon as I felt that tongue running up my wet, hot slit the shivers began running thru my body. I arched my back off the bed in pleasure and let out a small moan. I could almost feel the huge grin I know you had on your face at that point, as you went back for more, spreading my lips wide to expose my clit for sucking. I could feel your tongue running over my wet pussy lips, then back to flicking my clit over and over. It felt so good, sending bolts of pleasure straight thru my body. I didn't think it could get any better until I felt you slide a finger into my vagina, then another. I laid there, bucking my hips, as you continued to fuck my pussy with 2 fingers and flick your tongue over my clit. I began begging you to just fuck me, I wanted to cum on your cock so badly, but there was no way you were stopping until I was screaming your name in pleasure and begging for mercy. Before I knew it, I was cumming hard, gushing all over your hand and into your mouth, and I really was screaming your name. You took this opportunity to sit up on your knees and slam that cock of yours into my wet, waiting pussy. I was caught off guard and let out a yelp of surprise. For a moment you just sat there, not moving, just enjoying being inside of me, finally. I began to slowly clench my muscles onto your dick and made you let out a low moan, prompting you to start pumping in and out slowly. Your cock felt so heavenly, sliding in and out. I had to feel what I loved best, being on top of you. It was like you could read my mind as your removed yourself and laid down on the bed quickly. I swung one leg over to straddle you, then lowered myself onto your hard cock. I began slowly riding you, rocking back and forth, feeling you slide against my still engorged clit. As we began to move faster, my breasts began to bounce around so I moved your hands from my hips to my tits. Your hands now cupping my breasts, you started running your thumbs across my nipples, slowly teasing them, driving me out of my mind. Then you began pinching them, knowing how much a little pain can give me miles of pleasure, and I began to move faster, squeezing your cock with my pussy. I could feel another orgasm coming on, the warmth beginning to wash over my body. I knew I should ask if it was okay for your dirty little slut to cum, but I knew I couldn't stop the pleasure barreling towards me. I began to moan your name, getting louder and louder and I rocked faster and faster. I could feel your cock start to swell again as you could sense what was happening. I reached the point of explosion and cried out for you, continuing to ride, pushing it even further over, and over. The more I moved on your cock, the more the waves of pleasure kept on and I could feel you explode inside me as you moaned my name. It was the best thing I think I've ever heard. I collapsed onto your chest, not wanting to detach myself from you just yet. I was smiling ear to ear, drowning in the feeling of absolute exhilaration. I couldn't wait for what was next....

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