Once getting into the downtown core
and parking, I made my way to the area of town that I knew was littered with
businesses for the gay clientele.

I searched out the sex shop close by the black door that I was looking for
and with little trouble found it next to the dime store. I brazenly walked
into the store and continued towards the section that held the toy
selection. After a quick sweep of the racks I found the area I wanted- the
small brown bottles of poppers. I grabbed one and took it to the checkout
and then left to go for the black door that was right next to me.

I pulled the door open and walked down the stairs taking in the heady aroma
of maleness. This was a bathhouse and the mixture of sweat, steam and sex
was an aphrodisiac in itself. After making the necessary transactions at the
door I was allowed to pass into the darkened inner sanctum. Armed with a key
to a door and a towel I walked through a group of naked men and found my

Once in the room, I quickly disrobed and took a large draw of the poppers,
just to get me ready before I went out into the fray as it was. Instead of
wrapping the towel around me I threw it over my shoulder, showing what I had
to all. It is not as if I am well endowed but what I have works well. The
thing that catches everyone's eye is the blue stainless steel ring in the
end of my penis and the completely shaved pubic region. I once had hot wax
dropped on me and the ensuing problems of removing wax from my pubes
prompted me to shave, I have never let it grow back; there is something
about the feel of smooth skin!

The piercing that I sport is a 6g ring with a captive bead that is shaped
like a battle-axe! It makes a very visual statement-no sex for this guy or
at least no receiving of penile pleasure. It is a lasting reminder of a
former owner who wanted me to be a receptacle only. I have kept it for the
last while as a sort of repentance and forced celibacy. I am repenting for
being a bad slave and for the same reason was celibate but now that has come
to an end. I want to get some release.

Within seconds of walking out of the room, the touch of warm hands caressing
my legs are starting an uncontrolled reaction from me. I take a stroll around
and revel in the overwhelming sense of sex that wraps itself around me like
a warm glove.

I wander into the "dark area" of the club and soon am fondling a flat hairy
belly and the accompanied balls and penis. With a throaty whisper I take him
back to my room led by his now wonderfully erect penis. Within seconds of
getting into the room I am slipping his cock into the warm depths of my
mouth and giving him a slurpy and very wet blowjob. He is helping by holding
the back of my head and giving me as much as I can stuff into my mouth and I
take it all!

After I make sure his cock is wet, I scurry up on the bed and turn my ass
toward him, he gets the not so subtle message and turns me to his advantage,
on my side with legs spread open. He takes no time in thrusting his cock
into me; no nicety just pure fucking. I egg him on by telling him that my
ass is his and to take all of it. He is very good at what he was doing and
took his time making sure that my not so unused asshole was slippery and
ready for anything. With his hands pulling my legs apart he once again
buried his cock in my ass and fucked me for all his worth.

Long fast strokes, followed by slow deep ball-smacking strokes was how he
took me for the next couple of minutes. He stopped a few times to adjust his
stroke and in a not so quiet voice I told him to fuck my pussy like the cunt
it was. That fired him up and he spared nothing to take what he wanted. It
was during that rampage that he filled me with cum and pulled out, dripping
his stringy cum over my leg, smacked my ass and left with a smile and a
promise to return.

In our haste to get into the room the door was left cracked open and there
was a small crowd gathered watching us. My lover slipped out through the
gathering and complimented me on my tight ass and ability to take a good
fucking. I smiled and crooked a finger at them and said, "next up" as two
strapping bears with thick hairy cock stepped in and took control of me. I
first take a few heady draughts of the poppers and hand the container to
each of the bears. When it comes back I take a few more and am floating in a
delicious space.

In the stupor that I am in one of the cocks is slid between my lips, and I
give myself over to the task of making it cum in my mouth. The feeling is
one of pure sexual release; I want nothing more than this cock in my mouth
for the rest of my days. At the same time as I am drifting away with the
perfect blowjob cock, the other fellow has taken both of my cheeks in his
hands and lifted my ass off the bed. Without any warning or preliminary
wetting he stuck his cock deep inside my ass; I could feel his wiry hair
against my balls as he left himself buried there. It was not as if I needed
to be opened up or anything like that-he just hung out in my ass. I stopped
wondering and refocused on the perfect cock in my mouth.

The task was to make this cock last for a while; the urge was to get my
throat full of his warm cum. The urge won out and I soon got down to really
giving this guy the blowjob of his life. Long licks and sloppy tonguing got
him very hard and soon he was sliding down the hole that my throat had
become. He held on to my ears and took a slow in and out rhythm matching the
one that was happening in my ass.

The cock that was in my ass was a lot bigger than the one that had hammered
me a moment before, but the cum that filled me made for slick passage. He
had my legs on his shoulders and the cheeks of my ass rested in his hands,
he had moved them so that his thumbs fit in with the width of his cock and
that gave him the ability to pull me open in a way that I hadn't been in
years. He had a nice slow stroke and every time he hit bottom the lips of my
pussy got spread open for just a little more to go in.

I hadn't forgotten the bear in my mouth though; my lips sucking on his hairy
nut sac stopped the sliding. They kept slapping my face every time he went
the length into me. The taste of piss, old cum and sweat as well as the
poppers running through me completely turned me into a sucking pig and soon
I had him moaning low and dripping precum like a hose. He grabbed hold of my
nipple rings and pulled; thinking, I am sure, that they were for lifting me
off the bed. The only thing that did was to make me hornier and I took his
cock back into the depths of me. The swirling of my tongue and the pulsing
of my throat muscles made for a noisy and wet sound, and his now faster
fucking of my mouth made this cock shoot ropes of cum down my throat. He
held his cock deep in me and let the one in my ass have full access.

He took no time at all and soon was pummelling me in a rapid fire way. The
feeling of thick cock stuffed in both ends of me was great and I was
floating in slut heaven when he came in my ass with such force that I gagged
on the softening cock in my mouth. He continued to pound me until his cum
worked into lather around my asspussy. He reached for my cock and carefully
yanked it a few times wary of the sharp battle-axe bead and said" no coming
for you yet". He then pulled out and stuck his softening cock in my face for
me to clean off, which I did with abandon.

The two then got up and left leaving me a quivering mess wanting, no,
needing to cum but having no way to do that yet.

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