Slav Art User Scripts

Please review the source code of userscripts before you install them from anywhere. You can do this before installation with most userscript managers.
Using these scripts requires a userscript manager like ViolentMonkey or TamperMonkey. Get one here: ViolentMonkey TamperMonkey

Adds a button to copy individual track links from Qobuz.

Also adds an indicator on albums that are Explicit (by default it is only shown by individual tracks, this provides a clear indicator that you are on the not-clean version of the album).

Adds a button to copy the link for the artist (discography) from Qobuz.

Qobuz Purchase-Only Checker & Easy Command Button

Indicates in red text if an album is purchase-only (not streamable). Replaces the trial button with a button to copy the command needed. Completely removes the purchase button.
Purchase Only Button

This just reduces the time it takes for you to get to the download page. For large downloads with multiple hosting links, a browser extension like LinkClump or LinkGopher may be useful.

LinkClump Chromium-Based
LinkClump Firefox
LinkGopher Chromium-Based
LinkGopher Firefox

Useful uBlock Origin Filters

Remove the easily misclickable picture background:
Remove the "Are you based in X?" popup, for visiting storefronts outside the country of your current IP.

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