How to scan apps for malware safely!

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The biggest drawback of this is the 500mb limit imposed by virustotal :(


Normally, you'll need to download the exe or zip to scan the app and then upload it on virustotal right? But the same can be achieved with the help of using google colab and google drive without the need to download the exe (in most cases). Also, without the need of your own bandwith since we're using google colab to upload the files on virustotal.

Before proceeding with the guide!

I highly suggest making a teamdrive on a dummy account before following the guide:

Make a teamdrive from any of these sites: (Credits to msgsuite) (Credits to crackhub213)


NOTE: This doesn't work with folders, only works with FILES. If you wanna use folders make sure to ZIP the file using this: Click Here

Mounting the drive and installing dependencies

  1. Open this colab-
  2. Click on Install All Dependencies (It will prompt you to mount your drive so make sure to give access to it and it will then install a few tools)
    Image description

If both these methods don't work you're out of luck. You'll then need to manually download the file and then scan it on virustotal.

In order to upload the file to google drive we'll need to find the direct link of the file. There are two ways to find it ⬇
Image description

Image description

After finding the direct download link paste it in the field
Image description

Finding the google drive file id

  1. Click on the folder icon on the left and then you should see something like this Image description
  2. Now you can either save the file in your personal drive (Not recommended) or in your team drive. Click on any of them as shown in the image
    Image description
  3. You can additionally make a folder in the shared drive or your personal drive and then Copy path so its easier to segregate.
  4. After finding the path paste it in destination_of_file
    Image description
  5. Click on the run icon till it finishes


  1. Go to Virustotal and register to grab the api key
    Image description
  2. Copy the file path of the exe where you saved the file as shown in the image
    Image description
  3. Both the fields should look like this
    Image description
  4. Then just click on the run and wait
  5. You should be getting something like this
    Image description
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