That really hurts when but just a friend nickname they called each other. She put down the phone on the counter and walked over to the refrigerator to pour herself another glass of wine. His story was very disturbing to her.

He was telling her about his Domme he was doing a dynamic with. How he bid on her, and she showed no interest in really trying to form a connection or showed any interest in the kinks he wanted to explore. From their conversation it seemed that she wanted to do a same-sex dynamic but did not tell her twin that.

She took her glass of wine and went to sit on her favorite reading chair in the sitting room. It was a cozy space. Two chairs and a loveseat with an area rug underneath bringing the whole room together. She wanted to start her book by the story just kept running through her mind.

She took a sip of her wine and put it down on the end table. Straightening her soft satin pajamas, she walks slowly to the closet. She swore that she would not ever go back. She did not know what else to do. Too many of these fake dominants ruined the scene for her friends. She turned the handle and opened the door. Pushing inside the jackets, she reached for the black case in the rear of the closet.

She slowly removed it and carried it to the coffee table. She placed it on there gently and stepped away. She opened it and she knew what it meant. There will be no going back this time. Could she let her evil persona out again.

Her hand crested the case, and she had a thought. Why does she have to be evil? Couldn’t she protect her friends with her powers? Only using them against the ones she seemed fit to suffer. Yes, she can do that. She is getting control and she will set things right with all these fake ones who called themselves dominants.

Before she would open the case, she would do some research on this, Domme E. See what makes her tick, how to use it to break her. Didn’t take long. I'm reviewing her profiles online to figure her out. She was originally a sub and then thought she could be a Domme. Just because you think you can do it does not mean you should or that you would be good at it. This Saturday she was planning on being at a club downtown. That is when she will strike.

The next couple of days passed very quickly as she went about her day-to-day routine. She left the case sitting on the coffee table. When she walked by the opening, she would pause and take a look at it briefly. Soon, she let her mind say. Soon, she would let her dominatrix side out once more.

Saturday blew by and she found the sun starting to set. It was time for her to get ready. She stayed out of the sitting room most of the week just so the drawer of the case would not be so strong, but now it was time. She strolled into the room and picked up the case. Not sure what you're worried about at all. In her cute summer outfit, she carried it up the stairs to her bedroom. Now is the time to let Lady Patricia out.

She placed the case on the bed and opened it. Removing each item carefully until she got to the pouch at the bottom. She picked up the cloth pouch and undid the rope and closed it. Dropping the contents into her hand she could feel her body become alive. Like there was something missing. What was missing was her ruby necklace.

This was not where her power came from but was how she focused it. The quarter size ruby set in the gold frame and held around her neck on a gold chain. She can feel all that life this pendent has ruined but from now on she would only use it against these fakes.

She raised the chain over her head and lowered it around her neck. She felt alive again. Not that she didn’t before, but this was something special. Lady Patricia was a force. She left dominants and submissives as pools of quivering messes in her wake.

She took a long hot shower. The drops of water dripped down her pale skin. Drying herself off she went to her cupboard and retrieved a pair of black lace panties and bra. This was one of her favorite sets and should help get her into the correct headspace for the evening.

She applied her makeup. Not with the soft pastel colors she has recently been wearing, but the powerful colors of Lady Patricia. A black smoky eyes radiating power. Red ruby lips matching the dark tone of her Ruby. Her blonde hair teased and done up.

Heading back into the bedroom she slid over the tight black leather pants. Her old friend held her body in all the right places. The pattern on the leather was a cross between a snakeskin and one of a Crocodile. It made the pants shimmer in the light. Next was the tight black tee shirt. Nothing special about it, except it showed off the girls very well. She sat on the bench at the end of the bed and pulled the black heel leather boots up over her sexy calves. Zipping the silver zipper on each leg. Her hands running over them forgetting how well they fit.

She stood up and checked herself in the full-length mirror on the far side of the wall. She thought to herself goddamn I still got it. She picked up her jacket off the bed and slipped her arms through the halls. The Red leather was a stark contrast to the rest of the black ensemble. Her painted lips match perfectly with it. Along the sleeves there were metal rings sewn into it. She pulled her long blonde hair out from underneath the back of the jacket. And then pull the color up. "I look fucking sexy. This bitch does not stand a chance." She smiled that wicked smile she has not had in years and he’s downstairs and out to the wedding SUV to take her to the club.

And when she came out the front door she saw her driver's mouth drop. As she got closer, he stumbled on his greeting and fumbled to open the door for her. He tried to make small talk as they drove but his words made no sense. That’s when she knew she still had the desired effect.

They pulled up to the front of the club and he hurried around the back of the SUV to get the door for her. He held his hand out for her to use as a brace to get down from the height of the truck. She smiled at him and thanked him and she walked towards the front door. The long line of people were not happy to see her cutting in front of them, but no one said a word.

The young girl standing with the clipboard saw her as she approached. She was a knockout in her own right but did not have that aura that Lady Patricia carried. All of her confidence was gone when she humbly asked," can I help you?"

"Good evening sweetie," she said as she watched the young girl swoon. "My name is Lady Patricia. I spoke to Dominic, and he told me I will be on the list for this evening." The young woman hurried to look down at her clipboard and found her name first on the list.

Reaching behind her young woman grabbed a gold bracelet. She turned back to lady Patricia handing it to her. "Lord Dominic would like to extend his warmest welcomes to you coming back my lady. Anything you need tonight is on the house. "

Taking the bracelet from the young girl's slightly shaking hand she said," thank you. Tell Dominic I greatly appreciate this. And if I’m still around when you get off, come and find me," Her free hand reached to Touch the young girl's face. She felt the girl melt. The large handsome bouncer seeing the exchange smiled as he pulled the door open for her and she walked into the dark foyer.

She passed through the dimly lit foyer quickly. In another time she was a staple in this place, but she thought she gave it all up. But this fake domme has pulled her back in. At the top landing she scanned the large bar area. As she did this the first of the creeps came up to her. Before he could say a word, she shot him a glaze that told him she would eat him alive.

As he walked away down the steps, she caught a glance of her prey. Sitting at the end of the bar alone she was. Was she ready for this, only one way to tell. She walked down the stairs like she owned the place. As she crossed the bar floor, she was hit on both man and woman. She just ignored them as she honed in on her prey.

She stepped up to the bar. The bartender hurried over when he saw the gold bracelet. "What can I get you ma’am," he questioned.

She ordered a Sex on the Beach. Then turned to her prey and asked," Do you need another drink?"

The woman was surprised at first. She answered, "It’s ok. I’m good for now."

Lady Patricia waved her wrist, having the bracelet dangle. "With this, everything is free to me. Let me buy a pretty lady like you, your next one." She gave in and a white wine was ordered.

As the bartender went off to get their drinks she turned and with her hand out she said," my name is Patricia. Nice to meet you."

The other lady grasped it and responded, "Mine is Domme E." A smile across her face.

Still shaking her hand, she leaned into the lady and said in a whisper, "it’s not appropriate to introduce yourself with your title to someone you don’t know. Especially, one higher up the food chain then you." She smiled and leaned back away from her. The drinks came and she picked them up and handed the wine to this now confused woman. "Let’s talk about how a sub masquerading as a domme should act someone above her."

The woman’s mouth dropped open at her last sentence. She raised her hand to point at Lady Patricia, but it was stopped by more shock. Lady Patricia knew what her reaction would be. She was reaching into her bag and pulled out the red handcuffs. When her arm came up, Lady Patricia had one wrapped around her wrist. The additional shock let her bring her two wrists together. Click and the prey was captured.

Lady Patricia held the center chain on the cool cuffs as she turned to the bartender. "Which room is open," she called.

"Lord Dominic said to leave room one open for you. It’s there for your needs. "

"Thank you for your help. Put the drinks on my tab." She turned back to this submissive masquerading as a Domme. "I think we have a date in room one. Grab the drinks and let’s go teach you about a real Domme." The woman reached for the drinks on the bar. The shock was still written all over her face.

Lady Patricia then attached a red leather leash to the woman’s cuffs and pulled her along. The crowd parted for them. Some watched in envy, others who knew Lady Patricia watched in dread for her.

The short walk to the check in area was past in a breeze. Only one guy tried to hit on her but was dissuaded when she held the lead and looked back at her prey. He quickly moved on.

"How can I help you," the young lady at check said with a little too much attitude. She looked them up and down and saw the cuffs and leash. "All of our rooms are booked. You should have pre-booked them, sorry."

"I’m here for room one," Lady Patricia responded.

"Sorry, that room has been…"

"For Lady Patricia, which I am. So, stop wasting my time and let me in or I may just take you in there with this naughty girl." Flicking her head back to the nervous woman behind her.

Doubling down, the young girl would not give in. "How do I know that you are Lady Patricia," she questioned but some of her smugness was gone. At that point a mountain of a man walked over.

"Lady Patricia," he said in his deep booming voice. "I heard you may be coming to see us tonight."

"Sir Rex," she said with a smile on face and in her words. She walked over to a bear hug. It could be called nothing less. Sir Rex was twice her size. Once he let her go, she said, "I was trying to go to the room that Dominic had setup for me, but this little tart seems to think she has some sort of power."

His booming laughter was louder than the music. At this moment the young girl’s face realized just how bad she fucked up. "Lady, please head into room one. You remember how to get there, correct?"

"That I do, thank you,"

"I will deal with this one myself," he said as he started to undo his belt.

"Sir Rex, please leave her. I don’t think this one will last long, and I may need a dessert. This tart looks scrumptious." Her hand gently caresses the nervous girl’s face. Leaning in, she whispered," you better hope that this girl does not break quickly. If she does, I'm coming back for you. You need to learn not to disrespect your betters." As she pulled away, she could she the terror in the young woman’s eyes.

"Please have water and a snack tray delivered to the room," she said as she started to walk down the corridor. The leash went taught. Lady Patricia turned to see her little domme sub standing there, frozen. She gave the leash a pull and said now in a rough commanding voice. The woman followed slowly. At the door she punched in her code and the lock opened. The lights came on and she led her meal into the room.

The room, which was about fifteen feet by fifteen feet, was painted black but covered with all different types of tapestries. These are not like the ones found in a castle showing the knight defeating the dragon. No, these were of Devil seducing a maiden in white or a slave tied to a St. Andrew’s Cross and being whipped.

On the wall on the opposite side of the door was every type of impact item you can imagine. Paddles, floggers, canes, whips and so much more. Different sizes and shapes. The Domme is disguise stopped as she saw the wall. Lady Patricia took the drinks from the again shocked girl. She placed them on the bench to the left and then took the cuffs and removed them. The girl absently rubbed them as they were removed. "So, what am I doing here? It’s clear you know more than I, but.."

Before she could complete her questions Lady Patricia reached from behind her and inserted a large red ball gag. Before she could say anything it was attached and Lady Patricia stood back in front of her. Taking the girl’s left wrist she lifted it and out in the hanging cuff on a chain above their heads. Her right wrist followed quickly after that.

Her eyes told the whole story. Shock, fear mixed with a touch of excitement. She knew she had her reeled in now and it was only a matter of time before she breaks her.

Lady Patricia walked to the walk and removed a spreading bar. Turning she showed the girl. Her wicked smile made the girl shake. A few steps back and a moment on a knee and this fake domme’s legs are wide open. How easy she gave into her.

The cheap fake leather skirt was unzipped and ripped in half to get off her bondaged body. Next was her top. This was cut into pieces with the post of scissors she grabbed from the table. The fake Domme now was stripped to her bra and panties but still in her high heels. Arms bound over her head and her legs spread open and the best part was her mouth gagged.

Lady Patricia sauntered Over to the wall with all the toys and took down a flogger. She twirled it around in her hand. As she got closer it finally dawned on her that she was going to happen. Her eyes told Lady Patricia that she did not really see this being what was in store for her.

The scissors cut away her bra and two huge mounds dropped. Lady Patricia draped the soft leather of the flogger across her breast. She let out a low purr through the gag as the leather caressed her love mounds. At that moment she was lost.

Using her left hand, Lady grabbed the girl’s left nipple. Pinching and twisting it. Making her hurt. "So, to let you know you are not some random find. You were my prey the whole evening. Even before that. You see you hurt a dear friend of mine and I’m going to make you pay." Her eyes told her that the words were having the effect she wanted. She tried to pull back, but Lady still grabbed her nipple. With her right hand she grabbed the girl’s hair and pulled it back. "Don’t worry the physical pain will only be for a little while. I’m going to break you down to your lowest point and then rebuild you into whatever I want. This will take time. For tonight I just break you into a worthless piece of meat to my friends to play with when I’m done. Nothing more than a fucktoy. You would like that, I know." Her eyes were filled with terror, but Lady Patricia reached between her legs and felt the growing wet spot on her panties.

She threw her head back and laughed. "Your mind is trying to convince itself it does not want this, but your body is saying different." That is when she started rubbing her prey’s mound. It did not take long for the girl’s body to reaction. "See I knew you were just a cheap whore masquerading as something she was not. I know cause as you saw me walk to you in the bar, how many people tried to get my attention. As for you, you were sitting alone hoping for someone to come. What you did count on was a top predator coming for you. I have taken down a lot harder prey than you. I thought that was all in the past, but you made me put my Domme boots back on."

Through the whole speech she rubbed the poor bound girl. Halfway into it her body gave in and started rubbing back on her new mistress hand. Low moans escaping past the plastic in her mouth. That is when Lady’s darker side came out. She stepped back and slashed the flogger across the girl’s exposed boobs. Two, three, four, five, six times. The girl tried to jump back but the heavy bar made it almost impossible.

As quick as the pain came, it went. Lady’s hands then started to massage her massive tits. The warm caress of his woman’s hands made her body feel amazing. Lady Patricia stopped the massage and stepped behind the girl. The flogger then hit her back and butt over and over. The lady did not let up for two minutes. Somewhere in the barrage the excruciating pain changed. It was painful but it was like a friendly feeling.

Lady Patricia stopped and walked back to the bench. She took a long sip of her drink and was ready to take this girl into a place she has never been.

Opening the draw, she removed one of the wands. This one had straps attached to it already. Walking back to the girl who was barely standing, she cut off her dripping panties and the. attached the straps to her thigh and positioned the wand on her wet and aching mound. She hit the power button and the girl reacted the second the hum started.

"Look at what a slut you are. It was not hard at all to bring your inner whore out. Now that wand is going to make you want to beg." She moved next to her new slut and started fingering her butt hole. She could feel the heat, the lust, the sex coming from her new slut. "Beg for what you will not know. Will you beg to stop or beg for more. At that point know that you are mine at that point. That I will take your sex, take your soul, take your being and you will be happy to give it to me. You will just be another one stored in my necklace, giving me my powers of seduction. You want this don’t you." Her new slut nodded her head once. "Good then slut. Get ready to be broken." She walked away from her back to the draws.

She removed a six-inch black strap and stepped into harness. She covered her girl cock with lube and headed back to her slut. Standing behind her she guided into her slut’s backdoor. She screamed into the gag as her backdoor was opened so wide. Lady then started to thrust her hips while holding onto her slut’s. The pace was slow at first, but it quickly picked up. As did her slut’s screaming and moaning.

How long she fucked her like this she did not know. How many times did her slut cum as she did now know, but when she stopped, they were both dripping. She gently pulled out of the girl’s well used ass. She next undid the cuffs on the girl's ankles. Last was the slut’s wrists. She was weak and fell into her mistress’s arms.

"You are ok. I have you. Let’s lay you down on the table in the corner." The wand still buzzed on the slut’s aching, needy pussy lips. Lady Patricia helped her on the table. She undid her the gag and a low "thank you" escaped her mouth. Lady Patrice removed the straps and pushed the wand deeper onto her slut’s sensitive mound and that was the breaking point. "Please Mistress," she begged.

"Please what?" When there was no answer from her, they both knew what it meant. "Cum for me my slut." She did and it was the hardest of the night. As she enjoyed the waves of pleasure, Lady got them both some water. Bringing it back with her she spent some time with her latest prey. "You rest for a bit, and I will have some attends come in shortly. I will check on you in the coming days." With that she brushed the hair from her slut’s face and kissed her forehead. Then she walked to the door.

Out in the hallway she saw a new gate keeper. "Please send one of the ladies to check on her in ten minutes and in thirty minutes sent in five studs to use her until they are full." Turning to the main floor, she said, "Now where did that rude little tart go."

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