/rrat/'s Guide to Hakos Baelz

Songs, Covers, and Performances

Bae's singing is amazing, and it shows best in her songs and covers. Although she has her original song "PLAY DICE", her covers tend to be slow, power ballads which showcase her singing really well.

Some of her others songs and covers:

She's also a prolific dancer, which you can see bits of here:

Roleplay / Voice-acting

Bae enjoys voice acting a lot, and it shows in the different roleplay and voice-acting streams that she does.

Variety Streams

Bae does a lot of creative variety streams, and these tend to be some of her best content.


Bae plays off narrative-based games really well, so some of her best gaming streams are where she's engaged with the story.

Aside from that, here are other stand-out gaming streams:


These karaokes show Bae's singing and range pretty well. She also does unarchived and members-only karaokes.


Bae also likes zatsudans a lot, and has a near-weekly chatting stream. These are often much more chill than her usual streams. She's also chatted a lot while playing Powerwash Sim and solo Minecraft.

It's hard to recommend a single zatsu stream since they're very frequent and most relevant to the present, but here are some standout ones:


Bae often collabs with others as well. Of note are the Review streams (named RAT REVIEWS although sometimes they're titled differently).





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