"Wow" was all he said as he released the cart and looked me up and down. Embarrassed and nervously I told him thank you but I was unable to tip him at the moment and stood there waiting for his response. Stepping away from the cart with his hand on his dick and smiling he unzipped his zipper "Im sure we can work something out" he said as his hands hung to his side. I couldn’t believe it, this young man was offering me what I thought was a chance to suck his dick, I knew I wasn’t going to pass it up so I dropped my blindfold and walked over to him. Standing in front of him I slid my hand into his open zipper to find he wasn’t wearing any underwear and pulled his hand full of cock through the opening and stroked it. "Now be a good little slut and suck my dick. I know you’re a slut, only sluts dress like that." and he put both hands on my shoulders and pushed me to my knees and I quickly started sucking his hardening dick. "Hurry up slut, I don’t have much time!" he laced his fingers into my hair and started fucking my mouth as fast as he could but I didn’t give up. It wasn’t long until he had a hand full of hair holding my head back with one hand jacking his dick with the other. "Open wide slut!" he moaned as he pulled my head back and started shooting his load into my open mouth and filling it and milking the rest out on my chin and letting me go. As I swallowed his seed he zipped up his pants and I watched him walk out the door leaving me on my knees.

Free from my blindfold looking around the room and see the bottle of lube by the bed and an assortment of toys on the dresser ranging from small vibrators to butt plugs and dildos, I knew the night was going to be a long one. I was holding one of the life like dildos when a voice behind me startled me "You know mines bigger than that." I turned to see a very fit black man standing at the bottom of the bed and with a quick look down I knew it was the well endowed man that had forced himself down my throat earlier. He introduced himself as Mike and told me how much he had enjoyed my company so far, we made small talk about him and his wife and his friend Thomas that had fucked me silly earlier and how he looked forward to stretching my tight white hole. Unable to take my eyes of the his large limp phallus hanging in front of him he told me I could suck it some more if I wanted too so I wasted no time sitting on the bed and taking him in my mouth. He was definitely the dominant type, he quickly had me on the bed straddling my face and inching his way down my throat while I felt me left wrist being bound, then the right. With his large black frame hovering over me I was unable to see who it was joining us. "Feel like stepping this up a notch?" I heard his friend ask. With a mouthful of cock I mumbled a uh hu and sucked in as much of him as I could. I didn’t know what to expect but the Velcro cuff around my wrist surprised me, with one arm pulled tight he made his way around the bed and cinched the other arm. With my arms bound Mike leans up straddling my chest giving me my first sight of his friend, a much taller and thinner black man who looked to be much younger than Mike who looked to be close to myself in age. I watched as Thomas walked to the end of the bed and felt him grab both of my ankles and push my stocking covered legs under Mike’s waiting arms and hold them there and they made a few comments about how good of a slut I was and how my little white ass would never be the same when I went home to my wife and kids. I only smiled and told them I was ready for it.

Thomas crawled on the bed straddling my face facing Mike, his slick balls resting on my chin "Lets see how good you are at eating ass" he said as he slid down giving me no choice but to start licking his smooth rose bud. Little did he know until I discover cock there was nothing I enjoyed more than licking a woman’s asshole so I licked it up and down before burying my tongue deep in his hole, his moans told me I had passed his test but that didn’t keep him from wrapping two more cuffs around my ankles and pulling them tight raising my ass a few inches from the bed. I was so in to eating out his ass I didn’t notice Mike had slid between my legs and was rubbing his dick between my cheeks, I knew he was getting ready stretch me with his massive cock when I felt him push against my cum filled hole only able to work the head in before he backed off and tried again getting a little more in and the pain hit me causing me to tense up "I don’t think he’s ready yet but I know what he will enjoy" said Mike as he stepped off the bed. Without any warning I felt vibration against my hole briefly before I felt it being pushed into my bowels, I knew it was the little egg I had saw on the dresser earlier as he pushed it deep with his fingers. "I think we have found us a good slut don’t you?" said Thomas as he slid his hands in my bra and started twisting my nipples. Mike answered with a hell yeah as he pushed a dildo into my ass pushing the vibrating egg deeper. After a few minutes of fucking me with it he left Thomas and I alone.

For the next little bit Thomas continued assaulting my ass with the rubber cock and fucking my throat until he had covered my face with a load of cum that I had to work very hard for and my aching jaw and throat needed the rest but it was short lived, as he was stepping off the bed Mike came through the door stroking his fully erect dick. "How’s our slut? She ready for some more dick?" he asked. "Shit man, I think she is always ready." answered Thomas. Mike pulled the dildo from my ass and worked his way to my vibrating ass there for his taking, wasting no time he went for a third try at penetrating my hole. After a few attempts he had a few inches pumping in and out of my stretching ass, if I didn’t know better I would have thought I was going to rip but he took his time until he was satisfied I could handle it and drove it until I could feel the egg being bumped with every stroke. With a smile on his face he told me if he didn’t stop he was gonna cum and he didn’t want to yet and pulled his swollen shaft from my ass and once again straddled my chest offering his cock to my willing mouth and watched me lick it clean.

I felt the bed as Thomas crawled behind Mike, his warm tongue against my ass took me by surprise as I felt it slide into me, I guess happy that I was slick enough I felt a push at my hole which gave little resistance as he went deeper than Mike had bottoming out against the vibrator but for some reason he felt bigger this time and he wasn’t fucking me like before. I wondered who was hiding behind Mike’s large frame fucking me but I really didn’t care as I enjoyed being fucked by my second mystery cock today. After what seemed to be only a few minutes Mike started to climb off the bed and reveal the mystery cock.

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