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  1. Monitor your GPU temps and increase cooling and/or undervolt them if you need to. There have been claims of GPU issues due to high temps.

All rentry links are ended with a '.org' here and can be changed to a '.co'. Also, use incognito/private browsing when opening google links, else you lose your anonymity / someone may dox you


If you have information/files (e.g. embed) not on this list, have questions, or want to help, please contact me with details

Trip: questianon !!YbTGdICxQOw
Discord: malt#6065
Reddit: u/questianon

Update instructions. If SD breaks go backward in commits until it starts working again


  • If on Windows:
    1. navigate to the webui directory through command prompt or git bash
      a. Git bash: right click > git bash here
      b. Command prompt: click the spot in the "url" between the folder and the down arrow and type "command prompt".
      c. If you don't know how to do this, open command prompt, type "cd [path to stable-diffusion-webui]" (you can get this by right clicking the folder in the "url" or holding shift + right clicking the stable-diffusion-webui folder)
    2. git pull
    3. pip install -r requirements_version.txt
  • If on Linux:
    1. go to the webui directory
    2. source ./venv/bin/activate
      a. if this doesn't work, run python -m venv venv beforehand
    3. git pull
    4. pip install -r requirements.txt

Sticky Note

Update on SDupdates/Goldmine/Hypertext/whatever else:
Hi everyone. It's been a while since this repo has been updated, and I deeply apologize for not communicating what's going on with the repo better. I took a break from the Stable Diffusion scene for the past few months because personal reasons/events in my life took precedence. However, now that all of that's dealt with, I'm officially back from my hiatus.

Updates will roll out inconsistently for a while before it normalizes back to at least one update a day. It'll take a while to catch up with everything new as well as remove all the deprecated/useless stuff from the repos and finish organizing the Goldmine, so expect a goldmine + news + tutorial megaupdate by the end of this week (hopefully) or next week. I'll also be checking my socials and catching up with what people have sent, so if you have any new info, feel free to send it over. In terms of keeping people updated with the state of the repo, I'll have a section in the news repo where I can post things like a to-do list or inform the community if I need to take a lengthy break (which I don't plan to in the foreseeable future).

What I'm planning to remove/change/add:

  • The comparisons between samplers and stuff: There have been so many updates that these should mostly be deprecated by now. Finding them is also really easy online. If there happens to be a megacomparison between a ton, I'll think about keeping it in.
    ~ The misc section: It'll either be organized properly or thrown out
    ~ Old news: The newsfeed doesn't need to have info from the beginning of Stable Diffusion, so I'll probably move it to an archive somewhere.
  • All the model links: They're probably going to be shortened or, if they're reposted a million times elsewhere, reduced to a list on pastebin or something
  • Random links in random sections (ex: some random wiki page that's linked 50 times already in the goldmine): Redundancy
  • Links that provide only a little info but have a super long url: Takes up too much character space and if it only has one tidbit of new info, it's probably not too important
  • The pull requests, discussions, and issues on Github
    ~ Maybe the new embeds/hypernets/loras/dreambooths?: The only issue I see with this is that it'll take a long time to sort through and check the download links from 4ch, discord, etc. Maybe I'll just sort through the 4ch ones and, if I have extra time, sort through the other sites? Not too sure
  • Delete all the links that I think no one uses: I'll just dump them somewhere and if I see a lot of people using it I'll add it back to the goldmine

Please give me feedback on 4ch, reddit, etc. what else should/shouldn't be changed and I'll do my best to incorporate it

Current goal: Catch up on SD

Update: I got sick the day after posting this, so next update will be delayed :(


  • Stable Diffusion Accelerated API (SDA) released by SAIL:
    • Uses TensorRT to speed up generation speeds on NVIDIA cards
      • Generate a 512x512 @ 25 steps image in half a second
    • HTTP API
    • More schedulers from diffusers
    • Weighted prompts (ex.: "a cat :1.2 AND a dog AND a penguin :2.2")
    • More step counts from accelerated schedulers
    • Extended prompts (broken at the moment)
    • You can test it on their server before you download it:


11/26 to 12/12


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