The Sims 4 - crack only

Links are interchangeable. Uploaded by anadius (CS RIN forum) (my website)

When you click on the download button and a new tab opens - close it! That's an ad. Don't click on fake download links in that new tab.

password: origin-fix

no-origin-fix-*-ANADIUS.rar are my own cracks
no-origin-fix-*-RUNE.rar are cracks from scene group RUNE
no-origin-fix-*-CODEX.rar are cracks from scene group CODEX
no-origin-fix-*-CDXlike.rar are from me, based on CODEX cracks, discontinued

All of them can be used with my DLC installer for people with a legit game!

Pub: 23 Sep 2021 00:03 UTC
Edit: 17 Nov 2023 01:31 UTC
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