Shitty SDXL loras

Styles (Pony Diffusion V6 XL)

Trained with score_9, source_anime

Mosha with new oven settings for baking, sketch is a good tag to use. V9 with shittier tagging was somehow superior at 1girl, standing but had some other issues with prompting. Hands often have issues in both.

Trained with score_9, source_anime, eu03

Quick bake with the 5th eu03 dataset from anon, mostly for science. e16 is probably the one you want.

Trained with score_9, source_anime, tsukushi akihito

9th epoch is probably the best for normal use. Last epoch colors/shading go a bit too hard but it's great for spooky stuff. 1.0 weight works fine but going down to 0.8 brings back more details to the backgrounds.

Trained with score_9, source_anime, moshimoshibe

Shitty loras

Styles (LoKr + Pivotal)

Requires webui 1.7.0 / dev branch
Feels more forgiving to bake while retaining prompt responsiveness & less spaghetti fingers with pivotal? Including the token in prompt seems beneficial but might be cope.

Styles (LoKr)


Styles (hires)

Styles baked at 1200+ resolution, using these will generate mustard dolphin gas


Instant loss 2koma mating press, 2e4 adam and 2e6 ada. Which one is better? It's all gacha bullshit that depends on model/prompt/loras.
2e4 feels gentler on style and 2e6 feels a bit more consistent. I uploaded both so you can share the pain of indecision. More notes in metadata, tldr: controlnet good.



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