I was not looking forward to it at all. Firstly I had organised it including the food and I knew that not only would there be no thanks for it, there would even be complaints! Those idiots did not deserve me!! Secondly I was trying to end an affair I had been having with a co-worker Iris, and I knew that she would be there and I knew that she was not about to let me go. She was just about the oldest woman I had ever been with. At 44 she was my senior by 19 years. She had three adult children and was married to a bloke that shagged her for his own sake every single day of their marriage.

The affair had been fun. She had made all the running and I just had to come up with a comfortable place to meet. Not always possible so I had shagged her many times in the car and that was where she developed a taste for being on top. After being a bit coy about showing her sex this became a time where she would flash her pussy in my face as she climbed over me. Very often she would linger halfway across before lowering herself down onto my cock and push her pussy forward to be rewarded with a quick lick! When I did this she used to go berserk, pulling my head into her very wet pussy and face fucking me until she came or until she just dropped onto my cock to quickly finish herself off. Once this was done she quietened down a bit and fucked herself rhythmically on my lap. She used to cum two or three times before I did and she was not on the pill so I had to heave her off me at the right moment. Sometimes she would dive backwards to take my erupting member into her mouth, Always she finnished me off in her hand.

Anyhow at the time of the Christmas party I had not been with her for about a month. She had been asking to meet me just about every day. I had told her I wanted to cool it but she didn't seem to hear me or chose not to. As party time approached she started to try and arrange a meeting after it. I told her that my wife would be expecting me at a reasonable time after such an event or she would be very suspicious and give me a hard time. She seemed to ignore this too and as party time approached I grew more and more concerned about how she might behave if I was turning her down in front of colleagues who knew nothing of our affair.

At the party I was acting as the convivial host, making sure there were full glasses, making polite conversation, acting as a "no work talk" policeman and generally sharing my company around. Everytime I looked around I could see Iris watching me. I did talk to her but made sure there was someone else with us. I could see the longing in her eyes and knew that she was horny. This did not turn me on as it might have done with someone else and I felt quite uncomfortable and really quite sorry for her. My boss called me over to tell me we were already running out of red wine and that there was a case hidden in an office room downstairs. We were at the top of the buiding and the wine was two floors below. I said I'd get it and headed off for the stairwell. As I reached the bottom of the first flight of stairs Iris called after me from the top. "I'll come and help", she called and despite my protests she caught me up halfway down the next flight of stairs. She snaked an arm round my hips and started to feel by cock through my pants.

When we got to the room I heard her lock the door behind us. I should have been more forceful in my protests but I'd had a few beers and when she went down on her knees and took my hardening cock in her mouth, my willpower melted away. "What the hell" I thought. A free blow job wasn't going to do me any harm so I leaned back against a desk and let her work on my cock. Every now and then she would pull her mouth off and look up at me. Finally she asked me to make love to her. I drew the line there but I knew that I could get away with just masturbating her until she orgasmed so I let her think that I would shag her. She stood up and quickly took off her panties. I lifted her into a sitting position on the table and I lifted her skirt. She actually looked very sexy and opened her stockinged legs to allow me access to her neatly trimmed cunt. She lay back onto the desk and pushed her hips up toward me. This opened her pussy lips and I could see her juice start to run out of her. I put two fingers straight into her and pushed them in deep before withrawing and thrusting them easily into her again." Oh fuck yes!" she squealed "you're gonna make me cum". And sure enough after a few more thrusts and a curling of my fingers she started to shake and thrust herself madly at my hand as she groaned her way through it. "Dont stop now I need more" she commanded and I continued to wank my cum covered fingers into the messy, squishy morass between her thighs. Liquid had spilled from her and had puddled onto the desk. She was one horny bitch. "Give me more. I want more! Either you fuck me or give me more fingers". she hissed at me as she thrust herself forward onto my hand. I easily pushed a third finger into her and a couple of thrusts later she aked for another. Go for four? I might as well go for five! I might as well try and fist her! As I carefully bunched all my fingers and my thumb and started to slide them in her she just grabbed my wrist and pulled my whole hand into her as she pushed even further off the desk."Oh god! Thats it. Fist my cunt you fucker. Get it right up me. Oh god. Do it. Fuck me!" She went babbling on as again she shook and trembled through another orgasm. I hadn't curled my fingers inside her sloppy cunt and I estimated that from the part of my wrist where it disappeared inside her to my finger tip must have been twelve inches. About the length of a wine bottle! I pulled one from the box. I brought it up to her heaving cunt and rubbed it around picking up lubrication of her juices on it. When I thought it was covered enough I started to withdraw my hand. She protested until she saw what I intended to replace it with. She responded by drawing her legs up so that my hand almost got pushed out of her. I pushed the neck of the bottle into her and quickly came to an impass where I could not move it any further. I began to think it was a bit over ambitious but she could feel I'd stopped pushing and said " dont stop. Keep trying. It'll go in. I must have it in me."
With that she made a sort of sideways twitch and the shoulder of the bottle plopped into her now caverous cunt. I pushed it in about halfway and withdrew it a little way. "Oh my fucking god! I've got it. Ive got a fucking bottle up me and its making me fucking cum! Oh, Oh Ooooh. Fuck I'm cumming again".
She was shaking and banging her feet on the desk, throwing her head from side to side and panting like an exhausted dog. I let go of the bottle but she was not finished yet and grabbed it herself. She started to pump it into herself quite rapidly. I stood and watched her bring herself to another debilitating orgasm. As she finally collapsed back onto the desk, I went and unlocked the door, picked up the case of wine and opened the door. "Make sure you clean up well Iris. I got to take this wine upstairs before people start coming to look for it".
With that I was gone. By the time I reached the top floor I had lost my erection and walked in as if nothing had occurred. Iris must have cleaned up and then gone home as I didn't see her again that night.

She took the wine home. Hope she enjoyed it!

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