It was spring break at the college and I was all ready for it. I couldn’t wait for people to be out of the classroom and out in the nature that the school was surrounded in practically. Honestly, I didn’t mind getting out of the school and just walking around, especially at night when I could walk around without any problem.

You see, Im Luna and I happen to be a college student at the University of Montana. I personally loved the school because of the wild animals that were creeping around and looking for a way onto the campus.

"Spring break," I thought as class was slowing to an end. "I can’t wait." My things were packed in my dorm and I was happy to get away from my over-controlling boyfriend, Max.

I loved Max with all my heart, but there was something about him that all that love could be gone in a flash. I loved to hate him; the only reason why I stayed with him was because of the sex. I was a sex-addict and he knew what buttons to press to make me want him so bad it hurt. Yet, this was no time to think of him. I was ready to get the hell out of dodge.

"Luna, wait up!" I heard a voice call from behind me as I nearly bolted out of class.

"Oh yeah, Roxie, what’s up?" I smiled seeing a red headed pixie run my way.

Roxanne Wills was her name, schooling was her game. She graduated from high school with a 4.3 and straight As that made any nerd cry. She didnt look like a nerd with her double Ds and her tight-skinned dresses. Compared to her, I was a tall blonde who never tanned but I wasnt deathly white either. I only have B cups and a small ass compared to my 56 tallness. She was the only one who knows how I feel about Max and Id like to keep it that way.

"Wondering where your ass is going." She said, smiling at me. She always wore high heels and these made her just about as tall as I was. I couldnt help but to smile at her.

"Camping, wanna come?"

"No, Silly. Josh is taking me out to a party. You should come!" Her little voice squeaked with excitement.

"No, I’ve been planning this for a while now, Roxie, and I’m not going to let a party stop me." I said, sitting on a bench as we stopped to talk.

"Oh, Luna, please, please, please! You can miss one night, please!"

Something about her begging made me stop to think. "If Roxie is there, there’s drinking and that means sex… maybe if I do go, I can get Max off my back!"

I smiled at my friend. "You know what, One night out would do me good. Hell, I’m game."

She smiled and grabbed my hand, "Come on, we gotta find you a dress!"

Roxie always knew what dress fitted who and I was no exception. Roxie had me trying on dresses that I didnt even know existed.

"How’s this one?" I asked her, my hem was too short and nearly showed my ass which meant no underwear and there was a built in bra which covered most of my breasts.

"Perfect" she smiled brightly and paid for it as I was changing back into my normal clothes.

I was scared about tonight. I havent gone anywhere since Max came into my sex life and I was sure that I would be a disappointment to any guy or girl who looked my way.

Roxie came and got me from my room, she wore make up that matched her dress while I was going with natural beauty.

"Oh, Luna, I can’t wait. All the guys and girls there! You’ll have them eating out of your hands!" Roxie said as she drove.

I was becoming turned on by the thought, something deep down inside me thought of having slaves at my feet. I could feel my cunt start to become wet and I slowly rubbed my thighs together causing me to become more wet.

I was sure that arriving to a party already soaked was improper behavior, but tonight, I didnt care as long as I wasnt going to leave this house.

About an hour into the party, I could see a few girls that looked like they were as wet as I was, if not more. I only spotted one man looking me up and down.

His eyes were blue but his hair black and something about him was making me lust after him.

He strode over to me, my heart began to race.

"Good evening." His voice was hard and dark. My cunt was tingling with want and was pounding so hard it nearly hurt.

"Hello," I was trying to keep my voice regular and it came out almost as squeaky as Roxies.

"I’m Bill."


"His name is Bill. That’s short for William." I thought as I watch him get closer to me and whisper into my ear.

"Luna, would you like to go for a walk?"

I could only nod; my voice was not going to work anytime soon.

He led me to the backyard, away from society and noise. My knees trembled as I walked, my heart pounding so hard I could hear it in my ears.

"So, Luna, what would you like to talk about?" He asked leading me deeper into the woods.

"I… I don’t know." My voice sounded lost and innocent, not like my usual confident self.

"Well, actions speak louder than words." He said, pulling my body close to his, slowly grinding himself against me.

My hands gripped his shirt, my clit already hard from rubbing myself earlier in the car. I could barely breath in the dress and him rubbing against me was just making it all the harder.

"Bill, I… I can’t breathe, please." I started and he stopped only to suddenly rip the dress down the front. This action caused my breast to fall out and allowing me to suck in some air.

He saw the marks that Max left. They werent love marks but hit marks.

"Who did this?" He asked, looking up at me.

"My boyfriend…" These words came painfully out of my mouth as I looked at my feet, which bore no shoes due to taking them off in the house.

He growled and this surprised me. "He’s not your boyfriend anymore." His words came out and they scared me.
"What do you mean?"

"He’s not yours anymore. You’re mine." He roughly pushed my body against the ground and nearly knocked the breath out of me. Bill wasnt the Bill I thought he was, and now I was scared.

"Please, don’t hurt me."

"I won’t hurt you; I’m going to make you mine." Something about his words made my body shiver with excitement and he kissed me hard on the lips.

I wanted to fight, to tell him stop it but my body wouldnt let me. I kissed back and he grabbed my dress, ripping it completely off my body. I laid there naked in the night as Bill took what he wanted.

He kissed down my neck, to my breasts. A soft moan escaping my lips as I started to pull on his hair.

"Luna," my name escaped his lips as he kissed my tits, which were hard from both excitement and the cool air.

He kissed lower and looked at my cunt. I had carefully shaved it to the skin because I didn’t want a messy clean up if anything happened.

I could tell that he approved of it when he started to kiss my cunt lips. I felt as though I was going to melt because Max never did this for me.

He licked from bottom to my clit, teasing it a little before repeating the process. I could feel myself getting closer and closer. I was breathing hard, my moaning getting louder.

"Bill, Bill, please don’t stop please. I... Imma cum!" I whimpered between moans. He shoved a finger inside and rubbed a spot I never knew existed.

I couldn’t help but scream as rifts of pleasure took hold of my body and shook me to the core, causing me to squirt on Bill’s face and arm.

He stopped, giving me a minute to catch my breath before asking, "How’d that feel?"

I still couldn’t breathe and just pulled him down, kissing him hard on the mouth. He slowly pulled off his shirt, allowing me to see abs, and the tightness of his body. He wore dog tags around his neck and something made my heart leap up.

"Luna, May I?"

I nodded, knowing what he was asking as he took off his pants and boxers, revealing the 9 inch dick that Max never had. He slowly laid on top of my, using my dress and his clothes as a cover underneath my body so the ground wouldn’t dig into my back.

He pushed in roughly, causing me to gasp and grab his shoulders as if they were going to ease the pain of something huge between my legs. He pushed in more and more, the pain ceasing and the pleasure increasing.

He pulled out and my body bucked up, wanting him back inside. He pushed in with more force causing me to moan loudly.

He went like this, a slow steady rhythm until animalistic lust took over and soon was pounding me with everything he could.

I whimpered and moaned the pleasure too much for my body. He growled, stopping momentarily, before he flipped me onto my hands and knees.

He pushed back in, making my body move forward a little. He gripped my hair and started to pound me. He was hitting the spot from earlier and my body squirmed from the pleasure.

Bill leaned over and whispered, "Who’s your new master?"

These words shocked me and my cunt tightened around him as he continued to pound my cunt.

"Who’s your new master, Luna?" He said, biting into my shoulder. "Say it and you can cum as much as you want."

My body was starting to shake. "Y-You are."

"Louder, Luna."

"You are, you’re my master, Bill" I screamed trying to hold back from cumming.

"Good girl now cum." He said, sitting back up, pounding even harder.

I whimpered and came harder than before, nearly passing out.

"Luna, I’m going to…" He couldn’t finish and came inside my cunt.

I passed out but not before I heard him say something. It was sorta mumbled.

I woke up, in my dorm bed. Looking around, I figured I had one awesome wet dream, yet as I sat up, I felt something around my neck.

I paused for a moment and looked down. It was a necklace and on it had dog tags. Picking it up, I read it.

"Roberts, Williams.
Army, First Lieutenant."

"It wasn’t a dream."

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