Full Getting Free Unlimited Google Drive Guide

This guide will teach you how to get an unlimited Google Drive storage TeamDrive, Let's begin!

(1) You need to go to the following site:
(2) Insert Shared Drive name (My games, Free storage, etc.) & Your Gmail (You have to use the Gmail of your Google Drive account) & Click Submit, And that's it! You have an unlimited Google Drive Shared drive!
To access it all you need to do is go to https://drive.google.com/ -> Shared Drives and you will see a new Shared drive there!

*Note: Please do not keep there any kind of personal files because there's a small chance that the shared drive will be deleted, Using this shared drive at your own risk.

Credits: Our Discord Server, it has more guides about piracy & cracked software.
If one of the links is dead, or the guide has outdated content feel free to kindly ping or DM me, oreee.

Pub: 11 Sep 2021 12:12 UTC
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