I waited until I was twenty four before I decided to get inked for the first time. Mainly because I was a daughter of a minister and had a job as a professional swimsuit model and both of them frowned on tattoos. But I had reached a point in life where I wasn't going to be ruled by others and a tattoo is something I had always wanted.

It was late as I walked into the tattoo parlor in the center of town, away from my suburban home, so no one I knew would see me.

The only person that was working that night was a cute girl with pink hair and dark horned glasses. Her eyes were deep and piercing and she smiled at me with her red painted lips.

As I reached the counter she was behind, she stood up to meet me. She was about five foot four, wearing a pink tank top that barely held her huge breasts in, and a black pleated mini-skirt that was so short it didn't cover the tops of her black and pink stripe stockings.

"Can I help you?" She asked me with a smile on her face.

"Yes I would like to get my first tattoo. My friend Susan told me that an artist named Christine is who I wanted to work on me." I replied.

"Well girl, you found her." She said as she halved bowed.

"Great, is it too late to get a tattoo?" I asked.

She looked up at the clock and saw that it was fifteen minutes before ten, then turned back to me and said, "Well normally I close a ten, but since you are a friend of Susan and this is your first tattoo, I will make an exception for you."

She locked the door so no other customers would come into the store and asked if I knew what I wanted. I handed her a piece of paper with a drawing of a Celtic cross to her that I drew myself.

"Nice work, you should come work for me!" She said studying the picture. "So where on your body should I put this on?" She asked.

For a moment I drew a blank. I told her that I was a swimwear model and I couldn't just have the tattoo put on me anywhere.

"I know a perfect place to put your ink on!" She said excitedly. "I can put it on your pubic mound! That way the only people that would know you had a tattoo is me, you and anyone that past third base with you!"
I laughed at her corny joke but thought that would be a great place because she was right about who would be able to see the tattoo.

She had me come around the counter and took me to one of the private rooms she had in the shop. Once we got in the room she shut the door and set her work station up. A few minutes had past, she finished setting her tattoo gun up, put different colored ink into small thimble sized containers and was ready to start working on me.

"Okay sweetie, I will need you to remove your pants and panties, and then lie on your back on the table there," She said as she pointed to a padded table in the middle of the room.

Being a little nervous I hesitated.

Sensing how nervous I was, Christine smiled and assured me that everything was going to be fine and tattoos don't hurt as bad as people let on.

"It isn't the pain I'm worried about… It's just that I have never had a woman being so close to my…. Well you know?" I explain to her.

She laughed and said, "Sweetie do you know how many, 'you knows', I have worked around?" She asked me. She followed up with, "Just relax and everything will be fine."

I felt a lot easier and took off my pants and panties. Then I lied on the table and excitedly waited to get my tattoo.

Christine put on a pair of rubber gloves and began to work on me. She explained everything that she was doing and why it had to me done. First she used soap to clean the area she was going to work on, which was an odd but kind of pleasant feeling, which sent shivers to race through my body and my pussy to become a little wet.

After she cleaned the spot she pulled out a razor and shaved my already smooth mound and placed a stencil on the site she was going to tattoo, so she knew where to put the ink in me. Again I felt shivers race from my pussy and throughout my body.

"Okay sweetie, I need you to slide to the edge of the table and spread your legs for me." She instructed me.

I did what was told of me while she sat on a small stool in between my legs.

"Okay you are going to feel a little pin pricks." She said as the buzzing of her tattoo gun began.

At first it stung like hell, but that I began to kind of like the mixture of pain and the vibrations of her gun. The combine feelings made my clit tingle with excitement.

While Christine worked on my tattoo, we chatted about all sorts of things. We talked about what got her started in the tattoo field, how I got into modeling and just overall casual conversation. She even took off her blouse to show me her Japanese style tattoo that covered her whole left arm. After showing me her tattoo, she asked me if it would be alright to leave her top off while she worked on me, saying something about being hot and didn't want to get ink on her shirt.

While she worked further on my tattoo in her white laced bra she asked, "So are you seeing anyone?"
"No, a matter of fact it has been awhile since I had a date." I replied.

"Really? A sexy girl like you? I would have thought that some guy would want to be with you!" She said in disbelief.

"Ugh, most guys I meet are models and total pigs. They either just want a quick fuck, or they are so stuck on themselves that I think they would rather have sex with themselves, let alone know how to please a woman." I told Christine.

"Okay we are all done here." She said as she put the tattoo gun onto the table beside her, and handed me a small mirror so I could see the finished tat.

"Wow it looks great!" I said excitedly.

"Good, I'm glad you like it. Let me get you cleaned up." She said as she reached for a towel.

She sprayed a cool mist of rubbing alcohol over the mound of my pussy and began to wipe it clean. She softly used the towel to remove the ink from my mound and pussy, pay a lot of attention to make sure none of the ink was still in the folds of my lips. I could feel Christine's hot breath washing over my swelling clit and her fingers parted my pussy lips while she cleaned me up.

With her cleaning me, small chills raced through my body causing my nipples to grow stiff as I became very excited from her touch. My aching pussy began to leak, and I had a feeling that Christine knew what she was doing to me.

"Well from the looks of the mess you are making down here, I can tell it has been a long time since anyone pleased you." She said while she put the towel on the table but still traced the outline of my begging hole.

More turned on than embarrassed, I looked into her eyes and said, "It has been awhile…."

Christine smiled back at me and slid her fingers to my clit. "Maybe I should give you the manager's special." She said.

"What would that be?" I asked as a small gasp escaped from my lips as she used her fingers to flick at my clit.

"It's hard to explain, I would just have to show you." She said coyly.

Then I watch her head lower in between my legs and towards my soaking pussy. Her hot breath was the first thing I felt, and then her soft full lips brushing against my sensitive pussy lips. She softly kissed me, taking time to tease my clit. And then, without warning, the tip of her firm, hot tongue ran from the bottom of my slit to the top, where my swollen clit was.

"Oh Fuck!" I moaned out while my legs spread out more for her hot mouth.

While Christine's licked and nibbled on my throbbing clit, she pushed a finger inside of me and moved it in a "come hither" motion, stroking my G-spot. This caused my pussy to pour and cover Christine's face.

"Fuck yes!!! Eat my pussy!" I screamed out from Christine's talented fingers and tongue.

Christine moans were muffled by my burning slit as she face fucked me. Her moans caused vibrations to tickle my clit and sent chills to cover my body. I was so turned on by Christine at this time I wouldn't have cared if I was being watched, not even by my friends and co-workers.

I sat up from the table, wrapped my legs around her back drawing her in closer to me, and grabbed the back of Christine's head to help guide her to the spots I wanted her to lick.

"Jesus fucking Christ!!" I yelled while my body began to shake, as I felt my pussy begin to cum on Christine's tongue. As I came, my pussy gush a river of cum and sprayed everywhere, nearly drowning poor Christine.

Her face was covered in my sticky, sweet cum. I watched my hot nectar drip off her chin and onto her huge chest. She stood up from the stool she was sitting on and removed her skirt and black panties that she wore. Then she kissed her way up my body pushing me up the padded table.

Once she had me where she wanted, she turned her body while on top of me so her completely bare pussy was just a breath away from my hot mouth.

My tongue stretched out and spread the wet folds of her tight slit. Her pussy was musky and sweet as I licked and drank her juices that poured out of her.
She had begun to finger my ass hole with her slender finger while she tongued my dirty, cum soaked clit. Having her fingering me as she ate my pussy was too much for me to handle as I came for a second time that night. I cummed so hard from her mouth and anal probing finger, that I flooded the table we were on and my juices spilled onto the floor.

"Holy shit! I'm going to cum!" Christine screamed out as I ate her pussy faster.

She pressed her hips down on my lips and began to grind herself hard against them. I felt her pussy grow wetter on my chin as she began to shake from her growing orgasm. She cried out one more time as she began to cream my face with her sweet, gooey cum.

We both came and shook for several minutes, until Christine turned herself around so we were face to face and kissed me deeply.

While we kissed, she placed one of her legs between my legs so our hot pussies were touching each other's and she began to rock her hips against my still dripping gash.

She pushed hard against my clit with hers and our combined cum made them slide together easily. The softness of the folds of her smooth pussy, with the hardness of her swollen clit rubbing against my clit caused me to be a filthy whore that night.

I grabbed onto her tight ass and helped her fuck me harder as I met her thrusts with my own. Her hot gooey pussy grew wetter with each stroke of her hips, as so did my own soaking fuck hole.

"That's it, fuck me hard bitch!" I cried out as I grew close to cumming again.

I think me talking dirty to her really turned her on, because her eyes rolled back into her head and she moaned out loudly from another orgasm building inside of her.

With her on top of me, rubbing our clits together, Christine had pushed me over the edge. My pussy quivered as I began to spray my hot, wet cum all over Christine's hungry hole and down the crack of my ass.

"Fuck… fuck… fuck…fuck…" Where the only words Christine could say as she began to cum on top of me. While she came she kissed me, bit at my neck and shook uncontrollably.

She slid off my body and fell onto the floor still shaking. I crawled off of the table and held her close to me, softly caressing her body.

Christine gathered herself and kissed me softly on the lips and then asked me, "I hope you liked the special?"

I smiled. "So much so, I want to see what other specials you have." I said then chuckled at my own bad joke.

Christine was good for her word and gave me all sorts of "specials" that night.

Six months since that night I quit my job as a swimsuit model and started a new career as a fetish model, specializing in erotic tattoos. I found out I could make more money and I got to see Christine two to three times a week to get either a new tattoo or one of the older tats freshen up. She still gives me the manager's special every time I see her and even some times has a friend help her with the 'job'.

The End

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