At the moment, Lisa, my girlfriends best friend, is staying with us. She is going to Australia soon and left her old rented house to live with us for 3 months before she leaves.
Lisa is a tall (5ft 8') blonde woman (34) with a fantastic figure. She runs every day almost and she has the most amazing toned ass you will ever see. Seriously!

Anyhoo, for the last 3 months or so, I have been flashing her or attempting to flash her. Now, I wasn't sure if she had seen me.
You see, there is our room (my girlf and I) and you step down in to it. Near to the door hangs a long mirror. From a certain part of our room, you can see reflected at an angle the door to Lisa's room, which is across from ours, more or less.
It used to be that if our door is slightly ajar, you could see Lisa's room from a quarter of a way up our bed, our feet area. As I had done before with previous house guests, I angled the mirror, by putting something behind it. Some balled up tissue in my case, this angled the mirror to let me see her room from the upper half of our bed, cock and belly area, you get me?! Lisa could also see the cock and belly area and a bit more.

I have been strategic most times when I want to flash her. The situations have all been plausible, in my mind anyway.
For example, it's early morning, still in bed, our door ajar enough for Lisa to be able to see my erect cock exposed out of the duvet as I sleep. Or I would be out of the shower, towelling off etc.

GF would be downstairs or elsewhere and I would hear Lisa pottering around in her heels in her bedroom.
She would exit her room and either go in to the bathroom or go down the stairs. I could never see her face! When she opens the door of her room, I can see that the light from her window illuminates the hall and the wall of our room. She would have a direct view of my erection and naked body from her room. But I could never see if she was looking at me or saw anything.

One morning, she did open the door and there was a pause in her step before she walked out, but of course it was too risky to move my head into view or use a mirror or reflective surface to see where or what she was looking at. To be honest, it was getting quite frustrating.
I couldn't risk her realising for certain that I wanted her to see my cock! She could say something to someone, especially my GF, but this was the only thing I really wanted from Lisa. By the way, she is a lovely girl, bit quirky, nice personality.

Yesterday, it happened.

Gf was downstairs, early morning, making coffee or something?! I was not doing the flash thing this morning, I was kinda in a hurry.
I am making my bed, in my boxers and a T-shirt and I see and hear Lisa's door opening. I look at the mirror expecting to see her walking towards the toilet and going downstairs and I see her walking back in to her room with her back to me.

She was wearing a short T-shirt, the small of her back exposed and she was wearing green panties, very stuck up her crack. Sexy as hell. Her hair was all tussled and glistening n the morning sun poring through her window. She remained like this, half bending over looking at her little make up mirror on the window ledge.
To my astonishment, she had angled her little mirror to allow her to see me. I was in disbelief. Seriously.

She straightened herself up and slowly peeled off her t- shirt, still with her back to me. She revealed a gorgeous, tanned shape highlighted by the window in front of her. She was giving me a show.
She started to mess about with her make up and things and look for clothes, making herself look busy, all the while in just her green panties.
She turned to give me a profile view of her body, She has the physique of a supermodel, little handfuls of tits, with little brown nipples. She was picking up dresses of the shelf and posing with them over body as she looked in her big mirror (mirrors rock btw).

It was after 30 seconds of this that she stepped out of her panties. She turned suddenly towards the door and looked at the mirror. Holy shit?! I caught her looking for certain, it wasn't a dream.
Completely bare, I mean not a whisker on her pussy. A white area, that had never seen sunlight. I saw Lisa in her awesome glory for about 5 seconds. Her skin is a light brown nearly everywhere. I don't know how, considering the weather we have?! She stood full frontal, pretending to be looking at her phone.

Then she feigned shock as she looked in my mirror again and put her hand across her breasts and slowly went to her door and looked at me with an ambiguous glare before closing it.

I am so unbelievebly hard reliving this. This was yesterday. She is gone to her family home for a few days before she returns to us tomorrow and leaves for Australia before the end of the month. I think the surity of her leaving has brought some risky behavior from her. as it is really not in her character to do this but I am certain from being the guy doing this, that she knew I was looking at her.

She definitely wants me to do something with her but I sincerely don't know what to do or how to broach it? We are going to visit her in Australia at Xmas, me and the GF. Could be fairly complicated to try something on with her, but I can't stop thinking about her. She has the best body I have ever seen and I want to do really bad things to her!!

That's it? Advice appreciated here? Please!

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