As syxx wandered the town asking people if they needed stuff chocolat pulled syxx into her bakery by his hand and gave him a deep kiss. " You're horny aren't you? "Syxx said after chocolat ended the kiss.

Chocolat simply nodded. "Well im a lil bit busy so it has to be a quicky." Chocolat simply untied her apron and revealed she had no clothes on underneath it and syxxs mouth dropped open at the site of chocolat in her naked glory. Syxx also I noticed that she was also wet which explained the deep kiss they had moments ago.

Syxx looked out the door to check if anyone was around and closed the door and got undressed and started fucking chocolat next to one of her open fire ovens as she moaned like a wild animal having her brains fucked out of her body. Ater syxx had got dressed again and chocolat out on her clothes for the day chocolat gave syxx a deep passionate kiss and syxx smacked chocolat’s ass hard before he left.

At the goddesses house.

Knock knock knock. knock knock. knock syxx came in and found goddess aubry alone downstairs in the middle of a masterbation session using a dildo and syxx simply watched for a few minutes then slowly closed the door and the sound of the door caught aubrys attention and she stopped to look around and bella came down stairs grabbing a snack.

"You ok?" Bella said opening a packet of crackers with her teeth. "I thought i heard the door so i checked around ....." "well no one's there unless it was lednas." "..... It could've been syxx ... "" uuuugghh why do people keep bringing him up ?? "" why are you still bothered? "" i'm still bothered because i'm still mad at him. "

Anut came down the stairs and swung off the door frame to the living room. "What's up people ??" Anut said with a smile on her face. "Bella is still mad at syxx apparently ..." "really ?? It's been over 2 months. "Ant said walking into the kitchen." Hm "bella said moving her head to the side then walked up stairs." ..... "" you ok aubry? "" hm? Oh yes .... . i'm fine ..... just wondering who came by ..... "" yea i thought i heard the door too and when i looked out the window i saw syxx moving away. "

Aubrys eyes widened. "You ok?" Anut said noticing aubrys facial reaction "yes ..... i'm fine ....." "ok if you need me I'll be harassing perstina." Anut said walking out the door .

Aubrys mind

Ok so anut confirmed that the door was closing but how long syxx see me masturbate using my dildo? I gotta find out but i need to put it back in my room first.

Later the next day.

"Oh syxx ....." "hey goddess aubry what's up?" "Um did you come by yesterday?" Syxx had to think of a way out of this before anything got worse. "Um ..... oh there you are lednas um can you do me a favor and run my sword down to Fergus for me i was practicing when half of the tip flung off and i need it repaired. "Syxx said trying to drop the topic of what he saw yesterday.

"Yea sure" lednas said taking syxxs sword and leaving. "Syxx" auby said with a more determined look on her face. "Answer me. Did you come by yesterday?" Syxx tried avoiding eye contact so he could lie. "Look me in the eyes when you answer ..... "

  • Sighs * "yes goddess aubry i did come by and i saw you using what i'm gonna think is yours, your dildo." "..... Ok, come with me ...." Auby grabbed syxx by his hand. "Aubry you're starting to scare me where are we going?" "to a secret place i used to come to when i was little ...." As aubry brought syxx onto a old ship she lead him to a cabin and turned to him and had a look in her eye saying that she was horny and wanted him.

"Aubry what are we doing-" aubry kissed syxx interrupting him. "I want to have sex with you." Aubry said really fast. "And i won't take no for an answer." Auby said then took off her dress revealing her C sized tits with half big areolas. Syxx was in awe at the sight of this and walked over and started sucking on one as he took off his pants.

"....... When we DO have sex .... can i be on the bottom .....?" "Sure i do not mind." Syxx said taking off the rest of his armor. " Before we start .... can i show you something? "" sure "syxx said as aubry started walking to a big sheet and removed it. Syxx could tell aubry was experienced as he looked at the poll in the corner.

Aubry grabbed a hold of it with one hand then spun herself around as she looked at syxx with her naked body resting on the poll. "It's been awhile since I've done this ....." Aubry swung herself poking her ass outward then pulled herself up it and wrapped her legs around the upper part of the poll then swung herself in a downward spiral as she touched the ground and walked over to a desk and motioned syxx to come to her.

Syxx walked up to aubry and kissed her deeply as she laid out on the desk. Syxx slid himself into aubry and noticed that this wasn't her first time. "..... I know what your thinking ..... and yes you're not my first ..... one day I asked a shark warrior if he could fuck me ..... you're a bit smaller than him but you do feel good .... "Syxx started to go slow as he angled himself a bit so aubry could enjoy it. As syxx moved more he angled himself higher as he fucked aubry. "Oh syxx ......." Aubry moaned more as she was feeling her mind slide into a deep trance of pleasure. " Higher .... "Syxx sped up moving faster and moved himself higher and higher as he gave one final push he came a deep as he could inside aubry." I hope you do not get pregnant. " " ..... don't worry the higher you got the more to the right you learned during it ..... the more chance of me not getting pregnant ..... "( OOC: DO NOT QUOTE ME ON THIS) " that true? "syxx said helping aubry with her dress." According to the shark warrior that was my first yes ... "

As syxx and aubry headed back to camp syxx bumped into bella after aubry entered and syxx noticed something had poked him near his lower stomach that came from bella. "Move it you!" Bella said violently shoving syxx out of her way.

"Yea she's still mad at you syxx" anut said walking up to aubry and walked upstairs and had aubry tell her what happened.

As syxx was lying in his tent his mind kept wondering what it was that poked him when he bumped into bella earlier. Syxx rolled over and fell asleep and had a sex dream about bella.

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