She had long brown hair, blue eyes and a perfect pair of boobs. I was 18 and a senior in highschool at the time and had no idea what her friendship had in store for me. We would hang out everyday after school and she would very slowly take control of me. It start with small things like when she had a long day we would watch tv and she had me rub her feet or she would take me shopping with her to pick out which panties she should where on her date. But then one day we went swimming at the river and it was just the too of us. I had no swimming trunks with me so i stripped down to my boxers and I was a little on the chunky side. But she was wearing a bikini that showed off her goddess like body. To my dismay I couldn't take my eyes off her perfect body and i ended up with a rock hard boner. Although it was only about 3 or 4 inches it was clearly noticeable through my boxers. I expected her to look away and not say anything but instead she told me to take off my boxers cuz she wanted to get a closer look and couldn't believe I could be so small. When I hesitated she told me not to worry I didn't have a chance at getting with her before so her getting a close up of my tiny cock wouldn't matter. I very nervously took off my boxers and set them aside and she told me to close my eyes and put my hands behind my back. Normally I would not comply with something like this but I had an overwhelming feeling that said I should do what I'm told. But when she said I could open my eyes I noticed she had been takin pictures of me. She said " now I have proof of how tiny your penis is and if you don't want everyone to see these pictures then your gunna listen up. From now on you will refer to me as your master or owner and I will call you bitch, you must do everything I tell you to do no matter how embarrassed it makes you. And I think ill start out with this" she reached for her backpack and pulled out a thong and a bra and commanded " put these on bitch, I don't think you'll have a very hard time fitting your oversized clit in them." I spend the rest of the day wearing her thong and doing everything she said when the day was over I took her home (still wearing the panties she ordered me to wear and to her amusement got some long stares when we pulled up next to another car) before got out she told me to keep my phone on and that I was going to be getting a call in the morning. I went home and I found my self confused embarrassed and strangely aroused by the previous events. The next day I awoke to a from call from my new master she informed me that she had told her mom and her homosexual friend about my "small problem" and that I was to get ready and come over because they all had a big day planned for me and I had to be at their house in 30 minutes. Before I could reply she told me not to be late and hung up the phone. I quickly got ready and headed over. The drive there was extremely nerve racking as I thought about what might be planned for me. I pulled up to my owners house and walked to the door and rang the door bell. I was greeted by my master who had a wrapped box and her mother who was trying but not succeeding to hold in her laughter. " come in and stand infront of the couch bitch" I quickly did as I was told and my master handed me the box and ordered me to set it on the table. Once I had set the box down I stood infront of the coach and waited. Katy and her mom came down the stairs with her gay friend Tom. All three came and sat down on the coach and my master said. "So I told them both how small your cock was but I think they have to see it in person to really appreciate its pathetic size so take off all your clothes and get closer so we can touch it" I was extremely embarrassed but afraid of angering my master I slowly started to strip trying to put off pulling down my underwear. Eventually I was fully naked and standing infront of my master and her company and they took turns poking and laughing at my undersized penis. They all looked at each other and nodded in an unspoken agreement then my maste turned to me " from now on we decided that having guys underwear on is a waste of space considering you have next to nothing to cover so you are going to throw away all of yours and well go panty shopping today" I was extremely uncomfortable with the thought of wearing women's panties everyday from now on but I had to do what I was told or risk extreme public humiliation. My master then said to me" we also think that a dick that small does not deserve to have any pleasure so go grab the box off the counter and hand it to me" questionably I waked over and grabbed the box and gave it to my master. When she opened it I was horrified to see that the contains of it was a metal male chastity belt and imprinted on it was writing that said Katy's dick. Master put the device on what was now rightfully hers and said " now every orgasm, boner and even touch is under my control." She slipped the key into her pocket and instructed me to put my clothes on and start the car because it was time to go buy me some more fitting apparel. When we got to the store my master picked me out multiple pairs of panties and bras and held each one up to be just to be sure she liked the way it looked and so the other costumers could see my embarrassment. Finally we got to the check out and the cashier was sure to note how sweet of a boyfriend I was buying my girlfriend bras and panties. Katy quickly corrected her saying" he's not my boyfriend he's my bitch and these are for him to wear, isn't that right?" " yes master " I replied as the cashier laughed and told me I would look better as a girl anyway. As it turned out completely turning me into a girl was my masters plan. When we got back to the house and I was wearing my new panties my master told me. " since you look like a girl you should defiantly have more practice at being one, now how does that sound?" Uncertain about what she was talking about I replied "yes master I suppose so" Katy said" well good because your gunna be doing something very women like today." "Tom could you come here?" Katy yelled. Tom and Katy's mom came down the stares to see what she wanted and Katy said " since we are turning out little bitchboy into a girl I figured he'd get some experience so tom will you come over here and take off your pants please?" Tom complied with a knowing smile on his face and once he pulled down his pants his giant cock came into view and I understood what I was going to have to do. " ok bitch come here and get on your knees infront of a real mans cock." Once I assumed the position Katy said " ok now I'm sure no girl has ever put there lips on that tiny wiener but I'm sure a virgin like you has seen a lot of porn so start sucking his cock and do it right or everyone you know will see pictures of that pathetic penis" terrified I took his cock into my hands and began to stroke. Instantly I was slapped and told to put my hands behind my back and only use my mouth. With my hands behind my back I opened my mouth and started to suck on the real man sized cock. I was completely humiliated and but continued to suck until it was rock hard inside my mouth ." Once he cums in your dirty little mouth open it up so we all can see then swallow every last drop." After a long sucking session I could start to taste the Pre cum coming out and eventually he blew his load into my mouth. I turned around and opened my mouth for my master and her mom to see and take pictures then I swallowed all of it as I was told. " good job bet you wish your cock had just been sucked instead of being locked inside of that cage but your much to small to be worthy of that sort of attention, now kiss his cock and pull up his pants for him." As I kissed the cock of the man I had bet only hours before I realized Katy had complete control of me and that was never going to change." Your not done yet either bitch, me and my mom are going to watch a movie and you are going to be rubbing our feet and you are going to go down on both of us." Katy said with a smirk. After I was done eating out my master and her 50 year old mother Katy told me to stand up. You will thank me for the opportunity to serve me." I relinquished all control and said " thank you master for letting me amuse you and pleasure you" "good boy now your going to move out of your house and you'll start sleeping at the foot of my bed every morning you will go down on me till I cum, then you'll do the same for my mom. Each morning you will put on your panties and go get the newspaper so all my neighbors can see what a faggot you are." She let out a cruel laugh and said" when your done showing my neighbors you lacy undies you'll come inside and ill take off your cage and play with your baby cock but don't get to excited because you only get to cum once a month if your being a good slave and even if you are a good slave I might just have fun with you and tease you then lock it back up." Katy shrieked with laughter. After this I knew everything I did would be in the service of this women and I went home and prepared myself for servitude.

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