Every time I take a step, I can feel the wetness between my legs. It’s still early enough outside that there’s a little bit of light outside. Not enough that you can see everything clearly but enough that if you care to look hard enough, you can see what’s going on. When we pull into the driveway, I can see two or three neighbors milling around in their yards.

Derek tells me to get out of the car and walk to the door. I wait for him to give me my dress back, but he just sits there waiting for me to get out. Clearly, he wants me to walk to the door naked. I take a deep breath and sprint for the door. In my haste, I forgot that I didn’t have a key to the house. I quickly cover myself as best as I can with my hands, hoping that none of the neighbors look over. To my horror, not only has Derek not gotten out of the car, but he also drove off leaving me standing there. I had no way to get into the house, no way to call Derek as my phone was in my purse, and nothing to cover myself with. I was literally a sitting duck praying that no one looked over.

By my estimation, Derek was gone for about half an hour. I eventually sat on the porch and tried to keep myself covered as best as possible. Unfortunately, one of our male neighbors saw me sitting outside in that time and came up to say hi to me. I went red in the face immediately and he quickly realized that I was naked sitting there. He froze for a second in shock, but asked me if I was okay and why I was sitting outside naked. I didn’t want to get into details with him about it, I just explained that I got locked out and Derek should be home soon. He left it at that and walked away leaving me sitting there.

About five minutes after that, Derek finally showed back up. As he pulled up however, he kept his hand on the horn, so everyone looked at what was happening. I stood up as he walked to the door. He pulled my hands away from my tits and pussy, so everything was showing and handcuffed my hands behind my back. I was mortified. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Derek spun me slowly so that everyone who had looked when he pulled in got a good look at my naked body. Derek unlocked the door and stepped quickly inside. As I was about to step inside, he shut the door in my face, leaving me outside for another fifteen minutes, this time unfortunately with no way to cover myself.

I kicked at the door and yelled at him to let me in. I couldn’t believe that this was happening. Finally, he opened the door and let me come inside.

"Do you understand why I’ve done this to you?"

"I don’t know, to embarrass me even further?"

"No. I stripped you naked at the restaurant, made you sit in the car naked, and then left you naked handcuffed on the porch so that you get used to being naked. Eventually I’m going to condition you to being naked always when we’re at home and sometimes even out in public. Eventually, being naked in public is no longer going to humiliate you, but turn you on."

"Why are you doing this to me Derek?"

"I’m doing this because I know that you’re eventually going to love it. After I saw how wet you got this morning being watched, I’ve learned that being humiliated is a secret turn on to you. Going forward, we’re going to have some rules in this house."

"What do you mean? What kind of rules?"

"The first rule, is that when you are in or around the home, you will be naked at all times, unless we have guests over. At that point, you may wear only the skimpiest of clothing that you own. Going forward, you will be naked whenever you cook, clean, do laundry, lounge around the house, garden, do yard work, anything. You will always be naked. The second rule is that you will no longer go for runs around the neighborhood. You will run suicides naked in the backyard to get your exercise. The third rule, when we drive around together, you will sit in the car naked. The fourth rule, whenever you and I are home together, you will keep some kind of toy in one of your holes at all times. Whether it is a ball gag in your in your mouth, a dildo in your pussy, or a butt plug in that plump ass of yours. If you decide to stick something in your pussy or ass, I will tie a rope around your waist to help ensure that it stays in. Choose wisely, as it will remain in from nine am to six pm every day you are home. At the end of every day, I will fuck one of your holes at random.

"While I was out today, I went to the sex store in town and bought a plethora of items for you to choose from every day. You have plenty of sizes and styles to choose from. The fifth rule is, once a week, you will sit out front on the porch naked and fuck your own pussy or ass until you cum. You will do it first thing in the morning when everyone is out on the street. The sixth rule is, when we do have our daily sex, I will choose the location around the house that we do it. The seventh and final rule, twice a week when you are at work, you will fuck yourself with a toy until you cum and take a video of it to send to me. You will do this at your desk on your lunch. You will obey these rules exactly or there will be consequences. Do you understand?"

As he was reading these rules, I could feel my heart rate rising, my face flushing and oddly my pussy getting wetter every minute he talked. He couldn’t possibly expect me to go through with this. It was all just too much.

"Derek, you can’t possibly expect me to agree to all this. It’s absolutely absurd."

"I do expect you to follow through with all of this, actually."

As he said this, Derek walked up to me and put his hand between my legs. There was no hiding just how wet I was. I couldn’t even stop him with my hands still cuffed behind my back.

"That’s exactly what I thought. You are so wet, you are literally dripping onto the floor. You can deny it all you want, but you know that all of this excites you. I’m going to uncuff you and you are going to clean up your mess on the floor and then you’re going to come find me."

Before he uncuffed me however, he stuck three of his fingers into my pussy easily and finger fucked me for a minute. I was getting close to coming and Derek knew it. Just as a I was about to, he pulled his fingers out and slapped me on the ass, hard. He uncuffed me from the back but instead cuffed my hands in front of me and pushed me toward the kitchen to grab the cleaning supplies to clean my mess.

As I was cleaning, I thought about everything that had transpired in just one day. It was overwhelming and baffling. I couldn’t believe it. The day had started all so normal. I woke up thinking it was just going to be a normal day. I went for a run, had breakfast and went about all my normal routines. But in the space of less than twelve hours, I’ve been exposed to about sixty different people, I’ve come about 5 different times, been humiliated more than I can count, naked in public for about four hours, and two people other than Derek have touched my pussy. All of this, and Derek still wants more. I know for a fact; my whole life is about to change. I’m not sure yet if it’s for the better, but all I know is that I’ve never been so turned on in my life. I never would have guessed that this was what my life would turn into.

I finished cleaning my mess and went to find Derek. He was upstairs in our bedroom. When I walked in, there was a spread of all kinds of toys on the bed and he was sitting next to them naked. I asked him what was going on.

"You’re going to pick out one of everything on the bed. I don’t care what you choose, how big or small, but choose wisely. I’m using all of it on you right now. Take your time. When you’re ready for me, get on your knees with the palms of your hands on your thighs facing the window and call out for me. I want all of the toys you choose laid out in front of you."

Derek left the room and I looked over everything on the bed. There was a huge assortment of toys and other objects. They were all neatly organized into groups. The dildos were organized by size and girth. Some were very tiny; about four inches while others were very large at an impressive ten inches. The butt plugs were arranged very similarly and in a variety of materials as well. Some were silicon, others were made of glass. The ball gags came in a wide assortment too. Some were actual balls in different sizes, some were bars, and others were round but hollowed out in the middle like a ring. There was a variety of lubes to choose from. There was a few types of whips and paddles laid out. There were a few different types of pumps that I didn’t recognized. There were clothes pins, rope, and a few other odds and ends laid out as well.

I chose a small four-inch silicon dildo, a three-inch glass butt plug, one of the gags in the shape of a ball and a seemingly harmless cat-or-nine-tail whips. I put all four on the floor in front of me and nailed down as he requested. When I thought I was ready for him, I called out to Derek. He came in instantly. I think he was standing right outside of the door waiting. He came to stand in front of me and inspected the toys I had picked out.

"I like the whip and gag that you picked out. I am slightly disappointed in the sizes you picked out for the butt plug and dildo. If you can fit my cock in your holes, then you can certainly fit bigger toys too."

He grabbed the toys off the floor and replaced both with toys two inches larger each. He placed a five-inch butt plug and a six-inch dildo in front of me.

"This is what we’ll be using tonight. I am not going to pick out any lube because I know your holes are already wet enough. Stand up."

I stand in front of him. When I look outside, I can see that its finally starting to get dark. I quickly thanked god, but as fast as that thought came in, it was replaced by the realization that it was dark outside, the lights were on and I was naked still. Everyone would be able to see me naked still if they looked inside. I didn’t dare move though because I knew Derek would just put me right back where I was. He gave me a quick kiss soft on the lips. I was almost taken aback for a second because it was so sincere and loving and completely backwards from how the rest of the day had been. I found myself relax into him for a minute. My hands were still cuffed, but I raised them up and wrapped them around his neck. We kissed softly and lovingly for a minute before he stepped back away from me.

"Now, your soft safe word is purple. Your hard-safe word is red. If something is becoming too much but you can continue other stuff, say purple. If you literally can’t do anything further, say red. Do you understand?"


"Also, when we’re playing you will refer to me as sir. Now, lift your arms above your head as far as they can go. Stand on your tippy toes if you must."

I do so and immediately, I feel my arms being clipped in above my head. I look up and for the first time, I notice a hook hanging from the ceiling. The hook is just high enough that I am literally stretched out completely. The tips of my toes are just barely touching the floor.

"You like that? When you were gone for the day, I installed them all over the house. I can hook you up anywhere in the house. Now, I’m going to put this blind fold on you, so you never know what’s coming."

And he did. I couldn’t see a thing. After that, he also wrapped the ball gag around my head and gently guided the ball into my mouth, passed my teeth and clipped it behind my head. I was now effectively blinded and silenced save for a moan here and there.

As he walked around me, he trailed his fingers along my body.

As I’m very ticklish, I was squirming all over the place. He slapped my ass hard, once on each cheek.

He whispered in my ear, "Don’t move again, or I’ll have to punish you," as he slid his pointer and middle finger of his right hand into my slopping wet pussy. I moaned slightly at his touch and nodded hard to let him know I heard him. He removed his fingers quickly and continued to circle me trail his now wet fingers around my body, leaving a trail of my pussy juices in his wake.

I could only imagine what I looked like, strung up like the whore I secretly was, standing right in front of the window for any and all to see. I was so turned on and I was dripping pussy juice all over the floor again. Boy was I making quite the mess today.

Derek walked around me some more and then eventually came to stand behind me. "Spread your legs," he whispered in my ear. I did as he asked as best as I could. I suddenly felt him rubbing something cold and hard against my pussy, but I didn’t know what. He quickly shoved something into my pussy and as fast as it went in, it came back out. I moaned in disappoint at an again vacant pussy. I just wanted it to be filled so bad. I then felt my ass being spread. Oh no, I thought. I’m not ready for the butt plug yet.

"Take a deep breath and blowout" he says. And I do. He slides it into my ass a little. Just the tip. "Again," he says. He slides it in more. Over and over we do this until it is all the way inside. I moan slightly against the gag. I hear Derek walk away and then come back again. I then feel a pressure against my spread pussy lips and at the entrance to my fuck hole. I moan again this time in joy. Derek doesn’t have to slowly work this toy in. He just slides the whole thing in with one shot.

"Close your legs slut. Keep that toy while I get the rope."

I snap my legs closed and clench with all my might trying to keep that thing in. I feel Derek wrap a rope around my waist, loop it through the hole in front by my belly button and then slide it between my legs, around to the back and up to tie it in a knot at my lower back, effectively keeping both toys in my holes. I was now completely sealed off in all my fuck holes. My mouth, pussy and ass were completely full and used up. God, I felt like such a slut. At this point I didn’t know whether I was going or coming. My sole focus was strictly on my holes and my ever-numbing arms, and the urge to cum. I was so desperate.

Suddenly and out of no where I feel a painful whip against my tits and nipples. "Ouch!" I yell out. What in the hell was that, I thought to myself? Again, a painful whip against my tits. And then my stomach, and then my pussy, and then my ass. Over and over I was whipped. I was yelling out and thrashing all over the place, tears streaming down my face. My skin felt hot and the tears felt cool against my hot skin. It felt like this went on for ten minutes, just being whipped repeatedly all over my sensitive tits, pussy and ass. But it probably only happened for less than five minutes.

Finally, the whipping seemed to stop. I felt a hand press against my pussy and start rubbing my clit. My tears stopped and I started moaning again. My head fell back and came to rest on Derek’s chest. I let him wrap his arms around my body, grabbing at my sore tits and nipples and rubbing all over my clit. I could feel an orgasm start to build up and Derek didn’t stop it. I start moaning loud against my gag as he keeps playing. He’s kissing and sucking on the side of my neck as he does this. Suddenly, I go over. I start cumming so hard, harder than I ever have in my entire life. My pussy and ass are pulsing around the toys inside of me. I seem to cum for well over a minute. If I hadn’t had a blind fold on, I would have been seeing black regardless because of how hard I came.

The fun wasn’t over there, however. Derek still needed to have his time to bury his cock in my pussy. Derek released me from the back and came to kneel in front of me, his face near my hyper-sensitive pussy. He started sucking and rubbing his tongue over my clit, making me jump. I started moaning again, and my pussy stayed soaked. I can feel the rope holding the dildo in move and the dildo start sliding out. I tried clenching to hold it in. Derek just ate my pussy harder and forced me to unclench so he could slide it out.

I felt empty again. I didn’t have to feel that way for long however, as I suddenly felt Derek slide his fat cock into me for the first time this evening. Not soon after that, I felt Derek spread my pussy lips apart and a strong, powerful vibration take the place of his tongue. I thought I would cum again right then and there. Derek had other plans, however. He deftly turned the vibrator off, and commanded to me, "you are not to cum this time until I give you permission. If you fail to obey, you will be punished, and trust me, you don’t want to find out what the punishment will be. Nod if you understand". I nodded hard. I did not want to be punished. Little did I know, however…

Derek slid his cock into my pussy again and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He placed the vibrator against my pussy again and turned it on high. This was going to be tough. As he was thrusting, Derek was also taking turns, pinching my nipples. My whole body was on fire and I was in complete ecstasy. I started building towards another orgasm and Derek switched off the vibrator while simultaneously stop pumping into me. I groaned in frustration. Derek let me settle down and then started up again, giggling at my loss of control.

Over and over he did this until eventually he didn’t stop anymore. Derek just kept going even though I was getting close. I tried to hold off the orgasm and when that was failing, I tried getting Derek to stop thrusting. I was thrashing around like a wild buck trying to get him to pull out, but he held on tight and kept fucking me hard. I started cumming. Hard. Like this was the first time I had ever cum in my life. Like a man wandering the desert for days, finally finding water.

Derek started to cum with me. I could feel his jizz spraying my hot walls while I pulsed around his cock and the toy in my ass. I was cumming an cumming and cumming until finally, I blacked out. Derek had never given me permission though, I thought as my head fell back and I was out for the night.

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