Guide on How to Make a Blu-ray REMUX from a Blu-ray Disc (MakeMKV)

MakeMKV :
MakeMKV Keys :

Select the index.bdmv file from BDMV Folder of your Blu-ray.

You can uncheck the playlists you do not want and deselect the tracks you would not want included in the final output.

To reorder the tracks, open the MKV created with MakeMKV in MKVToolNix and reorder the tracks, edit titles, and so on.
Which is covered in this guide:
There won't be any loss in quality when you mux it again using MKVToolNix.

MakeMKV is highly recommended for Dolby Vision p7.
You can get the video from MakeMKV; the audio/subtitles from eac3to, and the mux from mkvtoolnix.

Pub: 16 Apr 2022 18:28 UTC
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