Bae plays off narrative-based games really well, so some of her best gaming streams are where she's engaged with the story.

Aside from that, here are other stand-out gaming streams:


Bae has a really good singing voice, and these karaokes show it pretty well. She also does unarchived and members-only karaokes.


Bae also likes zatsudans a lot, and has a near-weekly chatting stream. These are often much more chill than her usual streams. She's also chatted a lot while playing Powerwash Sim and solo Minecraft.

Variety Streams

Bae does a lot of creative streams as well, and these tend to be some of her best content.

She also has a series of shorts where she voice-acts out scenarios in a VN-style and voices multiple characters.


Bae often collabs with others as well. Of note are the Review streams (named RAT REVIEWS although sometimes they're titled differently).




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