I had just climbed into bed with my girlfriend Megan and snuggled up against her. She still had on her panties and bra that I’d left her in when I put her too bed. She was still fast asleep, mostly because of the sleeping pill her younger sister Abby had gotten Rose to put in her hot coco so they could seduce me. I had to admit, their plan had worked perfectly and I’d twice in quick succession in two different girls in the hour I had spent in bed together with them. I’m sure it was the due to the Viagra they’d slipped in my coco, but it was still surreal and left me in an erotic and still semi-horny haze.

I cuddled up with my actual girlfriend now and wished I’d taken off her bra and panties earlier. Megan was on her side and I was spooning up behind her admiring how soft and warm she was. I put my arm over her side and my hand on her stomach. I could feel her breathing, strong and steady.

She felt so good and right in my arms. I wondered if she would she notice if I touched her breast? She was sound asleep now, but had always stopped me from touching her under her clothes before. Part of her virginity pledge we had made together when we first started dating was no going past second base to resist temptation. But she didn’t know that I’d only been able to keep my end of the deal for the first four months or so before blowing way past second base with her younger sister, Abby, who's virginity I'd taken and left her with a child growing in her womb on the very day I'd meet her for her sixteenth birthday.

Then there’d been her mom, Alice, then one of Megan’s friends at a party she'd gotten drunk at, and then another of her friends at college, and finally tonight with one of Abby’s friends, Rose, along with Abby again tonight, even though she's ready to give birth to my child any day now. My cock was still feeling the Viagra work and I tried to close my eyes and just sleep it off, but naked girls moaning in pools of my semen danced through my head.

I unconsciously moved my right hand up to cup Megan’s right breast and I let my fingers gently rub across the material of her silky smooth bra. A little squeeze wouldn't wake her I thought, and cupped my hand over her breast and gently squeezed it once, then again. She was so soft to the touch and it made me want more.

I gently pushed my hand under her bra and it went above her tits and loosely tangled there, leaving her bare breasts naked in my grasp. I squeezed her warm naked breast now and this time it felt so much better, my skin to hers. I played with her breast for several minutes, making circles with my fingers, ever smaller as I closed in on her nipple. Then I gently pinched her teat. It wasn't as hard as the nipples of those girls I had been when I fucked them, but it was Megan's and I enjoyed touching it and felt it harden as I did so. I wanted better access to her other breast too so as I moved out of the way I rolled Megan towards me onto her back. Then I repeated with her second breast everything I had done to her first.

Pulling the covers down gave me better access and in the shadowy darkness I could just see the curve of the wonder that was Megan’s bosom that I was touching. Megan was beautiful and her breasts were so inviting. ‘God, what if she wakes up,’ I thought. But I just couldn't help myself anymore. I leaned down and took a breast into my mouth and ever so gently I licked around flicking my tongue across her hardening nipple, and then sucked. I took my time on one breast then the other. She was so delicious I just couldn’t believe I was finally doing this with my love.

Every so often I would lift up and look at her face; she was so cute when she was sound asleep. I tossing the covers back off the bed I looked gazed down in the dim moonlight on her beautiful body, down to her only piece of remaining clothing still being worn, her panties. ‘Why not,’ I thought. She’s still out like a light and I just have to see her. 'I'm already in trouble if she wakes up anyway.'

Slipping my fingers over the waist band I slowly pulled Megan's panties down over her hips and legs until she lay before me completely nude. I couldn't see her slit through all her bushy hair that reminded me of her mother’s. Gently I spreading her legs I laid down between them. My face was close and as I explored her neither regions with my fingers and I caught the scent of her wetness.

Wetting my fingers in my mouth, I parted her pussy lips and slipped one single finger inside. I felt so naughty, like a kid stealing cookies from the cookie jar, and froze thinking I’d been caught when a slight moan escaped from Megan’s lips. I waited, still and silent, with one finger a knuckle’s length inside her twat, and just waited. Nothing happened and Megan stayed silent, so I breathed easy, and decided to be bold.

I leaned down and began to lick her opening as I cautiously slid my finger in and out of her entrance. I wasn't going too deep so didn't run up against her hymen, though she was still sound asleep her body reacted anyway, becoming more wet as I finger fucked her ever so gently.

After several minutes of this I realized my shaft was erect again and was begging for more action. But she would surely wake up, wouldn't she? Besides, that would be rape. She would know her virginity had been taken and know it was me as the only guy in the house. I got on my hands and knees and grabbed hold of it and began roughly tugging away while my mouth came to her pearly clit and I sucked on it hard as I imagined my tongue was my cock and I was fucking now her brains out.

My little soldier was a little sore from having already sexually satisfied two teenage girls hungry cunts not more than an hour ago now, but the Viagra they had given me had kept me horny and hard even still. Megan’s slit was rapidly beginning to ooze her smooth sticky honey and her unconscious moans became more vocal. She was so sweet and sexy naked and horny in the pale moonlight. Then her legs went rigid and she started making squeaky whimpering sounds like chipmunk. This must be her orgasm and I wanted desperately to cum with her, but my sore cock just wouldn’t comply. My rigid cock throbbed as I franticly jerked it with my hand while I just devoured her erupting pussy juice, but I just couldn’t get myself to cum.

‘Fuck it! She’ll never know, she’s out cold,’ I convinced myself as I moved up on the bed, kneeling between her open legs, telling myself she was really and would enjoy it as much as I would. I pushed her legs apart a little more and then leaned downward pressing the tip of my rock hard prick against her virginal opening. I decided to go extremely slow to make sure she didn’t wake.

"Oh Adam…" she moaned and I took this as a sign to continue and poked my bulging cockhead between her pussy lips and inched forward to coming into contact with her hymen. "Wait… Stop."

‘Oh crap! She’s awake.’ I stopped and looked at Megan's face and saw her misty tear-filled eyes gazing up at me. She was breathing quietly, but obviously not asleep anymore. "Megan… I’m sorry." I pulled back, letting my cock drop from her paradise and she grabbed my arm firmly. She must be mad I had almost raped her. My heart was breaking thinking I’d lost her because I was so stupid and couldn’t control myself.

She sniffled and whispered quietly, "Please, Adam… I wanted you so badly for so long. How long do I have to wait before you prove you love me and ask me to marry you?"

I didn't understand, "Huh?"

"I always just wanted to know you really loved me and would never leave me. Please marry me. Please!" Then she began to cry.

I’d never seen her really cry hard yet and it was awful. I collapsed on top of her, hugging her tight and kissed her hair. "I’m sorry my love. I DO love you and of course will marry you," I started crying too. "I never wanted anything more than to make you my wife and have a big family and live happily ever after." We just hugged and cried.

After a moment then she cleared her sobs and said with her wet smile, "You’ve never actually said that before."

I looked at her trying to stop my own tears and said, "What? Of course I have. Remember we were going to save our virginities until we were married."

She choked on some more tears and a little laugh and said, "No silly… I said I was saving myself FOR the man I was going to marry. I loved you so much, I just wanted it to be you, and kept hinting, but you never proposed."

‘OH MY GOD!’ My mind was blown. How could I have been so dumb? Here I could have avoided all this heartache, guilt, pain, and utter chaos if I’d just made a formal proposal? Well I was going to remedy this right here and now. I got off the bed and onto one knee, and pulled her up to sitting on the bed facing me. "Megan Reynolds… will you be my wife, forever and ever, as long as we both shall live?"

More tears sprang from her and I started crying again seeing it, but this time was happy as she nodded and sobbed, "Yes I do, oh yes!" And I surged up and held her in my arms as we kissed and hugged sitting next to each other on her bed. Minutes passed as we eventually calmed down from the emotional high, but I was too happy just holding my fiancée in my arms, with her wet face against my shoulder to change anything.

After we had relaxed a bit more I asked her quietly, "So… when did you wake up?"

She choked on a laugh and said, "When you started licking me. It tickled and I woke thinking I had to pee, but then I saw you between my legs and it just felt so good… Well, I was just so turned on I couldn’t bring myself to stop you." I couldn’t see it in the darkness, but I could tell from her musical voice she was blushing.

I smiled and hugged her some more. "I’m glad you enjoyed that," I confessed to her. "I’ve wanted to show my love for you for so long I just couldn’t stand it anymore." That and the Viagra I had was making me a little horny-crazy I’m sure.

I held her tight against my chest a little longer until she then said the sweetest thing in the world, "Show me." I gazed down into her moonlit tear-glazed eyes and she said softly to me, "Show me all your love Adam." Then we kissed again, but this time it was fueled by our lust and passion for each other rather than only the care and love we shared of the last few minutes.

After we parted I said breathlessly, "I want to make love to the woman who will be my wife." And I lay back on the bed with her in my arms beside me.

She smiled and put her hand to my cheek, "And I want to make love with the man who will be my husband." She kissed me again and slid back on her bed and pulled me atop of her.

I kissed her back and rested my weight against her for a moment and propped up on my hands and knees. Now, without her either asleep or objecting I used my tongue to make love to her upturned breasts. I used one hand to caress and squeeze it while my tongue traced back and forth over her soft nipple. I too had gone semi-hard, so I licked and sucked and squeezed her milky mounds until her nipples again stood firm and tall, and similarly my manhood responded in kind.

I continued to caress her breasts with my oral attentions while my other hand traced down her belly and pushed between her thickets of curls between her splayed legs underneath me. She let out soft moans and I pressed my fingers above her clit and began to gently swirl around. She moaned louder but caught herself and tried to stay silent while her face scrunched up from the pleasure. I slowly worked us back up, and wanted to make sure she was really wet and ready and before I finally took her prized virginity. I’d waited and dreamed of this moment for too long me to fuck it up now and hurt her more than I had to.

When I though she was ready I leaned back onto my knees and said, "Are you ready?" as again lined my throbbing man-meat with her soft virgin pussy lips. I mentally told myself to just take it slow and easy. I wasn’t the virgin here and had the responsibility to make this work out. "This might hurt a little bit."

She nodded and gave me a little, "Uh huh," and bit her lip. I smiled and rubbed my cockhead up and down her slit, moistening it for entry. Then I pushed in just slightly. I pushed until I once again met her maidenhead. Looked her in the eyes and very slowly increased pressure. As I continued to push forward I felt it suddenly give way. She winced and clenched her eyes shut as her pussy clamped down on the few inches of me inside her for a few moments, holding her breath and enduring the pain. I held my breath as well and simply waited frozen above and slightly inside her.

After a moment she nodded to me and I continued to gently piston back and forth, gently plying deeper inside her with each repetition until I was eventually fully engulfed within her womanhood. Megan was, until this moment, a virgin. Though her body size easily accommodated me, she was still incredibly tight, this being the first time anything had penetrated up into her vaginal opening. I began rocking my hips, sliding my hard cock in and out of her warm cunt. As I pulled backwards I watched her writhe as I felt her pussy walls attempt to hold on to my shaft, not wanting to let it go. Then I pushed forward, her walls allowing me to push the full length of me inside of her until our pubic hair mixed and tickled each other.

I could see she was still in pain, and every girl likes getting poked slightly differently in terms of speed and angle. Until I knew just the way she liked it, I reverted to her mother’s advice and rolled us over while staying inside her. It was quite a skillful maneuver that I’d gotten good at with a bit of practice. This put her on top of me and let her show me the tempo and places she wanted to be poked or rubbed.

She was quite surprised when I rolled us and she had shrieked and hung onto me as I did so, but once she was on top, she got the idea. She positioned herself comfortable, then rocked her hips up and down, and side to side, trying to find the right place. She eventually got it and settled into a steady rhythm of quick sudden thrusts while squeaking each time like a pet-toy. It was definitely unique and I loved every minute of it. She started bouncing harder and harder as I watched her tits flop in the moon light. I kept one hand on her hips but I let the other caress her leg and back and cupped one of her breasts, finally pinching her nipple. She started shuddering and threw her head back and I grabbed her hips once more and pulled her down hard. She quaked around her shivering and bird-like chirping moan as she came for the second time this night, but the first one ever that my cock had induced.

I waited until she regained her senses and she just huffed and puffed above me for a moment. Then she sail softly, "Wow…" I eased her back to the bed and kissed her again before I placed her again on her back and slid between those long smooth legs of hers. "There’s more?"

I chuckled and nodded, "Oh yea. I’m about to burst and I need to be inside you." I repositioned and once more slide my eager shaft into her to the hilt. I was a little more desperate now, having given her two orgasms already and moved fast, but more with determination than brute force. I rocked on my knees as my wanton rod throbbed in her wonderful love canal, and I let myself go. All the waiting and worrying I had felt were over and I knew my climax was ever so close.

The universe slowed down as I felt every glorious second in perfect detail. A burst of light shot through my head as I felt my cum tingle up from my balls. I gasped as the first hot stream of it filled my shaft, and then shot up through it. I pushed in deeply one last time and held myself there as shot after intoxicating shot exploded deep inside of her. 'Oh God 'it felt so good; she felt so good. I only wished that she could have experienced what I was feeling right then with me. She groaned and I just quaked above and insider her forever.

It felt like a dozen loads of semen had flooded her womb, yet still my body tried to feebly produce more just so it could give it all to her. When at last my member began to relax and shrivel It slit out of her and I collapsed down next to her on the bed and fell promptly sound asleep.

The next day I awoke early to someone shaking me. I opened my eyes and saw it was my love, already away and impaling herself as silently a possible on my morning wood. She smiled and said, "Good morning my future husband. I hope you don’t mind, but I couldn’t get back to sleep for some reason, and it looks like he couldn’t either." She then went back to making slightly squeaky chirps as she bounced on my lap until she came again. I didn’t mind at all. I didn’t cum this time though. I was too worn out from last night and really needed to pee.

After getting up hitting the bathroom Alice came down the hall from her bedroom, her belly now showing a baby bump that couldn't be hidden. She smiled at me and greeted me with a chipper, "Good morning future son-in-law. Tell Megan breakfast will be ready in about fifteen minutes." I nodded and went back to her room. ‘Wait, what did she say?’


I think Alice and her husband must have come back home while Megan and I were crying or fucking, and we didn’t hear them but they also didn't disturb us, and for that I am glad. Lacy had been asleep on their bed, but she was still small and they had shared it with her that night. Rose and Abby came out and acted like nothing had happened either, so things were looking good.

We learned Alice was to have a boy, and Mr. Reynolds was proud as he could be. Abby did have a girl, Merci, about month later and she was beautiful. She told me privately that she named her for the French word meaning "Thank you" for the best birthday present she'd ever received.

As the weeks passed, and not a day went by without me filling my fiancée with my love, to both of our now unrestricted desires, when Megan became worried because she’d missed her period. A few tests later confirmed it, she too was now pregnant. I knew how much she valued her education, and thought that would upset her, but she just hugged and kissed me all the more saying it was a dream come true.

A few months after that during a school break we met up with Brooke and she also was heavy with child. She told Megan and I that she’d gotten a serious boyfriend when she'd returned to college last year and that it was his. I looked at her with a skeptical eye and she winked at me saying, "I just hope he looks like his father," and we all laughed like it was a joke. I just prayed it was.

Then a few months later, just about the time Alice gave birth to little Elizabeth, I found out from Abby telling her family that Rose had gotten pregnant. I was worried about what might be said to everyone, but she went on to say how she’d started riding every cock in school after she’d lost her virginity, so it could have been anyone’s. Somehow that didn’t reassure me, but it wasn’t like I could say anything.

Megan and I attended Brooke’s baby shower before she gave birth to a baby girl, Amanda. I met her fiancée, Frank, and he looked enough like me that I’m sure no one will ever know, including me, if it’s his or not.

As summer came Abby decided not to apply to college after graduating high school and instead stayed with her mother and helped raise their children together while she got a part time job. Megan and I decided to get married after she gave birth because she didn’t want to look like a whale in her wedding photos. We moved in together, as couples can in their junior year, and she gave birth just as school started. She made me get notes and homework for her classes and kept up on them the whole time, and still got better grades than me. Once Jessica was born she let her parents and Abby take care of her while Megan and I studied hard as school and drove home every weekend to be with our baby daughter.

We scheduled our wedding for the next summer, but moved it up when we found out I'd already gotten Megan pregnant again. The wedding and Megan were beautiful, and my parents finally met the rest of my new family. Abby, Brooke and Judy were Megan’s bride’s maids and I gulped hard as I saw that line-up. Rose was also there as a guest of Abby’s with her little girl Cassandra, who was playing with the other kids.

Megan eventually decided to accept just an Associate’s degree so she could care for our children with her mom and Abby, while I finished up school. With three kids and another on the way, that house was now always a chaotic playpen. Sometimes Rose or even Brooke came over to have the kids share a playtime.

If you think it was lonely having your wife away and only seeing her on the weekend’s then you’d be right. But it also turned out that Judy got a job as an assistant to the German professor at the college and came by from time to time to hang out and ‘chat’.

Eventually I graduated and got a job. Megan and I moved into my parent’s house since they decided to move into something smaller now that I was gone, and we would need the room for our growing family. Sometimes we even had Lacy, now a blossoming young sixteen-year-old woman, over to babysit for us when we couldn't get time to drop the kids off with her family.

One day when I was driving her home she had a couple of questions for me...

Thank you all, and I hope you enjoyed the ride. I want to again thank w1dmg, and his inspirational "Adam" series that this is honestly just a fan-fic of. I hope all can see it's more of a retelling of his story, with a little more of my style and the fetishes I enjoy most, and not see it for what it probably is, a blatant theft of creative concept. I could have changed the names, and more of the plot and released it as something new, but I REALLY wanted to give him the credit for a great story that I just felt compelled to put my spin on it. Cheers.

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