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MMS Flashing Sword

Scaled Diagram
The main inspiration are ships-of-the-line, but with a lower deck (less weight and more speed, but easier to board and more green water), mixed rigging, and bronze-clad hull for anti-fouling and some mild protection against projectiles and ramming.

MMS Black Comet

This private trading clipper is one of the fastest ships in the Deadbeat Merchant Navy, capable of up to 19 knots average speed in good conditions. To achieve this, it sacrifices any significant armament, lacking cannons, as well as a particularly large cargo space.


White Arms


The nodachi is the iconic weapon of the Deadbeat warrior. The huge blade maximizes cutting power, but usually still allows for thrusting techniques.


This polearm is the bread and butter of the Goddess Faithful priesthood. It allows the user to engage multiple opponents at once while keeping them at a distance, a situation commonly encountered when fighting schizos.

Heavy Naginata

The most high quality specimens of this weapon often feature Mont Mori diamond spikes, on the weapon's butt, and sometimes on an armor-piercing spike jutting from the back of the thick, long curved blade.


This concussive weapon is found in the hands of many Deadbeat soldiers. It is effective against armored opponents.

Heavy Crossbow

Goddess Faithful priestesses do not use firearms. Instead, heavy crossbows are preferred. The heavy bolt can have decent armor penetration, and shooting is both quiet and doesn't cause light and smoke, making this a superior weapon in stealthy operations.


Manually Rifled Breechloaded Gun

The rifling carved on the inside of this weapon's barrel imparts rotational speed to the oblong bullets, increasing the weapons range and penetration significantly.

Personal Equipment

Death Masks

Priestess Death Mask. Note the Mont Mori Diamonds embedded into the sacred inscription. The script reads "Memento Mori".
Priestess Death Mask.

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