For a laugh I thought I would open it. One section caught my eye. It was couples looking for men. "How weird" I thought. One post in there said "Wanted, male to service my wife. Must be yung and hung". It was the funny spelling that made me laugh. So I thought about it. I was young, 30yo actually, and hung. I figured that because I read somewhere that the average male’s penis is 5.5" long and I was a touch over 7". Ego dictated that I was "hung".

Now I have never had trouble meeting and bedding women but why would a bloke want his wife to be fucked by another bloke. I was both creeped out and curious. I decided to ring the number. A guy answered and we chatted. He seemed genuinely interested in watching his wife have sex with someone else. Of course two questions were high on the list. Was this bloke bisexual and going to surprise me and not in a good way? Was it his idea, her idea or mutual? Again, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to meet them over a drink and sound out the situation.

We met in pub close to where they lived. As soon as I walked in and saw them I understood why the ad. He was 45ish, over weight and balding. She was early 30s, nice figure and really pretty. How they ever got together was a mystery. I sat down and introductions all ‘round. His name was Dean and she was Amanda. We ordered drinks. She wanted wine and the first glass went down without touching the sides. The next one about the same. Was she nervous or not that into it? Hard to tell. She got up and went to the ladies room. This gave me the chance to talk. "Listen Dean, no offence but I am not bi" I said. He laughed. "God Rex, I hope not" he said. Question 1 out of the way. By the way she was acting, and drinking, I was sure it was his decision. Question 2 out of the way>

After a bit of chatter, which she hardly spoke, I suggested going back to their place. Dean was all for it and we went outside. I followed in my car and reached their house. Once inside Dean suggested we get started. I said Amanda and I should take a shower together (one of my favourite ice breakers) and he could join us later to watch if he wanted too. He was dead keen. "Show him where the bedroom and ensuite is honey" Dean said to his wife. She smiled weakly and led me out of the lounge into the bedroom. "Look Amanda, if you don’t want to do this it is fine" I said but she was already undressing. She obviously knew Dean wanted this and was going to do it come hell or high water. "What the hell" I thought and got undressed as well.

She was standing there naked and shaking. I stripped off and my cock rose to the occasion. She looked at my erection and moaned. "Oh my" she said and wrapped her hand around it in a vice-like grip. "Come on sweetheart. Let’s take that shower" I said. We got under the water and I decided to treat her like any date. I kissed her and she pushed her tongue into my mouth and again grabbed my cock. I reached down and rubbed her pussy and she groaned. I was going to enjoy her as she was already hot to trot. After a quick soap down and we got dry we returned to the bedroom where I saw Dean sitting in a chair watching us. Having an audience was a little unnerving but Amanda pulled me onto the bed so I decided to ignore Dean and give this lovely lady the experience she would not forget.

We were kissing and then I moved down and sucked her already erect nipples. She was moaning softly and muttering about how nice it was. "My pussy Rex, lick my pussy" she whispered. She was reading my mind. I moved down and did as requested. Her pussy was already wet and I concentrated on her clit. I had no idea what she and Dean did in bed but by the way she reacted I suspected he didn’t go down on her very often. As soon as my tongue hit her clit she squealed, spread her legs and pushed my head harder against her. She was squealing now as I worked her into a frenzy. She started to breath more heavily and then squealed again as she came. "Please do stop" she gasped "don’t stop". What could I do? I made her cum three times before my cock started to scream "fuck her!"

I lifted my head up and she had the sexist smile on her face. The combination of wine and orgasm had made her drop all modesty. "Fuck me Rex" she said "Give me your cock NOW". I moved up the bed and sung my cock balls deep in one thrust into her honey pot. She squealed and wrapped her arms around me as if trying to make sure I wouldn’t escape. Of course that was the furthest from my mind. I wanted this woman so bad. "Do it rough" she whispered in my ear. I pounded her as hard as I could. She yelled, she shouted, she moaned. I had never been with a woman who made this much noise. I decided she was showing Dean how much she enjoyed it. Making him feel bad maybe. I was careful not to cum too soon but finally she wailed "I want you to cum". And I did, big time.

We lay on the bed puffing and panting. She hugged me and we kissed again. "That was so good darling" she whispered. We headed back to the shower with Dean sitting there, a sort of shocked look on his face. I was sure he had never seen his wife so excited. In the shower Amanda told me they had been married for three years. "Dean never makes me cum like you made me cum" she said, her face blushing. "I am sure he tries hard" I said, unsure what to say. "His cock is so small too" she added "I wish he was big like you. I love a big cock". "Why did you marry him then" I thought but didn’t say. She was fondling my balls and stroking my cock. Obviously she wanted round 2. "I want your tongue again Rex honey" she whispered, her voice cracking with emotion. "Are you sure" I replied "what will Dean say". But her fondling had cause my cock to begin stiffening again and I thought "fuck it. Let’s get it on".

Back on the bed I again licked her to two orgasms. Dean had returned to the lounge room but when he heard her moaning he returned to the bedroom. "Oh darling his cock is so big" she said to him "I want to be fucked again". With my face buried in her crotch I couldn’t see how he was reaction but I imagined he would have been less than pleased. But I couldn’t care less about him at this point. I wanted to fuck this woman no matter what. I lifted my head and told her get on hands and knees facing Dean. I moved in behind her and thrust my cock into her well lubricated pussy. As I fucked her she gave Dean a running commentary on what was happening. "Oh shit" she wailed "his cock is so good. My cunt is loving it honey. I am so glad you suggested this". Now I don’t know if Dean was turned on by her babbling but it sure spurred me on. I grabbed her hips and ravaged her. "Yes darling scream for me" I shouted and boy did she. I pumped another load of cum deep inside her. "No more" she moaned as she collapsed on the bed. My job was done.

I took a shower, alone, and got dressed. When I came out into the lounge Dean was sitting in a chair and Amanda was sitting on the couch still naked. My cock twitched. God she was lovely. Dean walked me to the door. "Thank you" he said, as if I had done him a favour. "No worried Dean" I said "look after her mate. She is something special". I left deciding to never go back. Much as I had enjoyed my little interlude it was dangerous territory. Amanda’s response had been quite a shock and wondered how much longer they would be together. I certainly didn’t want to be reason for breaking up a marriage. Blokes who want to cuckold are very strange.

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