SLAUDE2 (sexy clewd + claude2)


rewrote the guide to use clewd - - updated for clewd v3.5

  • register at - - you will need a US or UK IP to register
  • download and install Node.JS (20.4.0 +) -
  • download - - and unpack it somewhere or git clone
  • start clewd once to generate the config.js file with either start.bat or npm install then node clewd.js - it should read Config file created! edit config.js to set your settings and restart the program
  • go to - open the developer tools (ctrl + shift + I or F12) go to the network tab then click on start a new chat
  • find chat_conversations then cookie - copy the whole cookie and replace SET YOUR COOKIE HERE at "Cookie": "SET YOUR COOKIE HERE", in the config.js file - make sure you keep the " and the line ends with a comma.

  • check if you want to change any other settings - everything is explained at
  • start the clewd rproxy by using the start.bat or node clewd.js again - it greet you with clewd v*** and report your settings and account status or you did something wrong - read the error and fix it
  • updated Silly configuration - open AI Response Configuration and API Connections menus on the top
  • in the middle set Chat Completion Source: OpenAI - OpenAI API key: faggot
  • on the left site set Alternative server URL: - Proxy Password: nigger
  • in the middle again set Show "External" models (provided by API): checked
  • then click the Connect Button - under OpenAI Model it should now show claude-2 under External - select it
  • for jbs search the thread or the archive - they are getting patched fast


Pub: 11 Jul 2023 20:31 UTC
Edit: 17 Aug 2023 08:40 UTC
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