Of course John wasn’t supposed to know what was happening, but we enjoyed talking about while we fucked each other. Ann had made all the arrangements. The twins were spending the weekend at her mother’s house; so if everything went to plan we had a whole weekend to act out Ann’s fantasy of a threesome. Just thinking about it made my pussy throb with desire. It was definitely going to be a birthday for John to remember.

When the day finally arrived you could cut the tension with a knife. Ann was nervous, I was excited, and I guessed John was just horny. We had decided that I wouldn’t fuck Ann or John that week so that when the time came, we would all be gagging for it. It was difficult to resist, but no-one said I couldn’t fuck myself; that took the edge off my horniness, but I was still gagging for a good fuck.

The morning of his birthday was no different to any other day. Ann dressed the twins for school while I made breakfast for the 4 of us. John was away in London on a business trip and would be home later that evening. The children got to school ok, Ann went to work, and I busied myself doing household chores; doing anything to take my mind off how horny I was. Ann’s mother collected the twins from school and took them straight to her house, so by 3pm, my working week was done and it was time to enjoy myself. When the front door opened at 4pm, I was excited. It was time to play!

My excitement was short lived when I saw who had arrived. Ann and John have three older children all around my age, and they were all stood in the hallway, overnight bags in hand, squabbling like the twins do constantly. I didn’t know what to say. We all stood for a few seconds just staring at each other. The daughter, who I assumed was Amanda spoke first to break the silence.

"Hello, you must be Jessica" she extended her hand to shake mine, "we’ve heard a lot about you. All good so don’t worry" she giggled. "I’m Amanda, this is my sister Jane, and my brother Rob" I shook all their hands and greeted them with a smile.

"I wasn’t expecting you all, your mother never mentioned you were coming to visit." I was gutted. How could we have our highly anticipated threesome with the rest of the family in the house?!

"Well, it’s Dads 50th birthday, we wouldn’t miss it for the world" Jane had a high pitched voice making her sound like a little girl, "so we decided to surprise them both and spend the weekend with them. Where are the twins? Shouldn’t they be home from school now?" She enquired.

"They are spending the weekend with your Grandmother I believe" I tried to hide the disappointment from my voice, but I wasn’t sure I succeeded.

"I told you we should have arranged with Mum Amanda! How can we have a family weekend when the twins aren’t here?!" Jane sounded like a spolit little girl who had just found out she couldn’t have her own way. "I have had to rearrange all my meetings for the month just so I could be here, and now that was a waste!" She stormed passed me and ran upstairs, to what I assumed was her childhood bedroom. The door slammed behind her.

"Take no notice Jessica. Jane is always a little difficult when she doesn’t get her own way. She was looking forward to seeing the twins more than she was spending the weekend with Dad. She’ll be fine once she has calmed down. I’m going to get settled in my room and wait for Mum to get home." She brushed passed me and almost floated up the stairs.

Rob hadn’t said a word, and his eyes hadn’t left my breast area. He was stood frozen to the spot ogling my bosom. As if they had a mind of their own, my nipples stood to attention; clearly visible through my tight, almost see through, white top. I hadn’t worn a bra this morning thinking it would be easier to whip my t-shirt off for John and Ann when the time came. I hadn’t worn knickers either. I wondered if my pussy juices were leaving a wet patch in my jeans. The bulge in his pants was clearly visible. He caught himself staring at me, mumbled an apology and ran upstairs after his sisters. It was almost a year since I’d fucked a boy nearer my own age. I’d forgotten how horny they got. Maybe this weekend wouldn’t be a complete waste after all.

Ann managed to find her disappointment better than I did. She was pleased to see her children and fussed around them all evening. She decided to make a huge meal for her entire family instead of the small, intimate dinner she had originally planned. The girls helped her prepare the dinner in the kitchen while I laid the table in the dining room.

"I’m sorry Jessica" She made me jump as she sneaked up behind me. "I had no idea they were coming to surprise us." She stroked my arm gently trying to reassure me, just as much as she was trying to reassure herself.

"It’s ok. We have all the time in the world to play our little game. There will be other weekends." I smiled backed. I brushed the hair from her cheek tentatively. I really wanted to grab her, kiss her, throw her across the table, and fuck her brains out there and then. But I couldn’t. I had to restrain myself.

"I’m just glad we didn’t tell John. He would be devastated if he knew." Shit! John did know! I’d have to warn him our plans had changed. "You’ll join us for dinner Jess?"

"I don’t want to impose on your family time together" I’d already planned my evening. I needed some sex and I planned to find it wherever I could. I’d made a friend from the local shop and had arranged to hit the town with her.

"Don’t be silly! You are part of the family now. I wont take no for an answer" She insisted. It was going to be a long night. Maybe after dinner I get could Rob on his own and fuck him. His room was next to mine, maybe if we were quiet, no-one would ever know.

John was devastated just as Ann had predicted. He had a miserable look on his face and he didn’t try to hide it. When Amanda asked what was wrong he brushed it off saying he was tired and stressed after a long and hectic week. He told her he just wanted a quiet weekend to relax. I knew what he really wanted. He needed a good shag. Maybe after dinner I could persuade everyone we needed something from the shop for dessert. He could take me to our favourite deserted spot and fuck me in his car. That would put the smile back on his face, for a little while at least. Turns out we didn’t even need to leave the house.

As we sat down for dinner, I took the seat next to John. I had changed from my jeans and t-shirt into a slinky black dress. I still wasn’t wearing any underwear. All eyes were on me as I entered the room, and I liked that. Rob was still staring at my now clearly visible cleavage. I wondered if he still had a hard on. The conversation flowed steadily, and everyone included me. They asked about my family, where I grew up, how I was enjoying England. I had totally forgotten my intentions of playing with John under the table when I felt his hand on my leg. It stayed on my knee for a few moments before he slowly began he move up my thigh. He caressed me, gently at first, then squeezing it roughly as he saw the look on my face. When the rest of the family were deep in conversation about Rob’s intentions after university, John leaned in to my ear.

"Are you wearing underwear?" He whispered quietly so no-one could hear him. I discreetly shook my head.

His hand moved back to my knee and he began moving my dress further up my leg, inch by inch. It wasn’t long before he had a clear access to my pussy. I parted my legs slightly. I was wet, really wet. I was glad I had worn black because it difficult to see a wet patch on black.

While John got involved in the family discussion about his sons future, his fingers were getting involved with my pussy. He was a good actor. The look on his face said his family had his undivided attention, but I knew different. His fingers gently stroked around my pussy. It took all the strength I had not to verbally communicate how good it felt. Using his thumb he gently parted my lips and found my clit, which was slightly protruding in the anticipation of what was to come next. He began rubbing it, alternating between small circles and long strokes that covered my whole slit. Gently at first, then faster as he felt my legs shake. It wasn’t long until I was on the brink of orgasm. I didn’t think I’d be able to keep myself from screaming out in pleasure. John stopped abruptly, almost like he read my mind. He never took his eyes from his family. Ann served the main course in the meal, and I began to wonder if my night of passion was over.

After the main course, conversation turned back to me.

"So, Jessica what do you miss most about home?" Amanda asked me trying to include me back into the conversation.

"I miss my family. As much as I’ve been welcomed into this family…" a gave Ann a shy grin hoping that no-one but her and John would realise what that smile meant, "there’s nothing like the home touches that make a place truly feel like home."

As if on cue, Johns thumb was back in my pussy, circulating around my clit and teasing my hole with his index finger. I was on the brink of orgasm almost instantly. I couldn’t take anymore. I was going to blow.
"If you will all excuse me for a few moments, I have to ring my mother. I still can’t get used to this time difference" I politely smiled.

As I left the room I heard John excuse himself from the table with the excuse of needing a cigarette. He followed me upstairs, closed his study door making it look like he was in there, and pushed me into my room. He locked my door behind me. I spun round and shoved him back onto my bed. I undid his pants releasing his huge, hard cock. Hitching my dress to my waist, I straddled on top of him, letting the tip of his penis run the whole length of my pussy. My body convulsed when it ran across my sensitive clit. I leant forward and kissed him roughly. His hands moved from my ass cheeks up to my breasts. He pulled my dress down, allowing my breast to fall out freely. He fondled them roughly as our tongues darted in and out of each others mouths.

I couldn’t take anymore. I whole week without any sexual contact was driving me crazy. I needed him inside me. I lowered myself onto his cock and we both let out a rather loud sigh of pleasure. I arched my back and steadied myself on his legs. I began to writhe around on top of him. He thrust up into me as I thrust myself down on his cock. I rode him like my life depended on it. We built up a good fast rhythm, and it wasn’t long before I was biting my own lip to stop me from screaming out as my orgasm took hold. We came at the same time. I felt his hot liquid squirt up inside me as my pussy began clamping around his cock, extracting every last drop of cum he had inside of him.

I stayed sat on top of him as we both caught out breath. The sweat glistened between my breasts as he continued to play with my erect nipples. Our five minute fuck was definitely worth waiting a week for.
John went back to his birthday dinner before I did. As I sat back in my seat feeling a little flustered, Ann brought out his birthday cake. John’s family sang Happy Birthday to him as my hand massaged his cock through his pants.

This weekend hadn’t gone the way the three of us had hoped it would, but it definitely wasn’t going to be a waste. I knew from the glint in Ann’s eye she needed to let me fuck her tonight, and I still hadn’t forgotten about Rob. He was still staring at my chest which still glistened from the sweat I had worked up with his Dad moments before. I smiled to myself. Definitely not a wasted weekend.

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