She wanted me to stop by and help her write her ad because she had not gotten any replies. I arrived and she had a drink ready for me. She always made them a bit stronger than I could tolerate but I never wanted to hurt her feelings and accepted it.

We sat down at her computer and began to work on her ad. It was written poorly and did not really share the real her. She was a very sensuous woman and it needed to be shared. I did mention I had experimented with being someones sexual slave and really got into it. I told her about a site where I had discovered I was what others called a sexual submissive. I like a person to take charge and command the act.

She ask if I would do it with a woman. I told her I think I could for a man that wanted that. I just wasn't sure what a woman would expect of me.

We finished her ad and got in her hot tub. The drink was beginning to make me horny and she too was feeling the same as we chatted about sex and positioned ourselves on the jets. We moved to her bedroom and she decided to pull out some toys and a porno. The drink was making me very relaxed and I told her the movie would not take long for me to cum.

The movie began and I was right I began to get very hot. She suddenly reached over and began to squeeze my tits. Then she sucked on them and I could feel my juices flowing. Her hand slid between my legs and found me to be very wet.

Suddenly she rolled on her back and grabbed my head and told me to suck her tits. I did this and found I was getting more turned on. I ran my hand down to her sweet spot and found she was wet also. She told me to go down on her clit and make her happy. I hesitated being the first time so she took me by the hair and guided me there. "Now, suck bitch and make me cum good and I will reward you for your effort." I sucked her clit and found it not so bad. I was getting more turned on also. "Shove your tongue into my hot hole." I did as I was told. The way I was feeling she could have ask me to fuck anything and I would have. "Bitch, you need to fuck my ass too." "I can't fuck it with my tongue," as I tried to lift my head which was being held in placed. "You will fuck my ass if I tell you to, now use your fingers." I felt the urge to say, yes mam. I first shoved in one then two and found it excited me to see her so excited by this. Soon I ran my hand between my legs and began to peak using my hand on my clit. She began to buck and yelp as she came in my mouth she was holding against her. "Suck it dry bitch or pay the price." I ate every drop.

"Now it is your turn. Roll onto your back and I will fuck you like no man has ever done before." I obeyed her and she spread my legs and pushed them above my shoulders. She began to suck and lick my clit and I came immediately. Then she put several fingers into my tight cunt and made me cum again. She then moved on to my ass but used a dildo in it and then her fingers worked my cunt as her mouth worked my clit. I had never felt anything so fantastic in my life. I exploded. I was spent when she rolled over and I relaxed.

We both cleaned up and then spoke about what had happened. I told her I did not know she was bi. She told me she did not know I was submissive. We both laughed. "Do you think I will be able to please another woman? I ask.

"Of course you will. Just let them be your mistress and command you. You respond well to that and were very pleasing to me. Now, do you want to go grab some dinner?"

"Sure! My treat for showing me another side to myself."

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