Bright summer sunshine, thirty odd degrees and having left at dawn, I had been driving for hours with a short interruption for a meeting. It already felt like a long day but thankfully, I had finished my business by lunchtime and deciding I needed a break I pulled into a car park near the motorway. Pausing briefly at the main car park and refreshed with a cup of tea, I got back in my car and drove to the quieter smaller car park some 500 metres away and parked up. I had occasionally walked from here and decided that after finishing my tea, a brisk walk across the heath to get some fresh air would be the perfect end to a glorious summers day.

As I prepared to have my walk, a silver SUV parked next to me. I glanced up and in the passenger seat next to my door was a man. I gave him a cursory look as he got out but I didn't pay much notice until I saw the woman driver get out of the car. What caught my attention was the contrast between them. He was late fifties, average height, squat, broad shouldered, shaven head and covered in tattoos. It’s not that I have a problem with that or judge but it was the contrast between this rough looking, almost thuggish looking older, out of shape guy and the simply stunning woman by his side. She was late thirties, tall, slim, extremely toned and athletic, a lovely face with high cheek bones, dark curly hair cascading around her face, stunning dark eyes and wearing what can only be described a vest and a see through sarong. In her arms she carried a blanket and I assumed they were going to find somewhere quiet for a while. They were such a contrast that I spent longer than I should looking at them and the woman, clearly aware of my admiring glances was now giving me a very suggestive and flirtatious smile. I couldn’t help myself and returned the smile with lots of eye contact before realising that her companion was now glaring at me. I looked away and finished my tea as they disappeared down the footpath.

A few minutes later I walked aimlessly down the same footpath which leads through some woodland before opening onto the heath. Beautiful, soft sandy paths opened up in several directions. Tall, spidery grass, old fallen trees, sporadic conifer tress and small clumps of young green leaved trees surrounded me. Looking to my right I saw the couple walking away and carrying straight on I didn't think any more of it until some minutes later I notice them briefly between the trees as they appeared to be heading on a parallel path to me. For the next ten minutes I didn't see them or anyone else, just the multitude of birds for company. It was idyllic and with the sun blazing down I soon felt completely relaxed and chilled. After some time I realised that I hadn't even bothered to take note of where I was walking, just aimlessly letting the multitude of cris-crossing paths lead me in a meandering walk through the heath. Then I saw movement about fifty metres to my right and there, standing out amongst some bushes and a small clump of trees I noticed the woman, only she was now topless. I did a double take as if my eyes were deceiving me and yet there was no mistake, even from fifty metres, I could clearly see her perfectly formed round breasts and couldn't miss her very dark nipples. Without thinking I quickly darted behind a tree, furtively glanced up the track and not seeing anyone, I turned back only to find she had gone.

I had only glanced away for a couple of seconds so I knew she couldn't have gone far. I quickly walked back up the path until I would be able to see down the path she must have been on but there was no sign of her or the guy. Intrigued, I realised that they could only be in the bushes and although feeling somewhat sordid I felt a surge of excitement. Remembering just how stunning she had looked, I couldn't resist it and walking silently, slowly passing the spot that I had seen her but there was still no sign of either of them. Puzzled I looked around and then just out of the corner of my eye I caught movement and for just a fleeting second, I saw her before she disappeared out of sight amongst the young green scrub and saplings. I also became aware of something else. In that split second of looking at her, I felt she had seen me and could have sworn she had caught my eye and given me a small smile. Panicked, I actually didn't know what to do. Part of me felt like a stalker, then shame, then as I thought about what I had just seen, I totally convinced myself that she had smiled and I had the bizarre feeling she wanted me to know she was there.

For some minutes I deliberated and while doing so I realised something else. I was feeling not only excited and apprehensive but something else, aroused! My interest was now too great and feeling like a kind of creepy pervert I made a very looping approach to where I believed them to be and instead of approaching from the path, I made a very careful and circular route through some undulating wild grass. The clumps of young sapling trees and six foot high bushes meant I could approach unseen by them or anyone else for that matter. Trying to best gauge my distance I hesitated and after staying still for some moments I was rewarded by the sight of her standing, facing me topless. I was very close. She appeared to be looking straight at me but I knew she couldn't see me. She looked around before glancing down and talking. It was now clear that they had selected a spot and were laying down hidden by the tall grass and fallen trees making them totally invisible unless, like me, you knew they were there or where to look. Again she disappeared from view and taking my time, I stalked the last ten metres until I was just three metres from their clearing. A quick look around and I realised it was the perfect spot. They lay in a shallow dip, a large fallen tree on one side and six to ten foot high saplings and bushes gave them total cover.

I was now at a right angle to them with a totally unrestricted view. Sitting on the edge of the blanket leaning against the tree was the man. Squat, powerful and looking more muscular than I had first realised, he was naked, his cock semi erect, her hand gently stroking and playfully teasing his hardening erection. One thing I couldn't help noticing was the extreme size and girth which was now fast growing at her touch. However, what really took my breath away was the woman. She was laid on her back, totally naked, her legs spread, her body like a twenty year old athlete, a couple of discreet tattoos, beautiful small round breasts and a clean shaven pussy, she was stunning. One arm was resting on her forehead shielding her eyes from the intense glare of the beautiful afternoon sun as she stroked his cock with the other. I didn't move, in fact I hardly dare breathe but watched transfixed as I became aware of my own erection now straining in my jeans. Convinced I was still undetected and feeling a bit sordid, what she did next totally shocked me. She lifted her arm from her eyes, tilted her head and shielding her eyes against the sun whispered something to the man. They both looked directly at where I was hidden amongst the foliage and I suddenly I felt vulnerable, exposed and yes, guilty. Like a rabbit in the headlights, I truly didn't know how to react. I felt a slight rush of embarrassment but this was quickly over ridden by my excitement and the hardness of my erection. As I slowly started to rise I was met by the man greeting me with a nod and a fantastic smile from the woman.

'You found us then?' she asked and somewhat confused, I felt like I had been lured into a trap for which I'm not sure I would want to escape. 'Why don't you sit down?' and slightly taken back I looked at the man and with a nod of his head he gestured for me to sit on the log next to the blanket. 'You must be hot?' she said and then suggested I took off my shirt. I didn't but I did undo the buttons and open it up to cool me if nothing else, instantly enjoying the heat of the sun upon my chest. Not for one second did she take her eyes of me and took even more interest when the man asked me if I normally stalked around the woods spying on people. 'No but Im glad I did' I said looking at the woman. Her smile broadened at my reply and I couldn't help but notice that she was clearly studying every inch of my body. Meanwhile, the man sat staring at me, not in a threatening manner but as if sussing me out. For some minutes we exchanged small talk, why we were there? where we lived? Her fantastic physique was explained when she told me that she was a Fitness Instructor. Then they briefly shared their story and it transpired that they were neighbours who met for occasional sex and have decided to try outdoors for a change. I asked them if I was a distraction but they surprised me by saying that I might add to their fun. Increasingly, he became quiet and remained looking at me intently, his physicality seeming to over power me with his presence as I became more and more aware of his physique and presence.

Never taking their eyes off me they watched me intently as she continued to stroke his massively engorged cock. All the while she chatted to me her eyes bored into me as she asked me to come closer, take off my clothes and sit on the edge of the blanket. I looked at the man and with the slightest nod he gestured for me to come forward. With her legs stretched out the only place was between her spread legs. For some seconds the man and I locked eyes, the tension palpable but my only reaction was to take off my shirt and adjust my jeans as my cock was now bulging and quite uncomfortable. I looked in fascination at her clean shaven, bald pussy, noticing the engorged labia and the wetness of her lips as she broke eye contact for the first time and beckoned him forward. Slowly, he changed position and stretched out above her. In response she tilted her head as he fed his engorged cock into her open, willing mouth. Looking over his shoulder, the man was now staring at my jeans and my bulging, very hard and erect cock which was clearly visible. He looked up, held me gaze and then lowered his eyes and once again gestured to my groin. I knew what he wanted but didn’t move. As I watched in fascination, he thrust the total length of his cock down her throat as she stretched out her arm and began to massage her clit before slowly stroking her now very wet and enflamed labia. For some minutes this continued and looking at the guy I watched as he thrust his cock in to her mouth with long, controlled strokes. It was at this point that I realised something. Now it wasn’t the sight of her fingering her pussy that was really exciting me, it was his physical presence, his massive cock and the way he was slowly thrusting his huge cock down her throat.

Now once again, both of them looked at me and I felt like prey must feel before it is devoured. Slowly he withdrew his cock, the width of it still fascinating me and knelt back beside her as she propped herself onto her elbows, both of them waiting for my next move. Again she asked me to take off my shirt and this time I didn’t need asking, pulling it off my back before she gestured at the blanket as he instructed me to join them. As I stood, her eyes locked onto my bulge and I noticed that both of them were looking at me bulge. I couldn’t believe how intense the moment was as they both feasted their eyes on me. The man was now sitting up, legs bent and slowly stroking his fat erection and holding it towards me as if offering it to me. In response, she was smiling at me and then reaching over and stroking his balls as if inviting or instructing me to take it. Looking between her legs, I could see her pussy was now very wet, her labia glistening in the sun as I looked at then and finally released my hard and erect cock before dropping my jeans and boxers to my knees. For a minute I didn’t move but stayed standing above them, the heat of the sun bearing down on me as I survey the trees and bushes around me enjoying the freedom of my nakedness and the intensity of their gaze as I stood stroking my cock. Leaning forward, she straightened the blanket in front of me and parted her legs and invited me between them.

I shuffled forwards and knelt between her knees as she lay back and started to stroke her pussy, dipping her finger inside and spreading her juices over her labia making me desperate to bury my mouth on her lips and taste her. I placed a hand on each knee and opened her thighs, her legs now stretched out and parted wide as she continued to finger her clit. Meanwhile the man was now sat leaning back, level with her hips they were now almost side my side and I felt this immense conflict. On one hand I was feasting on her pussy, salivating at its wetness and yet totally fascinated by the presence of this man who’s aura was so overpowering and increasingly becoming fixated with his cock, its girth and its large purple head. It was at this moment that I lost control and realised that my normal confidence was evaporating as she reached across, held his cock and smiling, gestured for me to suck it. I hesitated but he reached up, grabbed the back of my head and gently pulled me forward as my resistance dissolved. As I slowly leant forward her smile broadened and I saw her catch her breath before I opened my mouth and slowly took his cock in my mouth. I instantly tasted his cum and knew instinctively that he was close to cumming as his cock pulsed and throbbed in my mouth. Then she took my hand and placed it between her thighs and I felt the wetness of her labia and entered her slowly, trying to suck him and finger her at the same, my own cock now leaning precum which dripped in long beads onto my thigh. For some minutes this continued before he slowly pushed me back, leant over her and kneeling down proceeded to lick her clit as I fingered her slowly. It was now clear that all three of us were close to orgasm as she bucked and groaned beneath us and he surprised me by realising his mouth from her clit and taking me slowly in his mouth as she took over massaging her clit, her gaze never leaving my eyes.

It was now becoming difficult to hold back and for a minute I thought he was going to suck me off but in one quick movement he pulled back, spun round and started to masturbate. She was now clearly going to orgasm. It was as if both of us were waiting for permission to proceed. I shuffled forwards until my cock was just above her pussy and looked back at her and watched as she continued to alternately stroke her clit. My heart felt like it had stopped, the excitement as I watched her massage her clit in ever faster strokes fascinated me. Both he and I held our cock, hardly daring to move as she gently, slowly began to rub her fingers along her labia and push them inside her soaking pussy. I watched intently as she dipped two fingers into her wetness and start to finger herself deeply before thrusting her fingers repeatedly in and out of her pussy. Her eyes were closed now and watching her, I tried hard not to relieve my aching cock as he also knelt doing the same. He looked at me, his cock hard and erect, his eyes blazing with intensity. Slowly she opened her eyes and looking at us both she groaned loudly at the sight of our two very hard and erect cocks. She was clearly loving the attention. She lay back moaning continuously, massaging her breasts, tweaking her small, hard erect nipples and slowly fingering her very wet pussy.

Mesmerised, fixated, neither the man or I could tear our eyes of her as not a word was spoken as she continued to gently caress her body. It was the most intense sexual experience I had experienced for years and the desire to reach out and fuck this woman was over powering. I looked at the flush of her skin, the redness of her neck, her chest rising heavily and the copious amount of juice now coating her lips and fingers as she threw her head back and orgasmed loudly. By now, both the man and I were breathing heavily, both of us needing to repeatedly stop wanking our cocks in an effort not to cum.

As her orgasm subsided she lay back smiling serenely, gently stroking her breasts for several minutes, watching us stroke and caress our swollen, erect cocks as we held back awaiting her command or instruction. She looked across at the man and reached out for him, taking his cock in her hand. Then she leant forward, took my hand and placed it on his cock as he did the same for me and it was obvious what she wanted. We looked at each other and without a word started to stroke each others cocks. However, this wasn’t some quick intense wank, both of us took our time, looking at each others cocks, feeling the hardness of each other before looking down at her as she slowly massaged her breasts, pinching her nipples and biting her lip in anticipation. It was like time was suspended. I don’t know how it was possible but both of us held back from cumming as she once again started to finger her clit and her reaction told me that she was literally riding the crest of one long orgasm as wave after wave of pleasure seemed to surge through her. Without a word, she looked at us, a slight nod and we knew. In seconds I felt his cock pulse and throb as he shot several long streams of cum over her breasts and stomach and I came sending several short bursts over her pussy and stomach before collapsing over her. As we both knelt panting and exhausted, she lay back and using her hands mixed our cum together before massaging it slowly across her stomach before massaging it into her breasts, massaging them slowly as he orgasm subsided.

For a long time we all collapsed on the blanket exhausted as the heat of the sun soon dried the remnants of our cum and then it was over. Without a word we all started to dress and then after a few words of thanks she gave me a peck on the cheek as he and I shook hands. All very formal really but flushed with the after glow, I marched back across the heath and as usual, relived every moment.

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