My 6th gen X1C fell about two feet onto a carpet on the port side while the charger was plugged in ... They quoted me $800+ for board replacement.

I absolutely did not expect it to actually get damaged, especially within the first year of using my laptop.

By far the most common hardware complaint/issue I've had with this fleet is the connection between the dock and laptop. Often even slight tension on the cable on the cable will prevent it from working, and if it's bumped or the user moves their laptop around on their desk a bit (without even pulling on the cable) it will disconnect momentarily.

While the standard calls for at least 10 000 connect/disconnect cycles this doesn't seem to hold true in real life

Port was bent when the laptop fell, breaking the little plastic connector inside the female USB C port and bending the male charger as well, rendering it useless.

... as of today, it no longer charges at certain angles - I need to hold the cable to get it to charge without disconnecting every minute or so.

Today I attached a Seagate backup drive to the dock and the USB-C port instantly died.

My computer almost completely broke last night and now my Charging Ports aren't working.

... somehow the bracket snapped off, exposing the tip of the pin and made it vulnerable to bend. Maybe because my USB C cable is too tight or I just pulled it furiously at some point.

Drives me nuts that the cables wiggle.
I regret having bought the T480 with USB-C. Sometimes I move the cable and the power disconnects

I feel like the charger is a bit too wobbly when connected to the chargerport. It's like the charger can't be fully inserted.

T480 owner checking in here. I had my USB-C port break and it was fixed by replacing the motherboard.

I've had a T480 for about a year, and I'm noticing that the charging port feels a bit loose.

I have T490 ... USB-C power connector is getting worn out and it is no longer charging in some positions.

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