Sticky Fingers

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Wiping the sweat from your eyes, you enter the combination on your bike lock and check the time; 8:52am on a beautiful but hot Saturday. You're early to the rendezvous and take a breather to pull the backpack from your shoulders and stretch in front of the IBEX PinnacleGym sign. You're making better time riding here lately and consider leaving the house a little later on these climbing weekends. Digging around in the bag, you nab the tie-dye towel you made with Sydney only a couple of summers ago, then wipe down your face and neck. Armpits too, hey, may as well.

"Aw, that's nasty my dude." You look up from stuffing the crumpled towel back in your bag to see Syd herself strolling up to your perch on the IBEX sign. Lithe and toned, she cuts a striking figure which is emphasized by the rounded and soft shape of her fluffy tail. She jokingly pinches her nose between two pads. "We make some sick-ass towels working camp counseling, and this is what you use it for?"

"Ass-towels? You can do what you want with yours, I'm not using it for that." With a tsk, Sydney digs a claw into your ribs playfully. "Ow! You have to blunt those things."

"Oh please. They're shorter than your human 'acrylics.'" She smiles winningly, her big incisors gleaming white. "Plus I need 'em! Helps me really fly around on that wall in there."

The franchise owner, a tired looking lemur named Mike unlocks the front door and Sydney pumps her fist as you both scurry inside. A hearty blast of cool AC feels like heaven on your baked skin. Turning to watch your favorite part, you chuckle as the vents blow the rodent gals whiskers back and riles the soft fur of her head. She exasperatedly smooths it back down. Her nose crinkles, twitching slightly.

"I swear that old dork turns the fans up on purpose." With a huff of irritation, she shakes her frizzed-out tail before the two of you show your passes and make for the bouldering wall.

Sitting on the bench, you snag your trusty towel and plop it in a ball under your knapsack before grabbing out your shoes and chalk bag. Syd has shoes as well, custom-made for squirrels with holes for footclaws and a ballet-style canvas fabric for maximum flexibility. Limbering up for a moment, you make sure to watch as Sydney shakes her arms and rolls her shoulders. In an instant she's clambering up a beginners climb with practiced speed before doing it in reverse at similar pace. Repeating this two more times she then she dangles freely from the top by a single handhold, spinning herself about to wink at you.

"Alright! Feelin' loose!" With a trapeze artist's swing, she flings out from the wall and hops down, landing on bent knees to roll out onto her back before excitedly patting the mats. Her delight is contagious, you each proceed to knock out a few intermediate problems before sitting on the mat a moment and trying to invent something new to do with the crack feature that splits the wall. You get partway up and try a sidepull that leaves you on your ass. On the second go you attempt just jamming a hand in the crack and trying to curl your fingers to lock in, to no avail. You flop onto the mat and clap your hands together before laying back a second and closing your eyes.

"Wow. Well, looks like it's your go-" You turn to look and see Sydney's toned leg; she's already next to you, closely inspecting the area you attempted to make use of and scratching away a little caked-on chalk with a claw. Taking a stiff breath, she heads up towards the crack section in fluid movements. Hanging out from the wall the squirrel decisively jams her paw into the crack without, and seemingly locks in before she pulls her hand back out with a hiss and hops down.

"Dang it!" She sucks on her pawpad. "Tore that little callous right off."

"Hey, it's okay. I'll get some medical tape from Leona and we'll patch that bad boy up. And stop licking that. Go wash it off, these walls are nastier than I am." She stalks around the bench as you walk from the wall. After a pitstop to wash your own hands, you head to the desk and ask the long-suffering mouse-girl behind the counter for the first aid kit. After a ("Now mandatory, per Mike," notes Leona with an eye roll) lecture on wall safety, you use the scissors to snip a small piece of gauze a strip of tape and tell her to say hey to Dario for you before heading on back. Blinking the sweat from your eyes as you seat yourself on the bench, you hand Sydney the goods. Or try to. "Uh, Syd?"

"Mmm?" She looks up at you with unfocused eyes before snapping out of her reverie. "Oh, right! Thanks man." She patches her digit up without really even looking and stands up, shaking a few muscle twitches out of her legs. "Alright, take two!"

You watch her latch back onto the wall and shake your head; no breaks on that one for sure. She uncharacteristically ditches just before the crack and stares up at it for a moment, tilting her head this way and that, her large hazel eyes scanning relentlessly. Reaching down you grab out your towel and unfold it before putting it across your face and pressing it against your eyes and brow.

Wait. You unfolded... Your eyes open to a kaleidoscope of colors, and you take a deep breath. The smell of almond hand lotion lingers in your nostrils. Pulling it from your face, you work to maintain a neutral expression and watch Sydney attempt the feature once more. She actually locks her footpaw into the lower half perfectly, but her fingerpads fail her again and she has to bail. Crouched, a furred fist pounds the mat in mock frustration and Syd turns to look at you. "Ugh! This might not even be possible with these holds. Hey, what's up?"

"Huh?" You look up and grimace at the wall. "I'm just bummed neither of us can piece together these moves here. I really don't think it's happening tonight."

"You sound like you're callin' it quits!" You hesitate, and a frown tugs at the corners of her mouth as she stalks over and lightly punches your shoulder. "What!? Now that's the real bummer. We've only been here for three hours!"

"I guess I'm just feeling kind of out of it. Don't really want to hurt myself by forcing things that don't flow, you know?" You get up and stretch, and an idea comes to you. "But hey. A short session today just means we can do it again tomorrow, right?"

Syd smiles that beaming smile, any worries successfully assuaged. "Hell yeah, man. I'll walk right over from work, a full weekend of burn!"

The two of you fistbump and then part ways.

You barely remember the bike ride home. After eating a tasteless dinner, sitting on your bed under the light of the moon, you look at the tie-dye towel from Clamber-Camp; memories of volunteer camp counseling and meeting Syd. How she giggled and said you looked like her when your hands got dyed red. The camp where she called you a good climber for the first time when you did that highball climb. The camp where...

Standing up, you raise the colorful rag and take one more whiff. Unmistakable, lingering behind your own body odor, the same almond oil lotion you've watched that squirrel work into her pawpads again and again. You almost toss it in your dirty laundry, then think better of it. Folding it neatly, you place it down on your desk and head to the shower. You need to think.

The next morning you get up and check your phone. A text from Sydney says she'll be there around 3:30pm, and you resolve to use this time to prepare. Picking out a pair of red boxer briefs, you have breakfast before doing some chores around the house. At noon you run upstairs and grab your bag, gently placing the folded towel on top. Tossing it over your back, you head downstairs and try to watch some television, the whole time staring instead at the colorful cotton peering out from the open flap.

You walk around your house and shut off the lights before leaving, stopping to look at a picture of the two of you hiking in the buttermilks a few months back. She's laughing in the picture, one of those moments in photos where you don't remember the moment but your remember the feeling. Hoping that you're making the right decision, you head out an hour early. You're gonna ride a little harder and a little further today.

The sun feels good, baking away the existing sweat but coaxing out a little more. You take one last swig from the water bottle clipped to your bike and make like you're rummaging through your bag as you see Sydney round the corner. She's already changed out of her work clothes into sandals, loose sweatshorts and a tank top that says "Get Lost! Wild Hikes and Brush Training." She waves, and wryly you note the lack of any mark from a torn callous.

"Awful hot day to sit in the sun! Seeking a tan?" Her grin becomes a little forced as you pull out the folded towel and wipe your neck with it again. It drops completely as you hold the towel out at her.

"This smells like almonds." Sydney looks like she's on the verge of hyperventilating. "And I never fold my towel at the gym. It was folded when I used it last. And every time we camp together, certain things of mine go missing all the time. Ever notice this?" She covers her face with both paws, unable to speak. Setting the towel on top of your bag you put a hand on her shoulder and feel the tension there soften just slightly. "It's okay Syd, it's all good." You rub her back, the fur between her shoulders thick and plush. "But, like, what are you doing with it all though?"

"I can't tell you." She uncovers her eyes and peeks over at you nervously. "Uhhh, shitshitshit. Okay, okay... You know the family locker room at the end of the long hall? Meet me there in 10 minutes."

Suddenly she grabs your face and kisses you, her tongue darting into your mouth. As you watch in shock, she snatches the towel from the top of your bag and hurries up the steps and inside. Mind blown, you take a lap of the building while thinking about how good she tasted.

You enter and are immediately chilled by the vents blowing on your sweat-soaked clothes. You turn down the hallway and walk, swinging your bag as you go past the regular locker rooms. Making the left, you stop before the family locker room door. You open it and find a seemingly empty, dark room.

"Get in and shut the door." A voice hisses from between the hinges of the door, causing you to nearly jump out of your skin.

"What the fuck..." You mutter to yourself as you step inside and close the door before flicking on the lights.

Folded neatly on the bench before you are her sandals, the Get Lost tank, sweatshorts, and a cute pair of bikini briefs. They're white, with sunflower seeds on them and freshly damp from her arousal. Only the towel doesn't lay there with them. Instead it's wrapped around the face of your companion like a belly dancer's veil, fluttering with each ragged breath. Sydney stands with her tail rising from between muscular legs in the shape of a question mark to protect her modesty, as well as the paw working furiously between her legs. She points with the free one, indicating the folded panties on the bench.

"Take them." You step forward, your growing erection bulging against your athletic shorts. Picking them up, you raise them to your lips unbidden and elicit a squeal of glee from her as you press the wet gusset to your nose and breath deep. "Yessss! Huff my scent. Drink it!"

Her undergarment smells like sandalwood soap and Sydney's pure essence and that ever-present-and-intoxicating faint almond. It floods your brain like a shot of liquor. Your cock strains against the fabric of your pants, and you realize Syd has been slowly inching towards you this whole time. She drops to her knees in front of you and lowers her tail slightly. The soft, bubblegum pink nipples on her petite chest peek from her red fluff as she grasps the waistband of your shorts; and the waistband under that.

"Finally." She nuzzles her face against your groin, lifting the towel to huff the tang of your pre-cum and steamy sweat through the fabric before letting it drape back down. With a flourish she pulls them down in a single stroke and is nearly smacked in the face as your throbbing pecker pops free of its prison. She watches it bounce and pulse with the beat of your heart as she clasps her paws together in delight. "OOoooh it's even nicer than I ever imagined! Holy fuck, dude..."

Lifting up the towel once more, she guides your cock underneath and proceeds to rest it atop her snout. The ravenous squirrel girl takes a deep breath from under the root of your cock, then gives your sack an experimental lick. An approving hum is followed by kiss after kiss on your thighs, nuts, and all over the head of your cock. You can tell she's restraining herself from licking away all of your scent that she craves so badly, and you spread your legs into a wider stance to grant Syd the access she craves.

Scooping your balls up over her nose and getting low to tilt her head back, you shiver a little as she plants a wet kiss against the back of your sack. Her little whimpers of pleasure barely drown out the wet sound of her furious masturbating, and you reward her ministrations with soft scritches on the nape of the neck. Finally unable to resist, she draws your dangling package into her mouth, showing off her stretchy cheeks as Sydney rolls your balls across her tongue. You murmur into the panties pressed to your face, and she locks eyes with you for a moment before gasping and wrenching the towel free. You watch as she relinquishes her prize, a primal grunt indicating her satisfaction.

"Ungh, wooow..." Shakily getting up, she rips the panties from your face, then sweeps her folded outfit to the floor. Moving to the bench, she lays on her back and dangles her head over the edge. Sydney opens her jaw wide. "Alright, now fuck my mouth with that raunchy human cock."

Squatting down slightly, you edge forward until your dong hangs in her waiting trap, the throbbing sensation in your loins almost painful now. Slowly she closes down, careful to avoid touching you with her teeth. Tentatively thrusting forward, you moan in satisfaction as her throat constricts around your tip. Your lover grasps your hips, claws digging into your ass as she holds you there and roots her nose against your nuts before pushing you ever so slightly back and gulping air. Her hot breath hissing between your thighs spurs you onward, and you gently thrust in time between her inhales and exhales.

A few short thrusts, and a break to let her gulp and gasp; occasionally your member popping out from her lips with a cough, only to be guided back in by greedy paws. You fuck her face like this for who knows how long, rubbing and kneading her tiny tits. Reaching your furless hand down her toned belly, you tease her mound as she bucks her hips in pleasure at your touch. Your fingers slide in with ease, and her sticky fluids coat your hand quickly. Pulling it away, you replace it with the other as you lick her love juices from your fingers as she blows spit bubbles against your tip.

The building sensation is finally too much, and you tell her you're close. She quickly pulls away, but before you can feel disappointed she immediately sits up, spins, and straddles the bench.

"I want it here, big boy." She holds her paws out before you, seeking your offering. "I want to smell your thick cum and lick it off my pads, rub it on my face, and fill up my mouth." Syd opens her maw and you witness her throat constrict as she swallows. "Gimme."

Slavishly, you jerk off as Sydney watches with barely contained excitement as your orgasm finally comes crashing down on you like a bulldozer of pleasure. The first rope you shoot is so strong as to bounce off her palm and into her mouth. Sydney gets her turn to cum as you paint her face and paws with your white human spunk, grinding her pussy on the bench in tight circles and closing her eyes tight. Another load of milky sperm jets across her digits, dribbling between them and down onto her chest as she bucks and rocks on the wood. It wont stop, think strands now sticking to the squirrels whiskers like the webbing of a spider while she greedily sniffs and licks each and every glob of seed from her pads and lips.
One final spurt hits her gorgeous front teeth, and she deftly licks it off with a contented sigh. Spent, you stumble and lean back against the wall with your shorts and underwear still around your ankles. Syd lays back down on the bench. The fur on her thighs is so matted as to look greased. You're both breathing like you ran a marathon.

"So..." She looks up as you break the silence. "That was way better than climbing."

"Wha..." She seems stunned for a moment, then cracks up laughing. Laying a forearm across her eyes, she sighs. "Yeah, I'd say we got in a pretty sick workout 'n all."

You pull up your pants, before helping a wobbly-legged Sydney pull on her undies and sweats. As you kneel and assist with her shorts, she scrubs at the biggest sections of matted jizz on her chest and gets her tank top on. You each do a quick onceover, smiling at each other as you smooth hair in place and stretch away the wrinkles on your clothes. Finally feeling somewhat decent, you each nod to each other as you open the door to a darkened hallway and almost run into the diminutive figure standing there with a flashlight. She lights you both up immediately.

"Alright perverts, get ready to-" Leona swings the light between your two startled faces, a look of shock dawning on her own face. "What the hell, you two?! No way!" The smell of sweat and sex and saliva hits her like a wall; she drops the flashlight with a thud, waving a paw in front of her face. "Yeesh!"

"It's like a barnyard in there!" You exchange sheepish looks as the now flustered mouse wags a finger at the two of you, bending down to retrieve her light source. "Just so you guys know, I had to turn up the music AND turn on the big fans on at the front desk so people didn't hear this game of tug and poke going on." Pinching the bridge of her nose, before thinking better and holding her actual nose, she breaks into a rueful grin.

"But you know what, I think catching you guys just won me a bet with my husband, so I'll cut you a deal! You two head out through the utility door over there, then the white door behind it, capisce? I never saw anything, the security tapes for the family room are lost tonight, and you little freaks don't get permabanned by Mike." The two of you nod furiously, and having been thoroughly humiliated you both make your leave.

"Oh!" As you head into the utility closet, Leona pokes her head in once more with a wink. "And two more things. One! I always thought you two would make such a cute couple. And two..." The mouse girl steps around the corner and points at her (you now notice) rapidly growing belly. "Wear protection. I have a second litter with Dario on the way already. Six kids in three years is tough, sister."

As the two of you emerge, blinking, into the setting sun, a male bear pointedly looks each of you up and down before walking away. Syd nudges you, her expression grave. "Dude, I think that was my woodshop teacher..."

After a nervous giggle from your lover the two of you start howling laughing, the combined sense of relief, disbelief, and sexual exhaustion finally becoming evident. You lean on each other a moment as Sydney digs in her pocket and plips the unlock button on her car. She starts to walk away before turning around and raising her arms at you. "Well? You coming?"

"Yeah! I could definitely use a lift. My legs are like jelly." Leona wouldn't impound your bike after all; especially not while riding high on a winning bet. You walk over to the car with her, watching that fluffy tail swish back and forth again before you hop into the passenger seat. "Brews on the way home?"

"Uh, dude, I'm bring you to my place." Your smile must have looked a little smug, because she she playfully flips you off while strutting around the car and getting behind the wheel. She turns the key and eyes you up with a winning smile. "And I got brews at home. We do need to make a stop though- I mean, Leona knows what's good. After all, she scored a human hubby."

Your heart skips a beat as she enters the local pharmacy into the GPS. "Lemme know what kind of condoms you want. We should be able to get a few nights worth out of a box, yeah? Oh, also, I have a bunch of your old underwear you're gonna need to model for me."

They drive off, together. A lone rodent watches the scene as she locks up with a wan smile before pulling out a cell phone and pressing 1, then call.

"Hey handsome. Guess who just won a bet!" She cackles with unbridled glee at the groan resounding through the earpiece. "That's right baby, and I want a handmade four cheese, well-done. Oh, plus sfinges for desert! And remember, you're cooking for four just on my end buster!"


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